How To Change Parking Lamp On BMW 328I?

The parking lamps are perhaps the component on a BMW that people are most unsure of exactly what they are supposed to be doing with. They are typically the first bulbs in the BMW F30 headlamp assembly to need replacement, and when they do, the instrument cluster and iDrive display the incessant warnings “Parking lamp malfunction.” What are the parking lamps’ locations and functions on a BMW F30 3 series?

In the headlight assembly of a 2012–2019 F30 3 series, the parking lamps are situated in the top inside corner of the high beam lens (see following image). They have a tiny 6w bulb inside, which is accessible from the top of the headlight assembly by removing a cover (see repair steps below).

When a car is parked on the side of a dimly lit street, the BMW F30 parking lamps are employed as visual markers to distinguish the front and back of the car. Using the low/high beam bulbs when parked can make it unclear what your intentions are to oncoming traffic, so the front parking lamps are a preferable substitute for making your car visible to oncoming traffic. Although different nations have different laws requiring their use, it is usually a good idea to do so if you are inside a parked car on a dark roadway.

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  • On top of the headlight assembly, hidden beneath a protective cover, is the parking lighting.
  • Remove the cover by turning it counterclockwise.
  • The first bulb behind the cover is the parking lamp. Take hold of it and pull the headlamp assembly apart with ease.
  • Gently insert the bulb into the plug and turn it until the plug releases the bulb.
  • The procedures above are reversed during installation. The oil from your hands could cause the replacement bulb to overheat, so try to avoid touching it with bare hands.


This is how to perform a 2009 328i’s DIY running/parking lamp replacement.

If you’re looking at the front of a 2009 328i, the running/parking lamp is the interior lamp.

You may purchase the necessary Sylvania (OSRAM) H8 bulb at any car parts store.

The bulb I removed is shown in picture #1 below. The replacement bulb in the package is the same one I bought and put in my car.

The access panel that needs to be removed in order to access the lightbulb is seen in picture #2.

The access panel is shown in image #3 before it is removed. Lift up the front panel by pushing in the two tabs, then pull the panel in your direction.

The light bulb connector in Image #4 should be at the eleven o’clock position. Pull the connector and bulb from the housing by rotating it to the 1 o’clock position in the clockwise direction. By moving the tabs away from the bulb housing, you can remove the gray plug. Replace the existing bulb with a new one. (Make sure your fingertips don’t touch the replacement bulb.) Rotate back to the eleven o’clock position after inserting the bulb into the connector.

On a BMW 3 Series, where is the parking light located?

This typically occurs because the light bulb has reached the end of its useful life or has become faulty for some other reason. A straightforward known solution to this problem is to replace the bulb. If you want to make this quick remedy more affordable, you can either replace it yourself at home with a new BAX9S H6W 434 BULB or take it to the garage for expert assistance.

The headlight assembly of a BMW 3 from the 2012–2019 series houses the parking lights, DRLs, low beam, high beam, and turn signal indication bulb all in one unit. Parking lamps are situated at the top inside corner of the high beam. Therefore, it is essential that you use the correct bulb when trying to identify and fix the problem. The small 6w bulb used in BMW parking lights is typically accessible from the top of the headlamp assembly via a detachable cover.

Many internet retailers provide replacement bulbs, but xenons4u is a reliable source for authentic car parts where you can get genuine BMW parts and bulbs. Now that you have bought the right part, it’s time to change the bulb.

How does a BMW’s handbrake light reset?

the ignition with the key (or key fob). While turning the key to position 2, avoid turning on the ignition. Open the driver’s door and hold it open for around ten seconds. The brake pad lights ought to reset once you’ve finished the aforementioned three steps.

Exist parking lights for BMW?

The other night, I had a breakdown on the side of the road and had to wait in the pitch black for a tow truck, which cost me a pretty penny. To make my car more apparent and prevent a collision, I wanted to switch on my parking lights, but I couldn’t figure out how. Fortunately, I made it home without incident, but how can I switch on my BMW’s parking lights?

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Depending on the model you have, there are different procedures to turn on the parking lights in a BMW, but generally speaking, there are three approaches you should try.

  • Push the turn signal lever up or down for a few seconds until the lights come on with the ignition off and all doors shut. On some models, pushing up or down will turn on the right side parking lights and vice versa.
  • Push the appropriate button on the parking light controls, which are to the right of the headlight controls.
  • Find the headlight controls, which are normally the third position from the left or the first selection after the 0 or off position, then turn the switch to the 1 position.

Parking lights should only be utilized when absolutely essential because they have a tendency to drain your car’s battery. You all need a jumpstart to get going again if left on for too long.

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What is a parking lamp beside a road?

At the front of the automobile are little lights known as parking lights. They may have previously been referred to as sidelights.

These are frequently disregarded components of your car even though they are typically located in the same cluster as your main and dipped beams.

What does a broken parking lamp mean?

It indicates a problem with your parking lamp. Typically, it would indicate that a bulb was out. But given that you stated that all lights are in working order, the monitoring circuit is having problems. Simply take it in

Do my BMW’s parking sensors work?

Park Distance Control, or PDC, is a system of front and rear parking sensors that comes with your BMW. The sensors keep an eye on the regions in front and behind the vehicle and send out an auditory and visual alarm when they detect a possible obstacle. When reverse gear is engaged, the system automatically turns on. By pushing the Park Assistant button, which is next to the gear level, it can also be manually activated and deactivated. Within the settings menu of the car, the auditory warning volume can be changed.

What are side lights on a BMW?

Because they can be used as an alternative to dipped beam headlights, sidelights were given the appellation “parking lights.” When parking their car in a dark or overcast region or somewhere where the natural light level is too low but not low enough to activate dipped beams, drivers frequently turn on their sidelights.

Why does my BMW want me to park?

When this dash-mounted light is illuminated, your parking lights are turned on (rather than your low beams or high beams). Turn Signals: These are the turn signal indicators for your BMW. If your turn signal bulb needs to be replaced, they will begin flashing more quickly than usual.

Why does my BMW have a lane departure indicator on?

The City Brake Activation system and the camera-based Lane Departure Warning and Approach and Pedestrian Warning systems are combined in the Driving Assist feature. At speeds over about 70 km/h, the Lane Departure Warning recognizes lane lines and vibrates the steering wheel to warn the driver of an inadvertent lane shift. If the lane change is intentional, that is, when the turn indicator is on, the warning is not activated.

The Pedestrian Warning with City Brake Activation responds to pedestrians whereas the Approach Warning with City Brake Activation detects automobiles. The Approach Warning initiates a two-stage warning when there is a potential for collision. The instrument cluster’s symbol first illuminates before an audible alarm sounds. In the event of an immediate risk of collision, the pedestrian warning initiates a single-stage warning. The brakes are simultaneously preconditioned for a quicker response if the system forewarns of a probable accident. The system applies the brakes during an emergency.

Along with Approach Warning and Lane Departure Warning, the Driving Assist Plus feature (only available with Automatic Transmission Steptronic) also has Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go functionality. This helps when driving on highways in both emergency and non-emergency traffic scenarios.

In stages, the Approach Warning reacts. The response varies from a visual alert to active braking and even a complete stop depending on whether a vehicle ahead brakes unexpectedly or whether a stationary item is noticed. With the use of vibrations in the steering wheel, the Lane Departure Warning rapidly issues a warning if the vehicle starts to lane-change without the driver’s knowledge.

If the distance control is on, the Active Cruise Control automatically changes its speed to match that of the vehicles in front of it. Otherwise, it maintains the selected speed between 30 and 210 km/h. When the gas pedal is depressed, the Stop&Go feature even manages speed down to a standstill before simply resuming acceleration, for instance in heavily moving traffic.

What distinguishes headlights from parking lights?

Sidelights are another name for parking lights. Although they are outside of the headlights and are situated at the front of the car, they are not headlights. Some automobiles feature a comparable set of lights in the rear of the car, but those shouldn’t be mistaken for brake lights.

In the past, when parking lights were controlled by a different car system than the headlights, they had a more significant impact on vehicle lighting. Consequently, parking lights might take over and provide illumination for safe driving if the headlights or the mechanism supporting them failed.

In contrast to headlights’ brilliant white or brake lights’ red, parking lights are typically gold or amber in color.

Are parking lights and hazard lights the same?

Hazard lights are the four corner blinking lights that alert other motorists to a hazardous situation with your vehicle and the fact that you can’t be expected to navigate. Parking lights are constant lights that show you have applied the brakes.