How To Delete A Car From My BMW App?

How do I take a car off of the My BMW App? Select “Vehicle” > “Garage” and remove the appropriate vehicle by swiping to the left and choosing “Remove” to remove the association between your vehicle and your BMW ID.

i3-MYBMW APP: deleting a vehicle

Now that I have an i3, I utilize the BMW app since it offers better control and reporting over the vehicle.

The only issue is that I can still see the car I owned a year ago and receive notifications whenever it is charging.

I shouldn’t worry too much because as soon as someone else registers, it automatically de-registers you. I simply made sure to clear up the car’s profiles and sat Nav settings, among other things. According to what I understand, the other one will be destroyed when you add the new one.

How do I turn on Amazon Alexa in my BMW?

Open the My BMW remote app to turn on BMW Alexa in your BMW.

  • Click “Profile.”
  • Select “Amazon Alexa.”
  • By clicking “Connect,” you may link your BMW ID to your Amazon account.
  • Enter your Amazon login information, then click “Sign in.”
  • Select the language for Alexa.
  • On “Share location with Amazon,” turn it on.

Verify that you are logged in with the same BMW ID on your BMW iDrive as you are in the app by going to:

  • Select “Car.”
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Decide on “General settings.”
  • Click or tap “Personal Assistant.”
  • Select “Voice control.”
  • Select the boxes next to “Online speech process” and “Third party suppliers.”
  • Check the “Activation word” checkbox.
  • Go to “Com” in the main iDrive menu.
  • Specify “Mobile devices.”
  • Include “New device.”
  • Click on “Phone calls and audio.”
  • Verify that the three phone call and multimedia icons are all turned on after pairing your phone with Bluetooth.

b. Instructions for removing My BMW from an Android phone

What you should do to remove My BMW from your Android device is as follows:

  • Launch Google Play.
  • Go to “My Apps & Games” by clicking the hamburger menu button.
  • Select My BMW from the available apps list on your smartphone.
  • Then select “Uninstall.”
  • Tap and hold the My BMW app you want to delete on your home screen or in your app drawer.
  • On the screen, click the “Uninstall” section.
  • Enter the settings on your Android device.
  • Then select “Apps.”
  • Choose the My BMW app that you want to uninstall.
  • To uninstall, click.

Tomorrow I’m selling my automobile, so I want to delete all of the personal information on it. To make room for the new owner to join, I would also prefer to remove my account from Connected Drive. Anyone who is capable of doing it?

The vehicle can be removed from the associated driving portal. Additionally, you can remove the profiles using iDrive.

If you don’t take the car out of your app after a while, BMW will do it for you so that someone else can use it. I received a message that my old f30 has been deleted since I failed to remove it from the app. Make sure you collect all the information because the AUC automobile I acquired still contained the prior owner’s information, which I had to erase on his behalf (silly things like connected Bluetooth devices etc).

Done, dust it off. Auto sold. Dead simple. Pressing the option key when in a profile and selecting the option to erase all personal information resets all of the radio stations, onboard computers, and trip computers. Then, finish the job online by removing the car from your account. During the registration process, the new owner will only receive a message containing a registration code for the vehicle.

All of the settings for the phone’s contacts, destination, address book, profiles, music, radio stations, button shortcuts, lighting, and doors, among other things, are all programmable, so a new owner would not necessarily prefer them.

Shock Land Rover Discovery: If sellers are not restrained, they could tamper with connected vehicles

According to Howard, he was still able to see where the car was parked, flash the lights, turn on the ventilation, and lock and unlock a previous vehicle he had previously owned. Dealers need to make sure the car is registered to an account on a connected app in their name so it is no longer on a private person’s account.

According to Howard B, he had access to this information for “at least” six months following the sale of the car, and if he had been dishonest in character, he might have utilized it for evil purposes.

When Howard brought up his concerns with BMW Connected services and the dealership, “they weren’t interested,” according to Howard, even though the car is now linked to another person’s drive account.

BMW provided an explanation of its linked car protocols in answer to a question from El Reg. Before making a sale, BMW drivers who have internet access should disengage from the vehicle. Once the new owner links up with a BMW account, this will happen in any case, according to the automaker.

The BMW Connected app allows users to quickly remove all of their app data with a single click. The BMW Connected app’s data privacy policy tab provides consumers with comprehensive information on data privacy for all services that precisely describes how the data is used.

The mapped profile must be removed by the consumer online using their ConnectedDrive account. Customers can remove the mapping through the Head-Unit and will also receive a notification to do so online at their ConnectedDrive account.

All prior connections will be erased once a consumer links the vehicle to a new ConnectedDrive account.

New owners of BMW are in a better position than new owners of Jaguar Land Rover, who cannot bar the prior owners from using the data and controls of linked automobiles by simply linking themselves. Dealer action is required in the case of JLR, unlike BMW. Nevertheless, our tipper is not pleased with BMW’s strategy.

When a new owner adds a vehicle to their account, “the vehicle gets deleted from a prior owner’s connected drive account. However, if that new owner is not a technological type or does not know about applications, then it will stay on the previous owner’s account,” Howard pointed out.

I could still flash the lights, turn on the ventilation, and see where the car was parked in a prior vehicle I had owned.

He also said that BMW’s strategy depends on everyone abiding by the brand’s rules, which is a typical complaint among the drivers we spoke to about the issue.

How can I remove my BMW ID profile?

Select the gear icon for “Settings” at the top right of the “Profile” page and then: “Profile Data” > “Your Profile” > “Account Data” to erase your BMW ID from the My BMW App. After descending, select “Delete BMW ID.” Be aware that it can take some time to delete your BMW ID.

How can I remove my BMW idrive account?

Remove the idrive profile of the former owner if you bought a used car.

Setting 1

2. Personas

3. Choose the active profile (may have another name on it or look like —-)

4. In order to see the “options” page, move the idrive dial to the right.

5. To reset your profile, scroll down.

6. Doesn’t require much time.

7. Shut off the engine and wait 5 to 15 minutes for the idrive to totally shut off. In order for the idrive to turn off while you are waiting in the car, ensure sure your seatbelt is not fastened.

8. Restart the vehicle, return to “Profiles,” and choose a “—-“.

9. Choose “rename profile” by pushing the iDrive dial to the right once more.

10. After reconnecting, begin adding the shortcuts and any settings you desire.

Before doing this, whenever I used a different key to start the car, my shortcuts and other settings would erratically reset themselves after some time.

Every configuration now appears to save properly after resetting and creating a new profile.

How does a BMW erase recently visited places?

It appears that my BMW has saved a number of satellite-based navigation locations. I want to store my new address as I prepare to move, but there isn’t enough room. How can the GPS on a BMW be reset?

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Making changes to a setting you don’t use very often can be perplexing! Here’s how to remove a BMW’s sat-nav destination:

  • Choosing Navigation
  • Alternatively, locate the URL you want to erase and choose Last Destinations.
  • Choose the location you want to remove. It has to be underlined.
  • Choose Options.
  • Choose Delete Entry.

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How do I update the BMW app?

In the car, perform the following steps to update apps and services: – In the idrive menu, go to the “installed apps” menu item, press the idrive option button (takes 10 seconds or so). – Go to installed services in the linked drive services and update those (with the option key as well)

What distinguishes the BMW Connected app from the My BMW app?

Up until now, clients from other countries could only access certain services; today, US citizens can as well. The new My BMW App, which gives you access to a wide range of capabilities for your car and a new way to engage with it, is now available in the US. The outdated BMW Connected app will be replaced by the new My BMW App, which has additional functions, and will eventually be removed.

The new app offers a lot more details about the condition of the vehicle, and depending on the equipment, it can even let you access some features remotely. For instance, if your automobile is equipped with 360-degree cameras, you will be able to lock or unlock the car from your phone, locate it using GPS, and examine its surroundings using the Remote 3D view capability. Additionally, it is claimed that the user interface is much friendlier now, and you will be able to store accounts on your phone and link them to your vehicle.

Receiving notifications whenever a remote software upgrade for your car becomes available is one of the other important benefits. This way, whenever you choose, you may download the updates to your phone and have them loaded in your car. You may use your smartphone as a key fob thanks to the new Digital Key feature, which also integrates with the new My BMW App. Of course, the new app also has Amazon Alexa compatibility, just as on the previous one.

The My BMW App is a brand-new app, and thanks to its scalable universal architecture, it will be able to adapt easily to new features and consumer requests on both iOS and Android platforms. Customers in the United States will be able to download the My BMW App on April 12, 2021, for use on iOS and Android-compatible mobile devices; the My BMW App will completely replace the BMW Connected app by the end of June 2021.

How did the BMW Connected app fare?

Customers in the United States will be able to download the My BMW App on April 12, 2021, for use on iOS and Android-compatible mobile devices; the My BMW App will completely replace the BMW Connected app by the end of June 2021. Since 1975, BMW of North America, LLC has operated in the United States.

How can my BMW Connected Drive be updated?

Updating BMW ConnectedDrive: Instructions On the BMW website, go to the Accessories Update page. Utilize your BMW adapter cable to connect your computer to your car. The most recent BMW ConnectedDrive update can be downloaded. Open the app after completing the steps to complete the update.