How To Charge BMW E46 Key Battery?

While in the ignition, BMW keys are charged. Inductive charging will be used to recharge the key’s battery from positions 1 (KL R) and 2 (Run). Simply connect an automotive battery charger to your car’s battery pos/neg if you have a low battery and want to recharge the key without driving. Jump-start the engine bay terminals, then turn the ignition to position 1 and leave the car running over night. Your car’s battery won’t discharge while the key is being charged thanks to the charger.

The time it takes to drive 30 miles to recharge a dead battery To fully recharge the battery, allow 15 key pushes and 30 hours of driving in total.


I’ve already completed all of stuff and posted it. I’ve always advised against charging your BMW remote in the toothbrush. The battery can be charged quite fine in the ignition. The remote uses 4mA while a button is pressed, which is about average. Let’s assume that the average button press lasts one second. The remote charges at a rate of roughly 1 mA when it is turned on. In order to replace the energy used in that one second button press, it takes around four times as long, or four seconds of charging. It now takes up to 8 seconds because you often use the remote twice, once to lock and once to unlock, between charges (inefficencies in the battery charging will make it slightly longer). Absolutely no justification exists for leaving the remote in a charger. There is lots of energy in these VL batteries. The remote’s battery has a capacity of 20mAhrs, meaning you could hold the button depressed and transmit constantly for 5 hours (20mAhr/4mA) until it ran out of power. It would then take x4 or 20 hours to fully recharge it. I deliberately carried out the experiment you unintentionally performed, in which you accidently shorted the battery, let it run entirely dry, then recharged it. After charging for five minutes, I discovered that it was ready to use. It connected to the vehicle and had a typical range. The Elmos 10030 chip was made to provide the 3.4V charging voltage that the original battery needs. You will experience issues if you use the incorrect battery, such as one from the ML series or LIR series. On eBay and other websites, these two battery series are frequently listed as compatible. A 3.1V charge voltage is what the ML battery requires, with a 3.2V maximum. Its lifespan will be significantly shortened if used in the BMW remote, where it will be overcharged. The LIR series battery, which has a nominal 3.6V output voltage and 4.2V charge voltage, will never fully charge and will always be close to the lower end of its capacity.

Yet another aspect of these remotes’ batteries. They discharge 2% of themselves annually. It will lose 2% in a year, 4% in two years, 6% in three years, etc. if it is taxed at 100%. It will still be 80% full after ten years of inactivity if it is kept in a drawer. Don’t worry, it will only take about 24 minutes to recharge every 2% of the remaining capacity. It still has lots of energy after 15 years of storage in a drawer. Keep in mind that the remote can operate continuously for 5 hours on a fully charged battery. Even at 80%, 4 hours of nonstop broadcasting are still possible.

I have fixed many BMW remotes—by my reckoning, easily over 1000—and very infrequently do I discover that the battery is nearing the end of its useful life and needs to be changed. Yes, the remotes can malfunction and become faulty. Most of the time, the battery is not the cause of the device’s failure or sporadic operation, thus no, it does not need to be replaced.

The BMW diamond key includes a rechargeable battery within. The key you can see below doesn’t have a battery that can be changed. BMW engineered it to use the ignition coil’s induction to charge. But it doesn’t always work like that.

Not every diamond key has a battery that can be recharged. Some can be opened, and the battery may be changed with ease. The model below requires cutting in order to be opened.

So I devised a novel way to charge a BMW diamond key. You can use an external 3-volt battery to charge the key by drilling two tiny holes in it.

Pay attention to both the red and black (positive and negative) messages). Positive and negative connections must be made when using an external battery: positive to positive and negative to negative.

I wired two double AA batteries together in series for a total of three volts, and I left them wired for 30 minutes.

Cutting open the case, removing the old battery, and soldering a new one together is the only other option for dealing with this issue.

A BMW key fob requires what kind of battery?

A CR2032 battery is necessary for BMW key fob battery replacement for drivers who have BMW Comfort Access. To replace the battery in your BMW key fob, follow these steps: Remove the metal valet key by pushing in the little tab on the side of your key fob.

What happens if the battery in your BMW key dies?

You won’t be able to use keyless entry or remote unlocking if your BMW has Comfort Access if the battery in your key fob has died. You can still enter and manually start your automobile, though.

Press and hold the key release button at the remote fob’s base while unlocking the door of your car, then slide out the internal key blade. This can be used in place of a standard key to unlock your car. You can locate a little hole on the bottom of the handle if the keyhole is hidden on your car door. Use the key blade to pry off the trim panel and expose the keyhole by inserting it into the hole.

Once you’re inside, put your remote key fob in the ignition slot or, if your car doesn’t have one, press it up against the steering column’s key markings. If your key fob dies, you will still be able to start your BMW using the start/stop button on the dashboard.

Why won’t my BMW key fob function now that the battery has been changed?

A dead battery is the most frequent cause of a key fob not functioning. Having said that, your keyfob might be having more serious issues. You might require a key fob replacement or perhaps auto door lock repair if your key fob stops operating after a battery change.

How much does a new BMW key fob battery cost?

I recently visited the business. The key fob wouldn’t work to lock or unlock my car when I tried. My BMW key fob’s battery has to be changed.

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Batteries for key fobs typically last three to four years. Your current BMW key fob might need to be replaced, depending on the model.

You should replace the battery in your smart key or Comfort Access BMW key fob by following these simple instructions:

  • Get a CR2032 battery from a department or auto store. It will cost you around $2 to buy it.
  • By depressing the tab on your key fob, you can take the valet key off.
  • To pry open your battery cover, use the key or a flathead screwdriver.
  • Replace the old battery with the new one after removing the old one.
  • Restore the key to its housing and close your key fob.

You have a non-comfort access key fob if you are unable to open it because it has an indent in the side. You must take a long drive to recharge your key fob battery because it can only be done through the ignition of your automobile.

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Why won’t my BMW key turn?

You’ll need a CR2032 battery if your key fob is functioning well but your BMW key fob battery has to be changed. Make sure you’re using the appropriate size of these tiny cells, sometimes referred to as “watch batteries.”

Can my car be used to recharge my key fob?

It appears that the left side of your glove compartment in your automobile will reveal a box that is the side of your key fob if you open the glove compartment and look there. This is what? It might be covered by a silicone mat, but it appears that you can start your car by simply inserting your key fob there (and also charge your key fob)

What is the price of a BMW display key?

We had the chance to experiment with BMW’s newest keyfob at the media debut of the 2016 BMW 7 Series. The touch-sensitive key, also known as the BMW Display Key, is an optional accessory for the new 7 Series and is just $250 in the United States. The key has four buttons on the front for lock, unlock, trunk release, and panic for that small price—which is less expensive than many other BMW keyfob replacements.

The key has a full color touchscreen in the middle that allows you to swipe through various features, such as door locking status, toggle lighting, fuel range, and climate control scheduling. Although the U.S. regulatory bodies have not yet approved it, the BMW Digital Key can be used to self-park your 7 Series in Europe.

According to BMW, the key’s battery lasts for around a week and can be wirelessly recharged in the armrest of the vehicle. Even if the touchscreen is broken, you can still open the car with the key.

It’s incredible what BMW has accomplished with something we always considered to be a simple tool, and we anticipate that keyfobs of the next generation will become much smarter.

Will a dead key fob deplete the battery in my car?

We frequently receive inquiries like these at the shop. Yes, it is the correct response. Your key fob can eventually deplete your battery if you keep it in your car when it is not in use. Even when not in use, the key fob continuously transmits a signal to the vehicle, which consumes a tiny amount of electricity. So, if you keep your key fob in your car for a long time, the battery will ultimately die. If you find yourself in this predicament, you might try using a jumper wire or a portable battery pack to jump start your automobile.

Additionally, it may not be a good idea to leave your key fob in your car overnight or even just hanging nearby. The key fob may speak with your automobile if it is too close, which could drain the battery.

Inverted battery: Will key fob function?

How do you know when to change the batteries in your key FOB? Look for a warning indicating the battery is low on the instrument panel or display screen of your car. When that happens, use this short guide to replace the batteries.

  • Cut the key blade free. You may have to physically remove the blade out of some models. Some people will possess a release button.
  • The key FOB can be pried open with a flat screwdriver. To accomplish this, place the tip of the screwdriver into the side of the key, which is often where the key blade rests. The battery is visible after you carefully remove the cover. You’ll need to use a little penny instead and jam it into the opening where the key was for models where you pull the blade out. The lid will come off by turning it.
  • The battery can be extracted with the screwdriver. Given that it is flat and smooth, the battery can be challenging to remove. On either key FOB model, using the screwdriver as a pry bar should work.
  • Replace the battery. Place it with the plus side facing up in the same location as the last battery. The key FOB won’t function if the battery is installed backwards.