How To Connect Phone To BMW X3 2007?

A passkey was included with the paperwork for your car. That is the passkey that you must enter in order for the phone to function. It’s in the documents if you look through them.

Look for a “black box” with labeling in the LH rear covered compartment if you can’t find the passkey information in your Owner’s Manual packet. The passkey code can be found on one of these labels that starts with “PH.” For future use, I cut off one of the labels and tucked it inside my owner’s manual. Hope this was useful.

The location is correct, although it is designated with a “PK” code. It has two labels that read “Continental” and has the appearance of silver. While programming the phone, be sure your key is in the first position.

You are aware that the trunk is a good place to look for a Bluetooth passkey. Have you ever noticed that the trunk has two compartments on either side that are opened by a small push button? The bluetooth hardware with the passkey is inside the left one when you open it. See if that functions. only on the BMW X3

Regards for the advice! Actually, the key is the PK in the trunk. The PK listed in the user manual is inaccurate, thus obviously they mismatched the paperwork with someone else when I purchased the car as a CPO.

Thank you for the idea; I was having trouble connecting my iPhone with the X3, but it worked like a charm. Who would have thought to check the trunk, open the side compartment door, and look for the passcode there? It wasn’t in the owner’s manual, which, I must say, is absolutely useless. Once more, many thanks!

(The dealer informed me that I did not have Bluetooth when I picked up my 2007 X3 yesterday, but I do. Woohoo!

Does anyone here know if it’s feasible to couple two phones with a car and have them both function simultaneously? I am aware that only one phone at a time can place or receive a call.


Hello, based on the thorough explanation you have provided thus far regarding your BMW Z4M and your N97 mini and the fact that you followed the instructions from BMW on how to pair the vehicle with a phone, it appears obvious that the problem is with the BMW bluetooth if it does not reach the BLUETOOTH PAIRING stage as you have stated.

I’ll suggest that you try pairing the car with a different Bluetooth-enabled phone and let’s see how that turns out. However, if you successfully pair the other phone with the BMW and the N97 mini is still not pair-able, then there is a compatibility issue between the BMW and your N97 mini. If the other phone does not reach the BLUETOOTH PAIRING stage like it did with the N97 mini, then that will undoubtedly confirm my theory about the BMW bluetooth problem.

This past weekend, I just bought a 2004 X3 3.0 that was immaculately maintained, and I adore it. It arrived with all of the original paperwork, including a page containing the phone number of the vehicle. Although it lacks the telephone setup I have seen that sits in the middle of the seats, it does offer BMW Assist.

Do I need all of that in order to connect my phone to the car via Bluetooth? Or is there a simpler method? The documents I received don’t do a great job of explaining how to put everything together. Additionally, I haven’t had an opportunity to visit the nearby dealership because they are not too close to me.

To use Bluetooth to link your phone to your automobile, follow these steps:

6/ Enter the Bluetooth pin code on your phone (it can be found on your document or under the Bluetooth module in the back of the vehicle).

Thomas, The identical process as stated above is used to couple Bluetooth devices on my 330XI. On the 2001 330XI, I installed the BMW BT module and the pairing button under the center armrest. Other than the navigation system, I’ve upgraded the majority of the 330XI’s electronics. Radio (for AUX), screen sizes ranging from 4:3 to 16:9, Bluetooth, CarPC, remote starter, etc. I enjoy driving the car more than playing with it.

For the first two minutes the car is on, Bluetooth pairing is turned on automatically in the 2006 X3. The X3 can function without a phone in the car thanks to a built-in GSM phone for roadside assistance. I spoke with the operator to confirm its functionality.

I don’t know what methodology was applied on a US 2004 X3. My approach was described in the Bluetooth manual that came with my car’s paperwork.

The Canadian/US X3s don’t have a “pairing” button, according to my memory, and since you didn’t mention it, I’m assuming you don’t have navigation. In any event, with a few minor tweaks, the pairing procedure is pretty similar to what was previously described:

1. Set your key to the accessory position; you are not required to start the vehicle, although you are welcome to do so. One to two minutes after starting, the automobile will be in pairing mode.

2. Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone (on some phones, this is the default setting), then choose the appropriate function to look for Bluetooth devices.

3. Once the BMWxxxxx device has been chosen on your phone, enter the 4-digit PIN number from your BMW documentation when required.

4. As soon as your phone confirms a connection, switch off the engine for 20 seconds (*this is from recollection; it could be longer), then turn it back on in the accessory position.

5. At this point, the two devices ought to automatically connect, and you ought to see “Downloading Phonebook” or something like on your radio display. Congratulations!

To my BMW X3, how can I add my phone?

  • Make sure your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Press COM > Mobile Devices > New Device on the iDrive 7 screen’s left side to add a new device.
  • Choose your BMW from the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone.

Why can’t my phone and my BMW pair?

You must first begin the Bluetooth connection process on your car’s radio in order to connect your Android device to your BMW vehicle. You will then be prompted by the system to finish the device configuration. Go to the Settings section of your Android phone and choose Wireless & Networks.

How can I link my iPhone to my old BMW?

On your iPhone, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Siri” and “Settings” > “WiFi” to accomplish this. You may now use Bluetooth to link your iPhone and automobile together. To do this, go to your iPhone’s settings and choose “Bluetooth.” Then select “Manage mobile devices” from the menu under “Media” on the BMW control display.

Exactly how can I link my BMW X3 to my aux?

1. Plug the audio device in, turn it on, and

3. if required. “External gadgets.”

5. Adjust the controller’s volume to your preferred level.

1. Turn.

2. Press.

3. Make four different turns.

Bluetooth: Does a 2004 BMW X3 have it?

How can I make my Bluetooth function? On my iPhone 4S, despite my attempts to push the r/t button down, nothing happens. I manage to make this thing function.

According to what I’ve read, the 2004 versions were mostly equipped with bluetooth but never had the technology installed. An internet search should turn up several retrofit alternatives, in my opinion.

Actually, the majority of 2004 models didn’t initially come with Bluetooth (B/T). At least in 2004, it was a dealer-installed option and wasn’t even accessible for the first half of the year. All X3 steering wheels came equipped with buttons, but you need confirm that the B/T module is present in the trunk’s rear compartment (left side). If not, your vehicle lacks B/T. The modules (I believe they are referred to as ULF) may be fairly expensive to purchase, and apparently coding is required as well, so if you don’t already have the module, an aftermarket solution might end up being a simpler option.

Why can’t my iPhone and BMW pair?

For a safer way to use your iPhone while driving, newer car models offer CarPlay. Verify that this feature is supported by your car. If not, you cannot utilize it. Once you’ve established that your automobile is compatible with CarPlay, check to make sure the feature is configured correctly. What you should do next is as follows:

  • Put your iPhone X in your car’s USB port if it supports CarPlay over a wired method. Simply seek for the USB port that has a CarPlay or smartphone icon labeled on it.
  • Press the Voice Control buttons and hold the on the steering wheel to set up CarPlay if your vehicle supports wireless CarPlay. Ensure that Bluetooth pairing or wireless mode is active in your vehicle.
  • Go to Settings > General > CarPlay > Available Cars on your iPhone X, then pick your vehicle.
  • In order for your iPhone to recognize your car, it must be operating.

Consult your car’s manual for more detailed instructions on how to utilize CarPlay on your vehicle.

Has the 2007 BMW X5 Bluetooth?

The Positive The 2007 BMW X5 has a lot of positive aspects, but its handling stands out in particular. The car’s Bluetooth cell phone system functions flawlessly inside, and the music system sounds great and can play a variety of audio sources, including MP3s. The appearance of the electronic shifter is also intriguing and sculptured.

Has the 2007 BMW X3 got an aux input?

Inconveniently positioned below the center console and facing the back seats is the auxiliary audio input. The X3 has great phone integration. You can use the system to access your phone book. You may get useful information from the trip computer, such as range to empty and miles per gallon.

On a BMW X3, where is the Bluetooth passkey located?

My 2007 X3 and my Razr were easily connected thanks to Tmobile. I just bought a Razr VT and Krazr phone, and when I try to connect them, it says that my passkey is invalid. Anyone who has attempted this and succeeded? Can I ever upgrade my phone to something other than what BMW lists as compatible?