How To Fix BMW Cup Holder?

The internal spring coil has dislodged itself. I experienced the same thing, and I have no idea how to fix it. Instead, I bought a replacement cupholder and installed it myself.

It can be resolved quite easily. My car’s dealer had to replace a damaged A/C blower, and when they put the dash back together they reseated the cup holder improperly.

1) Using a little flat-head screwdriver, remove part #3. begin on the side that is most near the door. Use a cloth or something else to shield the trim.

2) Take out the two philips head screws (#4) from the desired cup holder. Total: 4 screws. For each holder, two

Check to see if your cup holders pop out before moving on to step 2 if yours don’t. If they do, all you have to do is unscrew the screws and reposition the piece so it doesn’t rub against the trim (#3) or anything else. There is a tiny plug on the underside of the cup holder that keeps the two main components from separating if you wish to disassemble it. The shape will resemble a circle with two notches on either side of it. Simply pry it out. You guys can figure it out from here, although I’m not sure whether this was the only thing you had to accomplish. If not, send me a private message and I’ll see what further has to be done.

I was going to try to fix mine, but I need to bring the car in for warranty work, so I’m going to see if they’ll replace it under warranty instead. Many thanks for the information!

I started having issues with my driver’s side cup holder this week. When you pushed on it, it would not come out. Unfortunately, my car has reached the end of its warranty, so before I purchase a replacement, I thought I would disassemble it and try to fix it myself. A few folks have mentioned that the problem is caused by a spring that breaks or snaps, from what I can see. However, after taking the cup holder off, I can’t detect any springs that would make the cup holder eject when applied pressure. Does anyone have a picture of the location of this spring? Because mine is gone and won’t eject when you push on it, I believe I am not seeing it.

What a shame ********* was banned. He experienced the same same issue that I do. After replacing the A/C compressor and evap hose, the dealer installed the trim incorrectly. You question, “Why don’t I take it back?” A**holes demanded that I pay them $140.80/hour to fix the wiring on my P3 boost gauge that they harmed when they removed the center console trim. F***’em.

When I went to the dealer in Australia, the SA was a pain and said the “premium selection” warranty did not apply.

You can move the spring back into position and clip the component back in place after unclipping the spherical piece at the top.

If the color you want is sold out, you can choose another color and replace the front fascia trim with the one from your broken holder (let’s hope it wasn’t the component).

In a BMW 1 Series, where is the cup holder located?

In the central console, between the gear lever and armrest, there are cup holders (often two if there is no iDrive controller) (if you have one).

The bad news is that there are no easy options like interchangeable inserts; this is one whole mold. If your interior is black, you may be able to locate a used one.

I have a beige interior, so I’m purchasing a new (special order from Germany) central console to convert to the idrive version.

Are there cup holders on the BMW 1 Series?

Since it was a factory-installed option, the cup holder in the center console is typically not included with 1 Series automobiles.

Unless specifically ordered at the factory, the BMW 1 Series does not include a cup holder on the center console. You might choose a center console straight from the factory with a built-in cup holder. The only option up until now if this option was not chosen at the factory was to replace the entire center console with this type. This is time-consuming and can be expensive, especially because trims differ. Due to this, some people have installed cup holders on windows or vents, neither of which is a good idea and the vent solutions frequently cause damage to the vent.

Our cup holder provides a cup holder without detracting from the interior design because it integrates seamlessly into the center console and appears OEM.

Our cup holder drops into the center console and is a direct fit. Our component is made to resemble the OEM cup holder as closely as possible. Black ABS injection-molded for a flawless fit and finish to match the interior’s original color. No need to file, fill, or paint like existing 3D printed substitutes.

Our parts are specially designed with three rubber grips in each cup holder recess to hold the cup. increasing support and mirroring the OE center console’s cup holder arrangement.

Please watch our video to discover how simple it is to install since our item includes 3M adhesive tape to hold the cup holder in place.

We advise waiting for the 3M tape to entirely dry overnight in order to properly retain the cupholder because our part already has rubber grips that keep the cups in place. Adhesive tape can only be used so effectively; if you want to utilize the cupholder with the grips, we advise cementing the cup holder into the center console so it can’t be pulled out. Alternatively, the rubber grips can be taken out so that the cupholder can be used without them.

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Why are there no cup holders in some vehicles?

However, automobiles weren’t always such pleasant places. The absence of cup holders in interiors dates back to the early days of automotion, when designers assumed that drivers would actually pull over to eat or drink. But from the start, aftermarket pioneers aimed to feed Americans who were on the go.

Are there cup holders in German automobiles?

To get coffee or eat, they exited their vehicles. Therefore, no one in the German automotive business considered including cup holders in vehicles, according to Schorr. However, American consumers insisted on the features, thus Mercedes-Benz started including cup holders in its entry-level luxury C-Class automobiles in the United States as of the 1994 model year.

Has the E90 has a cup holder?

BMW lists this component as BMW part number 51459173463 (51-45-9-173-463) and describes it as an aftermarket Uro Parts Cup Holder, Black, Left for BMW 3 Series automobiles made in the years E90, E92, and E93.

For the E9X 3 series, which comprises the 3 Series 4 door sedan (E90), 3 Series Coupe (E92), and 3 Series Convertible (E93) vehicles, this is the left-most dash mounted cupholder assembly.

Although they are useful, these cup holders have a high failure rate, particularly on older or earlier vehicles. When the cup holder functions well, it’s excellent, but when it breaks, you can’t use it. In some circumstances, it won’t retract into the dash or it will become trapped there. By changing this entire cup holder assembly, the E90/E92/E93 cup holder may be fixed relatively easily and quickly.

It sports a silver accent on the front face that was later introduced and wasn’t present on previous “non facelifted” E9X vehicles. If you install this replacement sliding cup holder assembly in an earlier model automobile (2006, 2007, or 2008), it also gives the appearance of the newer (later) variants. No of the year, you will need this part because it is no longer manufactured with a silver accent.

Call us at 877-639-9648 if you have any issues or would need assistance from one of our BMW specialists or full fitting information for your BMW.

What vehicles lack cup holders?

Around the time the Honda Accord was becoming well-known, Honda introduced the Civic on the market. But it has also established a solid reputation for itself.

Other visual parallels were there, but there were also some clear distinctions. The Civic’s size and cost advantages over the Accord were two significant differences. It’s understandable why budget-conscious drivers favor it.

We found that the lack of a cup holder to be the most significant similarity to the Accord.

It shouldn’t be a surprise since both automobiles were produced in the same time period. In those days, the cup holder was typically absent from the majority of automobiles.

What alternative exists to a cup, Turner?

You can utilize a manual tumbler turner that isn’t official. Pool noodles, a PVC pipe, and a little cardboard box were used to set it up. Even weight can be placed within the cardboard box to prevent your cup from tipping over.

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Your pressing temperature may be another factor contributing to the peeling of your heat transfer vinyl. Inadvertently setting your heat press to the incorrect temperature results in either improper vinyl-to-fabric melting or damage to the adhesive. But setting things right is as simple as making sure your settings are in line with the manufacturer’s suggestions.

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