How Much Do BMW Charge For Alloy Wheel Repair?

I don’t remember the price, but I believe each wheel costs roughly PS120, and they also provide a 12-month warranty. Additionally, Sytner Mini in Maidenhead offers diamond work.


I’ve been enjoying my 335xi since purchasing it in October, but the Chicago area has experienced a very harsh winter this year, and the multiple freeze-thaw cycles have contributed to the creation of more giant potholes than any other year I can recall.

Despite my best efforts to avoid them, I’ve unfortunately managed to hit a number of them. And now I have a few rims that are bent. My neighborhood dealer, Motorwerks, estimates a $250 cost for each repair and highly advises adding a $150 wheel alignment.

I’m curious as to how much it often costs to fix wheels and if anyone in the Chicago region can recommend any reliable mechanics in the area. I appreciate it.

Hello, PRGUY I know you started this issue a while back, however I live in Chicago and have four bent rims that require brand-new rims and tires. Both my BMW dealership and Bridgestone gave me estimates of around $4,000. This appears absurd. Additionally, I didn’t want to spend $1000 trying to straighten them out only to bend them again while driving through the city. Interested in what you did.

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Your car is readily recognizable because to its unusual alloy wheels.

Therefore, it hurts even more when they suffer harm that takes away from their sleek, fashionable appearance. It should come as no surprise that the market is fully flooded with exorbitantly priced goods and repair services.

A single genuine replacement wheel can range in price from $350 to more than $3,000. Therefore, you should prepare to spend significantly more than $12,000 to replace a full set. And it’s definitely worth it if you get the appropriate set of alloy wheels.

But only if you maintain them constantly, which means you need a low-cost method to care for your alloy wheels so that you and anybody who sees your automobile is immediately impressed. You require an effective service in addition to one that is reasonably priced. Having a fantastic car is useless if it spends the majority of its time having its alloy wheels updated.

This is due to the fact that we provide a mobile alloy wheel repair service that might help you avoid spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Prices for wheels start at around $100 including GST. Additionally, you can save time.

In fact, restoring the new appearance of your mags can be accomplished in as little as 40 minutes per wheel.

So you can actually enjoy all the advantages of having amazing alloy wheels and have them maintained, in top shape, without having to give up your car for a few days or paying a hefty sum to have them restored to like-new condition.

We provide the

In addition, we service all the top automakers, such as Holden, Jaguar, Audi, and BMW.

As previously said, our pricing are incredibly affordable, with minor damage costing as little as $100 per wheel. If there is considerable damage to the entire lip, wheel, and spokes, it only costs up to $220 including GST per wheel.

What does it cost to fix a BMW wheel?

Replacement wheels for a BMW 328i typically cost $965 to $979. The cost of labor is expected to be between $55 and $69, while the cost of the parts is $910. Taxes and levies are not included in this range, nor are your particular model year or special location taken into account.

Are BMW wheels repairable?

A trustworthy BMW mechanic may be able to fix a damaged or bent wheel, but further damage will typically make replacement the only viable alternative. To stop future harm from happening to your car, the alloy wheel must be replaced if it is fractured, particularly if one of the lug nut holes has been damaged.

How much does a bent alloy rim cost to repair?

Rim repairs are not something that many people consider when it comes to fixing their cars, but depending on the type of rim you have, it is possible.

Steel is a material that can withstand repeated bending, therefore bending steel rims back into place is simple and effortless. Although alloy and aluminum rims differ slightly from one another, rim specialists can tell you whether or not your rim can be repaired or whether replacement is required.

When you ask yourself how much it costs to fix bent rims, the response can surprise you. According to Rim Blades USA, it may frequently be done for less than $150 with a shop that can fix the bend.

That costs pennies on the dollar when compared to the price of replacing a wheel. Rim replacement can cost anywhere between $698 and $710, according to Repair Pal. This is closely correlated to the price of a single new rim.

Even the standard set of steel wheels on economical automobiles will run you between $350 and $400 per rim!

What shade of alloy wheels come on a BMW?

Reflex Silver (Color Code: A44/BMW WA44 MET) is the standard silver used on BMW alloys. Considering that titanium silver is a less expensive paint, several dealers actually spray the alloys with it. The “Ferric Grey II” gray found on the newest alloys (color code: B55 MET/BMW WB55 MET)

Can cracks in alloy wheels be fixed?

An alloy wheel that has obvious cracks in it is said to be cracked. The most frequent causes of cracked alloys are kerbs, potholes, and uneven roadways. Generally speaking, cracked alloys are more problematic than scuffed alloys, but the majority of cracks may be fixed by a specialist.

Due to mud and filth on the wheels, alloy cracks can be hard to see. It is advised that automobile owners polish their alloy wheels on a regular basis to look for any damage and keep them in top shape.

How much does welding a fractured rim cost?

Because replacing one, or perhaps all four, of their wheels at once would cost too much money, most people prefer to fix a fractured rim instead. Depending on the location, size, and severity of the crack, the majority of knowledgeable shops would likely repair a cracked rim for between $80-$150. However, because shattered rims are so challenging to repair, many stores would gladly turn you away or charge you twice as much.

In comparison to high-end, handcrafted, magnesium, carbon fiber wheels, which may cost up to 20 times as much, a reasonable new wheel is between $200 and $500 each piece. If you calculate the numbers, it makes sense to fix a fractured rim, but don’t push it because safety must always come first. The wheel must simply be changed in order to be entirely safe. The fact that you won’t need to do this frequently is a plus, so occasionally spending extra makes sense.

Are alloy wheels with repairs to cracks safe?

Because most alloy wheel repair shops are unsure of how to handle broken wheels, they generally won’t touch them, which could result in an expensive and unneeded replacement of your wheels. Almost all wheels can be fixed rather than replaced thanks to the expert alloy wheel welding service offered by Dan Merrin Wheels.

Although many individuals have claimed that welding alloy wheels is unsafe, when done properly, it is a very dependable and effective repair method. It wouldn’t be safe to just weld over the crack because the corrosion that caused it would still be present, making this the wheel’s weakest link.

We take our time and mend the wheel carefully by drilling a hole at the end of the crack and shortening it. After that, we neatly TIG weld a line of aluminum on either side, meeting in the center. By doing this, it is made sure that the crack is actually filled in with new metal rather than just remaining there. In order to ensure that the tyre sits correctly and avoid any more problems with tyre fitting, we then carefully adjust the wheel’s bead. To protect the weld, we then paint a 2K anti-corrosion paint over the repaired region.

Although our welds typically last the whole life of the wheel, they are perfectly safe and come with a 2-year warranty.

Can you repair alloy wheels with scratches?

Can scratches and scuffs on alloy wheels be fixed? Yes, scratched alloy wheels can be brought back to their original state. The scratch or scuff is often removed from the wheel by sanding it down. The engineer will then typically use a primer and color-coded paint to restore their luster and make them appear brand-new.

How much are new wheels?

Depending on the model you want, upgrading or replacing your rims will surely cost you a certain amount. So, what is the price of rims?

The rim will typically cost about $90. But it will also go up based on the size and the materials used to improve, like steel, alloy, and chrome.

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A bent alloy wheel can it be fixed?

Yes, once more, provided that the wheel’s structural integrity is not jeopardized. That applies to both steel and aluminum alloy wheels, though it is less expensive to repair aluminum alloy wheels.

How much time does rim repair take?

Our Certified Wheel Technicians restore wheels to like-new condition. The wheels are fixed, primed, painted, and given a top-notch clear coat finish. The paint will be color-matched by RGX Rim Repair to match your unique car. Most painted wheels are finished in 30 to 60 minutes. 100% customer satisfaction is the RGX Rim Repair policy. We can return wheels with scratches, gouges, or curb rash damage to their original finish.

Today’s polished wheels typically have a clear coat applied as protection. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the clearcoat before starting the polishing procedure. As a result, the turnaround time is a little bit longer to ensure the finest outcomes. But even hazy, damaged, or corroded wheels can be polished to a mirror-like gloss. Acid spray, oxidation, and even brake dust can all harm wheels. This damage may result in ugly wheels. Comprehensive wheel restoration is RGX Rim Repair’s area of expertise.

Polished wheels and machined wheels are extremely similar. Both of them have a shielding transparent coat. This kind of wheel is restored by re-machining the face using a CNC lathing machine to bring it back to its original appearance.

The exposure to moisture causes wheels to rust and oxidize frequently. Additionally damaging to an alloy wheel’s finish are road salts, brake dust, and acid cleaners. Corrosion on the inside barrel of the wheel can cause tires to leak. Where the tire hits the rim, chrome rims frequently develop pits that prevent the tire from sealing properly. We at RGX have fixes for each of these problems!

Custom center caps can give your wheels a distinctive appearance. Center caps can be painted and restored by our Certified Wheel Technicians to make them seem brand new!

Can I drive on an alloy wheel that is cracked?

You veer sharply off Grays Road when you hear that annoying shriek. Your wheel has been damaged.

You might notice that your automobile feels different if you keep driving. The car trembles, and there is a vibrating sensation. So, for your own safety, you stop and check the wheel that ran into the curb.

The alloy rim has a noticeable scrape, but the tire material appears to be in good condition. A SMART repair professional can quickly restore your wheel to like-new condition if this scratch is the only damage. However, you should take your vehicle to the original dealer or manufacturer for a structural inspection if you discover that your rim is broken or deformed.

Unfortunately, driving your automobile often might result in cracked and twisted rims. Furthermore, even though they can appear unimportant, fractured wheels put both drivers and passengers in danger.

The most dangerous possibility is that the tire closest to the damaged rim could completely blow out, rendering the vehicle immobile. At high speeds, a tire blowout can result in a partial or complete loss of vehicle control, which could cause a collision. A fractured rim undermines the structural integrity of your car even if this doesn’t happen. It should be handled immediately since it may be related to problems with uneven tire wear, alignment problems, difficult steering, or damage to the suspension.

You might not even be aware that your rim is cracked! The following are some of the most typical reasons why rims crack:

  • Uneven and potholed roads
  • driving on a curb or bumping it
  • car crashes

There are additional telltale symptoms of a broken rim even if there isn’t a crack that is immediately apparent. You might experience unexpected steering wheel sensations, hear different sounds or noises than typical coming from a wheel, or notice altered vehicle control and decreased gas consumption.

Take your automobile to a primary dealer or rim manufacturer right away if you suspect that a rim may be fractured.