How To Change Name On BMW Profile?

For some reason, instead of my name, which was displayed until the software update, when I checked in to my driver profile, it now displays my email address. I tried restarting idrive without success. I verified that my first and last names are listed on my app. Other than the software update, nothing was altered.

Does anyone also know how to leave and then return to the driver profile without deleting it? Don’t want to go through the bother of erasing the driver profile because it appears to also destroy all the seat settings, climate settings, etc.

Any ideas as to why my email was used as my profile name rather than my name? Additionally, the option for the salutation is grayed out.

My only theory is that the friendly/first name on the account is no longer being displayed because of a change in the new program.

This really did work! It showed my name when I moved to the guest profile and then back to mine (I didn’t have to log in again because it switches using the saved credentials). Thanks!

How to install a unique profile photo on your BMW ID in the video

These days, technology is developing at a tremendous rate, which is reflected in every part of our life. Large mobile phones were the beginning, and now we carry around tiny, highly capable devices in our pockets. After that, everything was compared to their rapid improvements, and consumers grew increasingly interested in new technology for their mobile gadgets. As a result, the automobile sector had to adjust, and BMW was no exception.

Because of this, the iDrive of today resembles a phone screen more than ever. You really have a plethora of connectivity options, tile options, and widget possibilities. When it came to shared vehicles in the past, memory seats were the newest craze that impressed people. When you switched places with your husband or wife, you didn’t have to manually adjust your seat; all you had to do was touch a button, and the automobile did it for you. Things advanced when there was a choice to automatically adjust the steering wheel as well.

BMW vehicles are now equipped with personal accounts. In essence, the iDrive system may be set up to your preferences, and when a certain user signs into their BMW ID, everything is already customized to their specifications. Everything is recalled, including the seat, steering wheel, mirrors, and even ambient lighting. You can even add your own photo to these BMW IDs to ensure that you never confuse one for the other.

To achieve this, open the “Profile” section of the My BMW App and click the profile image to edit it. Take a photo or select one from your smartphone. After choosing the image you want to use, click “Done.” When you click on the profile image once it has been posted, you can edit or remove it.

driving a BMW Verify that you are logged in with your BMW ID and that your driver profile is synchronized. Click on the image in the status bar to access the driver profile settings and activate it if it hasn’t already, then select “Synchronize driver profile.” Now, your BMW also displays your profile picture.

Please be aware that the personal profile image is only accessible for BMWs running the BMW Operating System 7 and software released on or after 7/19.

On my BMW, how can I deactivate a profile?

Remove the idrive profile of the former owner if you bought a used car.

Setting 1

2. Personas

3. Choose the active profile (may have another name on it or look like —-)

4. In order to see the “options” page, move the idrive dial to the right.

5. To reset your profile, scroll down.

6. Doesn’t require much time.

7. Shut off the engine and wait 5 to 15 minutes for the idrive to totally shut off. In order for the idrive to turn off while you are waiting in the car, ensure sure your seatbelt is not fastened.

8. Restart the vehicle, return to “Profiles,” and choose a “—-“.

9. Choose “rename profile” by pushing the iDrive dial to the right once more.

10. After reconnecting, begin adding the shortcuts and any settings you desire.

Before doing this, whenever I used a different key to start the car, my shortcuts and other settings would erratically reset themselves after some time.

Every configuration now appears to save properly after resetting and creating a new profile.

How can I rename the Bluetooth on my BMW?

  • On the BT icon, long press.
  • Previously Connected Devices under Connected Devices (if not in the car)
  • BMW Name with Gear Icon to the Right#####
  • Pencil Icon to Edit the Name at the Top

On a BMW G30, how can I deactivate a driver profile?

Any modifications to your personal preferences are immediately stored to your BMW ID after you have logged in to your BMW with your BMW ID. Select “CAR” > “BMW ID/ Driver profile” > “Settings” > “Remove driver profile” in your BMW with BMW Operating System 7 to delete your driver profile, BMW ID, and personal data.

A BMW could have two profiles.

The method for doing this is to have the person sit in the car and add a driver profile in the car screens after setting the second profile by creating an account on the app. Once finished, you will see two profiles and a visitor profile in the car’s profile screens.

How can I remove my personal data from my BMW?

How do I remove my personal settings and data from my BMW? Select “CAR menu” > “Settings” > “General settings” > “Reset vehicle data” in your BMW with Operating System 7 to reset your personal data and settings.

What functions BMW profile?

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Recent movies from BMW on its YouTube page illustrate some of the underappreciated features of new automobiles and how they might simplify your life. The one concerning personal profiles caught our attention the most out of the group.

That’s because you can actually set up various profiles for the two key fobs you receive when you purchase a new BMW. If there are two drivers, they can separately customize their seats, mirrors, and other settings to suit their needs and save them as profiles while driving.

All you then need to do is use your own key fob to start the car, and the software will modify everything to your preferences, leaving you free to focus on having fun while driving.

Making sure that each driver always uses a distinct key fob and setting up two profiles in the Settings -> Profiles sub-menu of the iDrive menu will make all of this quite simple to accomplish.

Additionally, if both drivers are in the car at once, you can manually access the Profiles part of the iDrive menu and select the appropriate profile to ensure that it is used. Additionally, if this is a regular occurrence, you can configure the system to automatically prompt for the appropriate individual each day.

To do that, go to Settings -> Profiles and then press the Options button next to the iDrive controller while the Profiles submenu is highlighted. Select the option to “Display user list at startup” by checking the box next to it. You may also utilize a Guest profile for a person who doesn’t typically operate the vehicle as a pleasant added feature. By selecting it, you can restore the car to its factory settings.

Does BMW support two driver profiles?

Yes, the same car can be logged into from multiple devices. The destinations displayed in BMW Connected will be the same on all devices when using the same ConnectedDrive account (i.e., login and password).

How do I rename the Bluetooth in my car?

  • The device you want to rename must first be connected to your Windows PC and Bluetooth enabled.
  • Open the Control Panel after that, then select “Hardware and Sound” before selecting “Devices and Printers.”
  • Right-click on the device you want to rename to select it.
  • Go to the Bluetooth tab by selecting the “Properties” option from the drop-down menu.
  • The default name of the device can be changed here. You can rename the name field by clicking on it and entering a new name.
  • Please remember to click “Apply.”

How do I alter the name of my device?

How to Prepare. Stock Android: Enter the new name for the device in Settings > Bluetooth > Device Name and then click the checkmark icon. Samsung: Select Settings > About Phone > Device Name, type in the new name, and then select Save. For privacy reasons, it’s a good idea to provide a special name; you can modify the phone name several times.

What myths surround the BMW?

Here comes the BMW cliché, a haven for jerks of all stripes. BMW owners prefer to believe that they are superior to everyone else on the road because of their leather seats and German heritage.