Does BMW Wash Your Car For Free?

Yes, the BMW dealership in my town regularly extends an invitation to wash my car for free. I always decline, or at least I did before I stopped visiting them.

My car is out of warranty, therefore I’ll never go back to the BMW dealership. Their service fee is not only outrageous, but also uncompetitive. For instance, they billed $590 for a “series 1” service, which consisted of an oil change and tire rotation. It cost more than $3000 to extend the warranty for merely 6 or 8 months. They must rip off helpless suckers like me in order to survive, I suppose, considering how horrible the economy is and the fact that they aren’t selling many vehicles anymore. They could go tits up and I wouldn’t care.

I used to tape a piece of paper with the words “DO NOT WASH” to the steering wheel. They’ve learnt, and the paperwork now states “Customer Requests NO WASH” each time I visit the dealer.

My dealer does a fantastic job washing my car when I want them to, so I must be very fortunate. Typically, I ask them not to wash the car because it doesn’t need to be cleaned. After a weekend road trip, I brought it in on Monday, and they washed it with no swirls or other issues. It might help that I know their detail person by first name and that he knows mine. Customer service is vital, and the Pensacola, Florida dealer excels at providing it.

The last time I visited my dealer, they offered me a free exterior and interior cleaning, but I didn’t notice any swirls at that time. My automobile was parked by the service manager dangerously close to those concrete barriers in front of parking lots.

The greatest service representative at the nearby dealer, my service representative, constantly asks if I want a wash or not. I had no idea that certain customers could actually get full hand washes. When I declined his offer of generosity, he told me this. I haven’t had any problems getting a wash from them after then. I seldom ever go to the dealer anyway.

Evidently, the customer service agent must ask for it. If not, they simply run it through the standard automatic brushes and down the death lane.

It’s funny how I thought they would figure it out when I brought the car in on a lovely day with the top down, just to find out that they decided to wash it automatically once they were through.

I’m lucky that my dealer installed low-profile parking stops that are only approximately 70mm high and fit beneath any BMW at standard ride height.

They also have “Do Not Wash” tags for the keys; if you don’t want the car washed, they’ll ask you if you’d like it done and make sure it’s noted on the work order not to.

When I sign the warranty paperwork at the dealer, I am shocked to learn that BMW is being charged $60 for a detail wash. However, the copy they send me lists N/C for warranty work. whenever it is just a car wash. Instead, send me $60!


This thread is quite unimportant. Although you paid a lot for your automobile, you are not entitled to free car washes. If they had indicated you didn’t get complimentary car washes, would you not have purchased the vehicle? Come on, really.

Plus, unless it was hand detailed under my supervision, I personally wouldn’t let anyone touch my car. I shiver even at the thought of how carelessly those low-paid workers handle vehicles.

At the dealership vehicle wash, even if it’s “free,” you get what you pay for.

The dealership will never charge you for washing your new or secondhand automobile. Even though the majority of dealers will offer to wash your car when you have an oil change, you should always decline. Even if the car wash is free, Formula Auto Care says you get what you pay for. The reason behind this is that most dealerships’ cleaning equipment is typically not well-maintained and can really do more harm to a car’s paint than you might imagine.

Customers of BMW Service will enjoy a Free Car Wash at each Service Visit.

Should I wash the automobile I have, a BMW?

A “car wash” is a certain way to ruin the paint on your car. I advise only utilizing a two-bucket approach and a CLEAN, premium-grade microfiber cleaning mite while washing yourself. Going to a “car wash” for your vehicle is like to going to a Jiffy Lube and then being upset when the mechanic uses the wrong oil filter.

How frequently should a BMW be washed?

Where practical, the standard recommendation is to wash your automobile every one to two weeks. Benefits may include getting rid of any outside factors (such bird fouling) that could harm the paintwork, improving visibility to make driving safer, and, of course, maintaining your BMW’s best appearance.

How is a BMW cleaned?

Using water under high pressure, thoroughly rinse the vehicle. Starting your car wash with a rinse is advised. Consider washing your BMW in the morning or at night. Avoid washing your automobile in the sun to reduce water marks. Use a pressure washer or a garden hose with a high-volume nozzle to wash your BMW.

What does car washing cost?

Even while DIY car waxing is less expensive and you can even save money, taking your car to a pro ensures a better job if you feel that it would be too time-consuming for you to do it yourself.

To be more precise, a good wax may be purchased for $25 or less. You can mainly avoid paying any labor costs by doing the wax application yourself. In contrast, a good wax job for your car might run you anywhere from $55 to $150.

To be fair, this also covers fully detailing your car’s outside. Cleaning and degreasing the wheels, as well as the windows, doorjambs, and trunk seals, require hand washing and drying. Waxing is therefore a sensible investment because it also entails washing the car.

  • The Waxing Price Standard: The sweet spot for waxing is roughly $130, with excellent wax costing about $15 for do-it-yourselfers and wax service packages costing between $55 and $150. This includes everything, including car detailing, car washing, and waxing and polishing work. While the cost of a standard professional wash and wax can range from $40 to $90. It’s not quite as comprehensive as the $130 to $150 bargain, though.
  • Getting a hand wax service is preferable to getting a wax application through an automatic vehicle wash. Automated vs. manual Car Wash Wax Job A proficient sentient being will pay closer attention to detail when waxing you. However, some auto detailing professionals claim that because auto car wash wax services only offer modest and short protection, they frequently only cost a few dollars.
  • Waxing by hand has a number of advantages: The advantages of hand waxing are longer-lasting. Because you are using the talents of a waxing craftsman to apply the wax properly to your vehicle, hand waxing, as opposed to auto car wash waxing, protects and maintains your automobile from the harsh elements for longer. Your well-kept roadster has consequently raised its trade-in value. A waxed car is also easier to clean.
  • Painting Jobs With Clear Coats Still Need Waxing: Waxing over your polished car can add an extra layer of protection that can really make a difference. Yes, the clear coat finish will remain glossy as long as owners continue to give their cars a quasi-regular wash, which is why the majority of car owners these days don’t wax. However, you can employ hand waxing as a precaution to protect that clear finish. It’s your way of being extra cautious and preventing cosmetic damage that can lower the value of your car when you go to sell it.

With our Quick Wax, you can save a ton of money and a ton of time. You may finish waxing your entire car in 20 minutes or less, and you’ll not only notice a lovely reflected sheen! Test it out. We guarantee that you will adore Quick Wax as much as we do, or we’ll refund your money.

What occurs if an automobile isn’t washed?

The first thing that comes to mind when we consider washing our cars is that it will improve their appearance. That’s accurate. However, there are more advantages to routinely having your automobile washed than just that.

If you don’t routinely wash your automobile, the body paint will deteriorate and your car’s worth will gradually decline. Yes, that’s not good. You can wind up with corrosion, scuffs, chipping, and even faded paint.

Is car wash or at-home cleaning more affordable?

Cheaper than a car wash is a home wash. You don’t pay anything, but the initial supply purchase takes more time and work. You only need your spare time, patience, physical stamina, and a few tools to wash your car at home. However, a professional car wash will set you back a few dollars. If you wash more frequently than once a month, your mood may suffer due to financial stress.

Furthermore, using a professional car wash has certain benefits. For everyone, time is money. Professional car washes save you this time and energy, which you may use to make more money than you would otherwise spend on the wash. Additionally, it keeps you from engaging in unnecessary effort that could cause bodily discomfort and keep you from enjoying joyful celebrations.

When should your car not be washed?

Car maintenance and care are separate endeavors. You must know when to wash your automobile in addition to the tools and techniques you should utilize. In this regard, “How cold is too cold to wash your car?” is a frequently asked question by motorists. or “How cold is it when washing your car?”

The quick response is: If it’s below freezing or close to freezing, a car wash shouldn’t be performed. That specifically refers to temperatures between and below 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Having said that, this article nevertheless contains additional crucial information and advice. Continue reading to learn more!

Does washing your car extend its lifespan?

Keep it tidy Car washing does more than just make it look good. By eliminating corrosion-causing impurities, it promotes longevity.

How often should an automobile be washed?

You should wash your car every two weeks as a general guideline. That is, assuming you don’t regularly travel on dirt roads or live somewhere where salt is spread on the roadways.

This applies to circumstances of typical wear and tear. While you might believe that just the summer is necessary to wash your car, winter requires more frequent car washes because of the salt.

than you may believe. You should wash it more frequently if you live close to the coast or somewhere where salt is used on the roadways. This is due to the fact that the salt could

earlier rust than usual. You can do a car wash less frequently than that if you park your car in your garage or do not use it every day.

Is a touchless car wash preferable to a manual one?

Advantages of Hands-Free Car Washes: Better for Your Paint – Touchless vehicle washes are kinder on the exterior of your car. Less Expensive – Because there is no need for manual labor, hands-free car washes are less expensive.