How To Delete Address From BMW Navigation?

I have a really poor sense of direction and will be moving to a new place in a few weeks, so I’ve always used my BMW’s navigation system to find my way home. However, once I’ve moved, I don’t want to unintentionally navigate to my old home. How can I get rid of my old address from my BMW’s navigation system?

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Many thanks for the move! I’m delighted to report that it’s simple to change your home address on a BMW. Here’s how to remove your home address from your BMW’s navigation system:

  • Open the BMW navigation system first.
  • Select Settings, then Address Book, from the menu.
  • Your current home address can be found, chosen, and deleted.
  • Include your new address if you wish to save yourself time later.

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I’ve looked everywhere on iDrive, but I can’t figure out how to delete destinations from Navigation. I discovered a way to delete all personal information, but I do not want to. I want to say thank you.

Many thanks, SteveinAZ. The option button escaped my memory. When I bought the automobile, I was not given a navigation handbook since I was told they were not available.

Just so you know, I used the app to send certain addresses from my iPhone to the car, and everything went smoothly until the next day, when the address kept appearing each time I turned the key in the ignition. I entered the navigation program and erased the address as Steve said. Every time it appeared for about five days, I did this. I believe that the app occasionally keeps sending the data back to the vehicle. incredibly frustrating I have no idea why or how it ultimately stopped. Any opinions on that?

Thank you for the manual copy. Compared to my dealer, you have been more helpful. The sales document appears to be finished after the signature is placed on it. Perhaps this explains why my dealer was not a particularly good BMW dealer in 2018.


We must sell the X3 now that we have owned it for seven wonderful years. A “factory reset” option to remove all addresses from the MKIV navigation system cannot be found in the settings menu, which is something I really want to accomplish before giving the car to someone else. There must be a more effective solution than manually erasing each and every address. Additionally, all of the “Last Destination” entries would still be present.

EDIT: Okay, since I located a copy of the navigation manual online, I was able to respond to this very quickly.


When selecting “Delete address,” hold the button down for 10 seconds after selecting Address Book and an item. All addresses in the address book will be deleted as a result.

The same actions apply for “Last Destinations.” Choose one, then long-press “Delete address”

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Getting rid of locations?

I have a few pointless locations saved in my navigator. I can see them, but I have no idea how to get rid of them. For instance, the map depicts my home address, 9011 Randall Rd, Huntsville, AL, to be two homes away. When using a GPS reading in the driveway, the precise destination is 9035 Randall, and when driving home, the address arrival is announced as expected.

While receiving a rapid charge, I looked through the built-in documentation but could only discover the instructions for adding a destination. No information was provided regarding how to remove them from the navigation list.

The “Option” button is located at the bottom right of the rotary dial. A YouTube video demonstrates how to utilize it. Choose the destination, press “Option,” choose “delete,” and then press the rotary dial to confirm the deletion. It is ineffective to press “Option” while over “Delete.”

How does the BMW navigation save addresses?

  • Go to the menu on your car and choose Navigation.
  • Choose Map.
  • Decide on Guidance.
  • Choose Options, then select Store as the new contact option.
  • Enter your mother’s name, address, and phone number before choosing Store in vehicle.

How do I erase previous locations from my BMW?

Connected Drive by BMW. Select “NAV” > “My destinations” and highlight an entry to remove every saved location in your BMW’s navigation system running Operating System 7. Confirm “Delete whole list” by pressing the “Option” button underneath the iDrive Controller on the right.

How do I remove places from my Audi Navigation?

I just tried doing this on my wife’s A1, which has the SD Nav system and a 64 plate.

Menu -> Navigation -> Memory (top right corner button), then scroll to the bottom of the menu that appears to erase last destinations (which gives you the option for all or one).

If your map appears instead of the Destination menu once you reach Navigation in the previous section, choose Destination and carry on (thus Menu/Navigation/Destination/Menu).

How can I get addresses out of my car GPS?

When getting ready to part with an automobile, most people tend to neglect to do this. All of your frequently used addresses and previous locations are stored in your navigation system.

This may contain locations such as your home address, your child’s school, or even your place of employment. It’s important to safeguard your privacy and make the transition for the next owner as simple as possible by removing personal information from your car. Make it difficult for others to follow your whereabouts or daily schedule.

You may access a menu that allows you to remove prior locations and addresses from the map by going to your car’s destination, maps, or info settings. Remember that in some vehicles, an address may still be kept in the system’s memory bank even after you’ve erased it. Therefore, to permanently erase an address, you might need to dig a little further or consult the owner’s manual for your car.

How do I get rid of my BMW’s personal data?

To reset the car data on your BMW with Operating System 8, choose “Menu” > “System settings.” Please be aware that after being restored to factory settings in vehicles with a manufacturing date of 11/2020, the vehicle will be deleted from your BMW ID on the My BMW App and My BMW webpage.

How can the navigation be disabled in the BMW 5 Series?

response given by That makes perfect sense! You must choose the icon with an arrow next to a dot in order to turn off a BMW navigation system. To disable your maps, select Stop navigation next. You can click Resume navigation to reactivate your directions if you become lost once more.

How do I get rid of my BMW i3’s personal data?

Select Profiles from the Settings menu. You can rename profiles using a “hidden menu” that appears when you slide the controller to the right. You can find it at the bottom of the list, off-screen, if you scroll to the bottom of that screen. Removing all data

How do I delete the history of my Tesla navigation?

A recent destination can be removed from your Tesla navigation system in two different ways.

Additionally, you can tap and hold the address until an X is visible to its right. When you are certain that you want to remove that location from your navigation history, touch the X.

How can I store a location in navigation?

To make it easier to find your favorite places later, you can add them to a list. A place can be saved, downloaded, or added, but not both at the same time. Learn how to add a location to Google Maps or download an offline area.

Save a location as:

  • Open the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • On the map, you can look up a location, tap a marker, or touch and hold a location.
  • Tap the name or address of the location at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select a list and then tap Save.

Unless you make and share a list of places, only you can find your stored locations. Google may aggregate data on users’ saved places and share it anonymously.

How can I get free map updates for my BMW navigation system?

BMW suggests conducting a map update every six months, or at the very least once a year, and typically releases up to three new versions of its products each year.

The head unit and the nation have a significant impact on how frequently new releases occur. For instance, more recent iDrives like the NBT Evo ID5/ID6 can receive two or three updates a year, whereas ENTRYNAV may have to wait up to a year for a new BMW navigation update. Even the more recent navigation systems might have to wait in some areas where new map updates aren’t even issued annually.

By entering your VIN on the BMW map update page, you can quickly verify the most recent update for your BMW sat nav. You will then get a list of regions that are compatible with your iDrive, along with years and numbers that represent the quarter in which the update was released.

How can I verify the version of my BMW map? Navigate to the navigation view on your iDrive, select Settings, and then scroll down to Navigation system version. The region, version, and year of your current map are displayed. It’s time to update if it’s older than a year.

How can I remove destinations from my GPS?

Master Moderator In the bottom left corner of the screen, there is an edit button that contains a DELETE if you click the small arrow to the right of the destination.

How do I get my car’s messages off it?

  • Open the phone’s Settings app and navigate to Android Auto > Storage. both the cache and the data.
  • Clear cache and clear data by going to phone Settings > Apps & Notifications > Google Play services > Storage.

How do I get my house off of maps?

  • Open the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you haven’t already, enter your home and workplace addresses.
  • tap Directions
  • Choose a means of transportation.
  • Select Work or Home.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Pin.

Your pinned trips, together with their ETA and traffic data, may be seen on the Go tab. Learn more about the vacations you enjoy most.

What is the best way to transfer data from my phone to my car?

Remove your phone from the list of linked devices in your car:

1. While the car is running, use the touch screen to go to the list of connected devices. 2. Pick the name of the phone. 3. Choose Delete. 4. Verify that the name of the phone has been crossed out of the list of associated gadgets.

Take the car off your phone’s list of connected devices:

1. Select Bluetooth in the phone’s settings. 2. In the list of associated devices, locate the name of the car. 3. Select Forget This Connection or Delete.

Having severed both connections:

1. Turn off the car. 2. Unlock and lock the car door. Wait three seconds. 4. Re-pair your phone with the car.