How Long Does It Take To Get A BMW I4?


The actual automobile takes roughly two weeks to produce. What takes a while is, however, shipping from Germany to the US. The greatest transit time from completion to arrival at your dealer will occur if you live on the West Coast.

How soon will I get my i4?

The i4 will begin to be delivered in March 2022. Depending on when your pre-order was placed and when your car was configured at your preferred BMW Center in the fall of 2021, delivery timelines may vary. Your vehicle’s configuration, trim, and option choices will affect how quickly it is delivered, and your local BMW Center will keep you informed about delivery and schedule updates along the way.

Your car will be delivered on June 30, 2022, if you place your order early and receive the i4 early. Unless you opt to cancel the pre-order, which you may do at any time for a full refund of the down payment, your BMW Center will get in touch with you to complete delivery as soon as possible in the event of a delay.

Sales of BMW i4

The i4 and iX are in strong demand worldwide, according to BMW Group. The company shipped 12,839 units of the electric SUV and 9,294 units of the electric coupe around the world in the first half of 2022. The German carmaker began shipping the i4 and iX to Americans in late March 2022. More than 1,100 i4 units and 1,428 iX units were on American roads by June 2022. The corporation will begin selling the i7 in the nation during the fourth quarter of 2022 (October to December 2022).

Price, availability, interior, range, and other details for the BMW i4

Recently, the BMW i4 was unveiled, directly competing with the Tesla Model 3 as a production-spec saloon. The all-electric i4 will strengthen the company’s goals for developing its expanding EV lineup by joining the BMW i3 electric hatchback, a new BMW iX3 mid-sized SUV, and the BMW iX high-performance SUV.

The concept versions of the automobile have been making the rounds for a while, and the production-ready variant doesn’t look all that different. The cabin offers minimal refinement and plenty of electronics and infotainment features, in addition to an exterior that is dominated by BMW’s current tendency for large, imposing grilles, similar to those found on the new BMW 4 Series.

How long does it take to get a BMW i4?

Between six and nine months is the average waiting period for a BMW i4 or iX and a Mini Electric. According to a BMW spokeswoman, the transit period for some models, which is included in the total waiting time, is between four and six weeks.

How long does it currently take to get a new BMW?

Currently, the average lead time for new BMW orders is between 20 and 24 weeks. In addition to the four to six weeks of transit time that some models require, which is included in the average, lead times for electric and plug-in hybrid models are longer due to very high demand.

The firm informed us that while new-car inventory at BMW dealers is smaller than it has typically been, buyers may still browse what is offered online. Most new automobiles that are in stock can be delivered in less than two weeks.

How soon can a new BMW 2022 be ordered?

Germany will be the only manufacturer of the X1, X2, 2 Series Gran Coupe, 4 Series (including i4), 5 Series, 8 Series, Z4, and iX as of 2022. The turnaround is essentially the same, taking 45 to 60 days from the commencement of manufacturing to delivery to the dealership, despite differences in the specific factory. On average, this is shortened by two weeks or so if you live on the east coast.

A good prediction on the west coast is that the 2 Series Coupe and 3 Series (apart from the M3) will ship from central Mexico about 30 days after production begins. On the east coast, it can take a little bit longer.

The majority of X3s will be produced in Spartanburg, while BMW’s facility in South Africa has recently granted additional allocations. These SAVs require considerable lead time to depart South Africa and take months to arrive in the United States. Unless it fits into your schedule, make sure your dealership does not order your X3 to be built in South Africa.

All other X3s and SAVs, with the exception of the X1 and X2, are produced in Spartanburg, South Carolina, right here in the United States. While west coast dealers normally have to wait roughly a month, east coast dealers typically see automobiles in two weeks or less after the start of production.

How long does a battery in a BMW i4 last?

The single-motor, rear-drive i4 eDrive40 can go up to about 300 miles on a full battery, according to BMW. The 81.5 kWh battery in the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive M50 is the same, although its maximum claimed range is 245 miles. With a 200 kilowatt charging capacity, these i4 versions can add 88–108 miles in just 10 minutes. The entry-level eDrive35 model has a lower 66.0 kWh net capacity battery, which is said to have a range of about 260 miles and a charging speed maximum of 180 kW. The i4 can charge its battery from empty to full using the Level 2 (up to 11 kW) onboard charger in less than 8 hours.

How many pre-orders for BMW i4 have there been?

Like many automakers transitioning to EVs, BMW has announced that it sold out of every 2021 model of its new i4 electric vehicle. With its all-electric iX Sports Activity Vehicle, the company followed suit.

In Munich, BMW recently began i4 series production. The company reportedly made the EV available for preorder earlier this month, and it swiftly sold out, according to a report by CarsDirect. According to the article, delivery of the i4 eDrive40 and M50 trims have both sold out.

Directly from the official BMW website, according to CarsDirect. The first deliveries for both trims are sold out, according to the i4 preorder page. BMW anticipates starting delivery in June 2022.

To pre-order the i4, customers have to put down a $1,500 refundable deposit. They’d probably have to wait until next summer for a second wave of delivery if they hadn’t already done so. Fortunately, next summer starts in June 2022, so maybe folks won’t have to wait too long.

The starting MSRP for the i4 eDrive40 is $56,395 and includes destination. Rear-wheel drive, a single electric motor, 335 horsepower, and a 5.5-second zero-to-60-mph pace are all hallmarks of this model. According to BMW, it can go about 300 kilometers on a single charge.

The performance-focused M50 will set you back at least $66,895. It has 536 horsepower and is an all-wheel drive version with dual motors. The M50 has a 3.7 second 0-60 time and a range of about 245 miles.

The subject of “how many were allocated” frequently arises as we continue to receive numerous accounts of EVs “selling out.” Although it’s not usually the case, automakers occasionally disclose that figure. According to what we gather, BMW has not publicly said how many i4 or iX vehicles will be produced for the first delivery wave. BMW obtained 2,095 pre-orders for the i4 and 952 for the iX in the US, according to a story we published in July 2021.

Tom Moloughney, one of our own, recently got the opportunity to test drive the 2022 BMW i4 M50, and he was impressed. View the video below, and more importantly, click here to read Tom’s article.

Are BMW i4 models sold in the US?

Ordering is currently open for the 2022 BMW i4 40 and i4 M50 in the US market. Both variants are now available for purchase in Europe, though I’m not sure which ones are or aren’t in all areas. Deliveries of the BMW i4 will start in the US in March 2022.

Can I get a tax credit for the BMW i4?

Which discounts is the i4 eligible for? In addition to various state incentives like rebates, tax credits, and grants, owning the first-ever BMW i4 may entitle you to a federal tax credit of up to $7,500.

Has the BMW i4 a heat pump?

System that combines heating and cooling with a heat pump. Along with its high-voltage battery and a motor system that uses an incredibly efficient heat pump function, the BMW i4 comes standard with an integrated heating and cooling system for the cabin.

What color is most popular for BMW?

One of the most popular colors for BMW cars is blue, yet blue is never just “blue.” Instead, you’ll find, to mention a few, Mystic Blue, LeMans Blue, and Interlagos Blue. Despite the fact that they are all called blue, each color has its own unique tints and quirks that are unique to it.

How long will the shortage of car chips last?

Global vehicle manufacturing fell after the COVID-19 epidemic, but it should rebound to levels similar to those before the pandemic by the end of 2023.

With automakers declaring intentions to hire additional staff and increase investments in their manufacturing facilities, Asumendi added, “We are witnessing that big OEMs are extending production across plants.” To start up two more shifts this fall, Stellantis Vigo intends to hire more than 1,400 people. Additionally, the company declared that it would increase production at its Spanish operations and would manufacture the most recent Fiat Doblo there. Volkswagen is expanding manufacturing in Germany and has committed $1.03 billion to revamping its Emden factory to produce electric vehicles. Additionally, production at its Zwickau electric vehicle (EV) factory is anticipated to increase after being halted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to Asumendi, the sector has a promising long-term future. He continued, “We are beginning to see real signals of production stabilization in both China and Europe.”

How long do the batteries in electric cars last?

While driving, EV batteries go through cycles of “discharge,” and they “charge,” when the car is plugged in. The battery’s ability to keep a charge is affected by how often you repeat this operation. As a result, the distance between charges and the time between trips are reduced. The majority of manufacturers offer a battery guarantee of five to eight years. A battery for an electric vehicle, however, is expected to last between 10 and 20 years before needing to be replaced.

The connection between a battery and one or more electric motors, which power the wheels of the car, is surprisingly straightforward. When you step on the gas, the car immediately supplies the motor with power, which progressively uses up the energy stored in the batteries.

When you release the accelerator, the automobile starts to slow down by converting its forward momentum back into electricity. This happens more strongly if you apply the brakes. Electric motors also function as generators. By recovering energy that would otherwise be lost during braking, regenerative braking increases battery life and extends the travel distance of an automobile.

How many EV tax credits are available for use?

For each eligible car, you may only submit a single credit claim. The tax credit must be applied for in the same calendar year that you buy and start using a new fully electric, plug-in hybrid, or two-wheeled vehicle.

However, you can still apply for the tax credit for the other vehicle even if you buy a different qualifying fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle in a different year or two different qualified vehicles in the same year. In that respect, it is not a once-in-a-lifetime tax credit.