How Long Does It Take To Order A New BMW?

The procedure is the same as when we previously ordered new BMW i3 vehicles. But the shipping takes much longer because it must board a ship, travel over the Atlantic, dock in a port in the United States, then be examined by BMW before being sent to the dealership. BMW ships its Leipzig, Germany-made BMW I vehicles to the United States via the port of Bremerhaven. Our first BMW i3 arrived at the port and boarded a boat right away, while our second BMW i3 had to wait for days for its ship to arrive.

Even though the epidemic is making for unusual times and BMW facilities are slowly ramping up production, I would suggest that ordering a new BMW for the United States should take between a month and two months, depending on where it is built (Spartanburg or Europe).

Sadly, BMW has decided to stop offering European delivery to American consumers, however Spartanburg Plant still offers factory delivery in the US. Because the plant tours are now unavailable due to COVID restrictions, I decided not to deliver to Spartanburg at this time.

Prior to the last generation of BMW X3s, BMW used to allow video tracking of your vehicle, but that feature was only available for one year. Overall, I experienced very little discomfort while ordering a BMW, and everything went much faster than I anticipated.


If you have a VIN, you are in the production queue, but technically, that VIN isn’t a manufactured vehicle yet; rather, it has just been assigned to BE produced. For this reason, you utilize the production number!

The genius lines are often stupid, but if you call and only say, “I don’t have a vin,” you can typically get your build day and a comprehensive status, but you have to contact the appropriate person.

However, keep in mind that if you obtain the VIN via the mygarage website, it is not yet an active VIN and will not function as input on any BMW system (for instance, if you attempt to download your owner’s handbook by entering your VIN, it will not recognize your VIN).

Order was placed early last week, however I haven’t yet gotten a build or order number. I was informed that it was still in the order bank.

Do any of the parts you used to create it come from Ukraine? For various BMW models, I think some wire harnesses are/were built there.

Due to supply chain concerns, BMW is ceasing manufacturing at its plants in Germany and the United Kingdom. I’m not sure if or when this would impact the Rosslyn or Sparenberg plants.

Where you are seems to make a major impact in how long US deliveries take. Delivery to the west coast may take a month longer than to locations closer to Spartanburg.

similar here What city and state are you in? What was the dealer’s projected delivery date?

a. New York. placed an early week order. ordered was reportedly in production yesterday. nonetheless, I have not yet been given a build number. About five weeks from now, I was told.

When you place an order and don’t immediately receive a production number from the dealer, I suppose that signifies they don’t yet have a real allocation and are awaiting one.

I experienced it with two different local dealers before finding a dealer from another state that had an allocation and could provide me with the goods in the actual manufacturing number.

N. Carolina. I placed my purchase on February 7 and received my construction number the same day. The event is planned for week 10 (next week). Last week, a VIN was assigned. Coming up fast!

I placed an order in the third week of January, received a build number, a vin number, and the car in little over 3 weeks from the time the order was placed.

I concur with the above. If you do not receive a production number, your dealer does not yet have a slot reserved for your specific vehicle. The allotment for each dealer differ based on factors like volume.

The car seems to have started production, but you don’t have a serial number for it, which I find odd. You ought to be able to obtain the VIN as soon as construction on it commences.

I placed my purchase in July, received a production number immediately, the car started production in less than two weeks, the final construction day was the first week of August, and the car was delivered to the dealership in under a month. In Wisconsin am I.

Regarding manufacturing time, physical location is completely irrelevant. It does affect delivery, though perhaps not in the most visible way. When your automobile is finished being built, it won’t be delivered to your dealership on a flatbed by itself. They load a transport truck once they have made enough vehicles for your neighborhood (which may not all be going to the same dealership). It won’t be waiting long at the plant if your car is the final one constructed to be loaded onto a truck. You might have to wait a few additional days if your automobile is the first one created and you have to wait for the construction of the half a dozen or more other cars that are going to your location. After there, it just depends on how long it takes the vehicle to get at its destination.

How long does it take for a BMW special order?

How long does a typical special order take? The bulk of BMW SUVs are made in the US, thus special ordering takes longer than buying one off the lot; this normally takes 5 to 8 weeks, whereas vehicles built in Germany take 8 to 12 weeks.

How long does it take a BMW from Germany to get there?

BMW makes it incredibly simple to ship your BMW back home once your holiday in Europe is over. The following will be covered:

  • Inland Transportation in Europe
  • Boat Insurance
  • Duty and Clearance at Customs
  • Port Processing, S.
  • Fees for Wharf and Handling

There are 12 drop-off points spread over Europe:

  • Austria’s Vienna
  • Belgium’s Antwerp
  • Lovely, France
  • France’s Paris
  • Germany’s Bremerhaven
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Bremen, Germany
  • Bayern, Germany
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Switzerland’s Geneva
  • Switzerland’s Zurich
  • Italy
  • Bologna ($662.52)
  • Tuscany ($783)
  • Genoa ($590.25)
  • Milan ($698.67)
  • ($975.74) Naples
  • Rome ($951.64)
  • ($662.52) Venice
  • (638.45) Verona

You would need to make a reservation and pay additional fees to drop off your automobile in Italy. Additionally, the car must be returned three days before the insurance expires.

Then, every vehicle is transported to a German port at Bremerhaven before being transferred to a port in the United States. While West Coast people must wait roughly 8 to 10 weeks, East Coast residents can anticipate their automobile in 6 to 8 weeks. Any vehicle delivered outside of Germany may require an additional week.

The vehicle will need clearance from the Department of Agriculture and U.S. Customs once it has arrived in the country.

How long does BMW take to ship out of the factory?

3-6 weeks to the US, provided it is rapidly loaded onto the boat, which priority 1 automobiles typically are. Following another 2-3 days at VPC, another 2-3 days are needed to go to Florida. Add additional week or two if you had ED. Realistically, early August would be the longest and middle July would be the fastest. Simply keep track of which boat it boarded to have a better idea of where it is.

How can you tell if your vehicle is a Priority 1 vehicle? My CS has been in “Quality Check” since the freaking 8th of June.

On the west coast, I was hoping to have by the beginning of August, but I’m confident it won’t happen right now.

Ask your dealer for your VIR, which should indicate that you are a Priority 1 if your car was a customer-ordered vehicle.

Since you received a CS, it is probable that it will remain at quality check for some time if US emissions, safety, or any other number of production-related issues need to be resolved at the factory. I wish you quick delivery!

Mine required 18 days. sent from the factory on 6/10. Accessed dealer on 6/28. I acquired it today. The My Garage, in my opinion, continues to be a few days behind schedule. My automobile is still shown as being in transit.

How long does it take a BMW to arrive in the USA from Germany?

From the date of drop-off, it will take every vehicle between 6 and 8 weeks to travel from Bremerhaven, Germany, to the East Coast and 8 to 10 weeks to travel from Bremerhaven, Germany, to the West Coast, where it will then be delivered in its whole. Be advised that leaving your car somewhere other than Germany will cause your arrival to be delayed.

How does placing an order for a BMW work?

Orders that have been scanned or emailed and include an authorized signature confirming your approval of the order are accepted. We will need a clear scan of your driver’s license photo card and a recent utility bill or bank statement with your name and current address on it, all of which must be dated within the last 90 days.

How long is BMW under quality control?

It is unusual for the “Quality Check” process to take 3 days. Fortunately, the unfinished cars are kept inside until they are finished.

How long has BMW been producing cars?

The BMW production number, which has seven digits, connects you to the allotment. After ordering your automobile, you should get your production number shortly after or the following day.

When will my BMW be released from the port?

Week 2 production is currently at the port and there has been no change in that time. incredibly frustrated Going to Brunswick, GA in the hopes of boarding one of the upcoming boats

same exact circumstance. Lack of a clear method and not having previously ordered a car make the wait more unpleasant, especially when other cars appear to be shipping while some remain on the lot. No halt sales, btw.

I hear you, haha. Around the 12th, Donington will arrive at my port of entry. Recently, I was only curious how long it takes from the port of entry to the dealer.

Recently seems to be moving more quickly. Week 1 students received their automobiles quite fast. Considering that many people from weeks two and three are still in Germany

A BMW Performance front splitter, which is generally placed at the port of entry, is a port installed option on my order. Does anyone know if the car status keeps being “at the port” rather than changing to “in transit” aboard ship, till that option is installed?

No. The tracking will remain constant throughout. in transit from at port(exit) to at port(entry) to in transit

But I have a question for everyone because it seems like there is a gap in reporting when a vehicle is found aboard a ship. I’ve heard it could take a few days. Does anyone have any further information? That is, even though you might actually be on a ship that is 2, 3, or 4 days into its journey, you would still appear at the port.

I spent a brief amount of time at the port, but that was after spending more than three months in QC. I’m back “at the port” right now, but this time I’m waiting for a carrier on the east coast. Over a week has passed already. This past Saturday was supposed to be the day, but it might now be tomorrow. If one spot isn’t where you’re waiting, it’s another

I spent two weeks at the port (heading to Port Hueneme). I’m hoping your automobile finds a boat soon!