How To Fix BMW Seat Twist?

It’s likely that if you own a BMW E39 5-series from 1997 to 2003, you have or may have experienced seat twisting when attempting to recline or lift the back of your seat. There are undoubtedly many other BMWs that have this problem, but the following fix was done on a 1999 BMW 540i; if you have an other model or year BMW, some of the instructions may be different.

This bothersome event forces you to either fix it or leave your seat in a reclined posture for the rest of its useful life! Which, aside from a few things, isn’t difficult and doesn’t cost you anything but time.

The unpleasant twisting of the seat is caused by the fact that the left and ride sides of the back of the seat are individually controlled by cable-operated electric motors, and almost never both cables fail at the same time.

The root of all of our problems is what you can see in the picture above. The cable that controls the recline/raise function retracts out of the electric motor that spins it as the plastic shielding around it ages and swells over time. Fortunately, even a novice do-it-yourself technician can complete the fix.

Start by taking the car’s swaying seat out. Before it can be freed, you must unplug the electrical harness and remove the four bolts that are securing it to the floor.

Flip it upside down once it has been removed from the vehicle, and this is what you will see.

A helpful hint: Before the passenger side seat can be removed, you’ll need to rip off an additional cable that is attached to it. In order to easily access it after removing all the bolts, tilt the seat up.

We’ll need to gain access to the electric motors, but there isn’t really a way to do that without pulling the metal seat foundation up and away from the front of the seat.

Two tension springs are a bit difficult to access, but with a lot of persistence and vice grips, they can be made to disconnect.

Take off the plastic trim that surrounds the seat’s base. If you’re as fortunate as I was, you’ll discover numerous stray hairs and coffee stains.

The seat base ought to be able to swing up rather easily at this stage. To hold it up, put a block or other comparable object there. You’ll see that I’ve previously disconnected the electric motor connectors. Now is a fantastic time to start if you haven’t already.

How is the seat on a BMW x3 adjusted?

Both your safety and comfort depend on you driving in the proper position. The controls for the seat allow for complete electronic adjustment of the various seat components and are situated on the side of the seat base. The seat moves in the corresponding direction when you push and hold the horizontal switch either forward or backward. The same horizontal switch, which can also be turned to modify the angle of the seat base, may be pushed down or pulled up to alter the height of the seat. The thigh support can be extended or contracted with the tiny button in front of this. The headrest’s height can be changed by moving the vertical switch up or down, while the backrest’s position may be changed by sliding the switch forward or backward. The vertical switch’s buttons regulate the amount of shoulder support offered by the top piece of the backrest, while the little toggle switch hidden behind it adjusts the width of the seat side supports. Additionally, the increased lumbar support in your BMW allows you to adjust particular regions of the backrest. The degree of support in these regions can be altered using the circular dial on the seat controls. When you are in the ideal driving position, you may easily save it. Simply push the red-illuminated set button, then hold either button 1 or 2 for a short period of time. At the stroke of a button, each driver can activate their previously saved seat configuration. Simply push and hold button 1 or button 2 with the ignition on, and the different seat components will be automatically adjusted to the preset position. Depending on the vehicle’s specifications, the wing mirrors and steering column may also be adjustable.

How is a BMW power seat moved manually?

Through the designated port near the seat controls, connect the winder to your seat’s motor. The seat can then be manually moved by rotating the winder back and forth. Make an appointment with a mechanic or dealership to get your seat fixed if you can relocate it at home.

How can I recline my car seat further?

When driving, having more legroom can be very comfortable, especially for taller people. Fortunately, you can adjust your car seat slider rails to create a little more room for yourself. Here are some of the finest methods for repositioning your car seat:

  • Online, look for car seat rail extender kits. These frequently consist of metal brackets that fasten to the slide rails under your seat and enable it to slide further than the default maximum distance. They all cost about $300 on average.
  • Create a seat rail on your own, then add it as an addition. Simply purchase seat rails from the same manufacturer and type and install them to the rails in your car to allow the seat to recline more. However, this solution needs some mechanical know-how and elbow grease.

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How is a Mercedes power seat moved manually?

Your power seat can be moved manually with a winder tool, which is typically included with the Mercedes. This tool, which the manufacturer provides as standard equipment for moving the seat, can also be used for other tasks.

You must attach the winder tool to the power seat’s motor in order to utilize it. Locate the seat’s electric motor, which is normally on the left or right side of the seat at the back.

The winder tool should be moved to the left if you want to advance your car seat. If you wish to reposition your car seat rearward, turn it to the right. You can take away the winder tool after you are happy with the location.

How does a BMW comfort seat work?

The comfort seat provides a notable improvement in seating comfort and, as a result, allows the rider to log even more carefree kilometers thanks to its greater cushioning and 850 mm seat height. Their three colors—black, red, and white—also improve the motorcycle’s appearance.

The suggested retail price is *. Labor and supplementary fittings may be more expensive.

Why won’t my car seat rise?

Thank you for getting in touch with Your Mechanic. Two separate motors are mounted on the power seat. For the tilt up and tilt down, one motor is used. The other motor moves the seat forward and backward on the track. A wire on the track motor may be damaged or pinched. Inspect the seat’s underside to see if any wires have been snagged or severed by its movement. The track motor could have malfunctioned if the cables are all connected and not pinched. Consult a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, if you require additional assistance with your car in order to fix the seat that won’t move forward or backward.

The informative nature of the aforementioned claims warrants independent verification. kindly visit our

How can I manually recline my power seat?

When your power seat is acting up, try this advice first, provided that nothing is obstructing the seat’s movement and the motors are still on. Simply move the seat backwards or forwards while applying strong downward pressure to the seat. The same can be tried for side movements.

Try holding on to the switch and attempting to adjust the seat in the desired way as another quick remedy.

BMW Easy Entry: What is it?

It reads:

With the addition of the BMW Easy Entry/Exit Interface, you may improve your BMW with a crucial feature that isn’t offered as a factory option.

(1) The driver’s seat will automatically recline when the ignition is turned off, allowing you to depart the car quickly (Memory position #1).

(2) The driver’s seat automatically adjusts to the most comfortable driving position (Memory position #2) when you re-enter the car and turn on the ignition.

By setting the seats to position “1” (the existing position) and “2” using the standard process, the precise seat positions that are needed can be programmed (driving position). The iDrive controller makes it simple to enable and disable this capability.

Therefore, it is connected to the can bus, but something tells me that this may surely be coded in.

This is a fantastic idea. This about my old g35 I miss. It was ten years ago when the seat and wheel were both repositioned to facilitate easier access. Hope someone figures it out and posts here.

What is the cost of repairing a power seat switch?

Your power seat switch, which enables you to correctly align and move the driver’s seat should it deteriorate or be destroyed, can be replaced with the aid of a mechanic. If you are unable to move your seat in a particular direction or if it is completely immobile, you should replace the power seat switch.

The ability to move your seat guarantees a proper distance between you, the pedals, and the steering wheel, allowing for optimal handling. Replacing a faulty power seat switch is crucial. Depending on the year, make, and model of your car, you should budget $250 to $350 for a replacement switch.

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How can I tell if the motor in my power seat is damaged?

Nothing moves the seat When you push the switch, the seat should move, which is one of the main symptoms that your power seat switch is malfunctioning or failing. The seat is not allowed to move forward, backward, or in any of the other directions that it can move in. Check the fuses to determine if they have blown if the seat is not moving at all.

Can you manually move an electric seat?

My car’s power seat has been acting up for the past two weeks, and now it has completely ceased functioning. Can I manually adjust my seat, or do I have to pay to get it fixed?

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A good query! An electric car seat can be moved manually, but it would still be a good idea to have it fixed by a pro sometimes.

Changing the seat manually is more of an emergency remedy, and depending on your ability to adjust, doing it that way would likely be more work than it was worth. You might not even be required to pay for repairs if your automobile is still covered by warranty. In the event that insurance is involved, be sure to inform your provider of the situation.

A winder tool can be used to manually adjust a motorized automobile seat. These are typically included when you buy a car and may be used on almost any seat in any type of vehicle because they are factory-installed.

Locate the seat’s motor, which is probably near the rear of the seat on the left or right. Once you locate it, you can spin the winder to the left to move the seat forward and to the right to move the seat backward using it.

There is a second technique to manually adjust the seat, but it takes much longer. You will need to remove the complete seat in order to access its workings. A drill, pliers, scissors, and safety equipment like goggles and an apron are needed for this method. The lengthy shaft is intended to be made visible so that you may control it and adjust the seat on your own.