Does BMW Give You A Loaner Car?

Customers can use the free shuttle service provided by Passport BMW to get around the parking lot or to the METRO station.

For your convenience, we offer BMW loaner cars for the duration that it takes to service or repair your BMW, but not when the work is required as a consequence of an accident.

Only the owner/lessee (or spouse) of the BMW that has been serviced or repaired is eligible to receive a loaner car; the owner must be at least 21 years old.

A valid driver’s license, proof of insurance coverage, and a major credit card2 to pay for any unforeseen expenses are all necessary for Passport BMW.

2 A $500 hold must be put on a debit card in place of a credit card.

You are in charge of:

  • any harm sustained while in your custody or care. Prior to leaving the dealership, don’t forget to inspect the BMW loaner with our salesperson. The agreement should make notice of any existing damage. (Loaners are again examined when they are returned.)
  • using fuel If the gasoline level is not replenished to the same level as when the car was picked up, a refueling fee of $5.99 per gallon will be applied.
  • All parking, traffic, and toll infractions. Please bring your EASY-PASS with you. Any fines or penalties we pay and re-bill to you will be subject to an administrative fee of $35.
  • While we adore pets, they are sadly not allowed in the loaner cars because they are NON-SMOKING vehicles. If these limitations are broken, a $250 detailing fee is charged.
  • The daily mileage allowance for our loaner cars is 100 miles; any excess miles will be charged at a 25 cent per mile rate.

Loaners must be returned by 9:00 am the following morning after being notified (via phone call, text message, or email) that your BMW is prepared for pick-up at Passport BMW. If the item is not returned on time, rental fees of $19.95 per hour or $99.95 per day plus tax will be incurred. (This also applies to borrowed automobiles held over the weekend and on holidays.)

I appreciate your patience and co-operation. The prompt return of our loaner automobiles is necessary for us to successfully serve you and other clients.

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Is a loaner automobile provided by BMW when a recall occurs?

Loaner Car Procedures “For BMW NA, providing clients with loaners or rental automobiles is regular procedure. No exception applies to owners of automobiles involved in the Takata recall. Except when local regulations require variations, the loaner and rental automobile scheme is the same throughout the United States.”

What do you call a loaner vehicle?

If your own automobile isn’t operable, a repair facility or dealership may let you borrow one of their cars for a while. It is sometimes referred to as a “loaner automobile” by those in the know.

Do you get a courtesy car from BMW?

The staff at our dealership carefully chooses new BMW models from our stock to act as courtesy cars. When customers send off their cars for routine maintenance or service, we lend them to them. This means they typically have relatively low mileage and give you a capable and enjoyable ride.

Is a loaner vehicle regarded as a new vehicle?

Since loaner vehicles are neither new nor used, they are eligible for both new car and used car incentives and programs. A loaner vehicle can be leased just like a brand-new vehicle! Your lease mileage does not include the miles of the vehicle. A loaner automobile is available for a significant discount. Since they can be sold as new, loaner cars even qualify for very low interest rates like 0% financing (where provided). The greatest purchasing freedom and cost reductions are provided by loaner autos.

Is BMW SOS a paid service?

BMW Roadside Assistance is accessible for four years following the day your new BMW was first put into service, or up to six years in the case of a Certified Pre-Owned BMW. There are no mileage restrictions or additional fees for you.

The Consumer Identification Sheet that your BMW Center provided at the time of sale contains a complete description of the program.

Does a recall come with a loaner car?

You can try asking your nearby dealership for a loaner car until it can fix your automobile if it has a risky safety recall. Most dealerships have rental cars available, and some manufacturers have procedures that allow them to loan you a car for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months while they deal with your recall.

Getting a loaner car is frequently the greatest choice if you have a significant safety recall and a repair is not yet accessible.

Note: Although this normally only applies to customers who have received “Do Not Drive” warnings, there are occasional instances where the manufacturer will provide a rental car without you even having to ask.

In a car dealership, what does the term “loaner” mean?

A Loaner Car: What Is It? Customers at service centers use loaner automobiles from dealers as courtesy cars before the dealers put them up for sale at a reduced price.

Is it wise to purchase a loaner automobile from a dealership?

The condition of loaner cars is good. Whichever fleet car you decide to test drive—a demo, a rental, or a loaner—it may have been exceptionally well-maintained. And to top it off, loaner automobiles are technically “old,” so their cost is probably less than that of a comparable brand-new vehicle.

What distinguishes a loaner vehicle from a rental vehicle?

A loaner automobile is often a car that is provided to you without charge while your primary vehicle is being repaired or maintained. You pay for a rental automobile whether or not your own vehicle is being repaired or maintained. Cars that are lent out and cars that are charged to your credit card, like rental cars from a company, have striking parallels and distinctions.

The majority of vehicle lenders won’t bind you with mountains of paperwork and offers of extra insurance. So there is a clear distinction between someone who rents cars for a living and someone who lets you use their car.

And the reason for this is because if a renter doesn’t use caution before renting, a rental car agreement may force them to spend large sums of money out of pocket or risk having their credit damaged. With loaner automobiles, the focus is primarily on the person who lent the car and their obligations to refrain from lending their vehicle to a miscreant or someone who is mentally ill. In any deal that fails, there may be winners and losers on both sides.

The terms “loan car” and “rental car” are typically defined as follows:

  • A loaner automobile is typically a passenger vehicle that is given to a customer without charge for a specific reason, such as when your car is being repaired and a company allows you use their loaner. But it’s also possible that you crashed your automobile or that it’s being repaired. Thus, your parent(s) or friend(s) allow you to use their own vehicle to complete a certain duty, such as driving to work.
  • A rental car is a vehicle that you purchase through a rather one-sided contractual agreement that binds you with a credit card and a security deposit and holds you responsible for a number of obligations. From a legal standpoint, if you prefer, it is comparable to a loaner automobile on steroids, as will be discussed in more detail below. The rental car company will benefit from this form of deal.

Has BMW installed a tracking system?

Keep track of the status of the charging process, tire pressure, fuel, and battery levels, among other things. Using Remote Services, you may also lock, unlock, and locate your car.

My BMW App helps you find parking, discover POIs, send your destination directly to your BMW, and even check the range of your electrified vehicle.

Right from your phone, manage your BMW Financial Services account. Make payments, receive reminders to make payments, and more.

What’s the process for a BMW emergency call?

Every second matters in a motorcycle collision. BMW Motorrad has developed the “intelligent emergency call” (ECALL) optional attachment so that individuals in need can receive aid right away. In the event of an accident, the “intelligent emergency call” automatically calls the BMW call center to begin the chain of rescue as soon as possible and, if feasible, to make the first contact with the victim. The mechanism can additionally be manually triggered. It has been demonstrated that using ECALL systems like this makes it possible for the emergency services to get to the scene of the accident more rapidly.

Instead of only connecting the driver with the neighborhood rescue coordination center, the “intelligent emergency call” delivers the vehicle’s coordinates directly to the call center through both automatic and manual activation. This information allows for the location of the accident as well as the direction of travel, enabling the emergency services to rapidly reach even remote locations. This is a breakthrough for the motorcycle business.

After being informed, the call center makes an effort to reach the victim. The rescue chain can be started without the caller providing any more information. As distinctive as a BMW: The client uses the victim’s preferred language to communicate with and help them. As a result, initial, crucial queries can be answered even before the emergency services are called.

Sensors on the motorbike convey the results of the impact and the motorcycle’s condition so that accidents may be accurately identified and distinguished from ordinary motorcycle driving scenarios. Through the indicator on the electronic instrument cluster and the acoustic signal, the driver can determine whether an emergency call has been initiated. Since a speaker and microphone are mounted on the right handlebar of the vehicle, a communication device inside the helmet is not required to make verbal contact with the call center.

What occurs when I push the SOS button on my BMW?

This crucial service operates by transmitting the BMW Assist response center your position and any pertinent data. When time is of the essence, a response specialist can make crucial time-saving calls to emergency services like the police and EMTs there.

If my automobile is recalled, should I get a courtesy vehicle?

The letter ought to include instructions on how to proceed and a contact number you may use to schedule an appointment and have your car serviced.

In most cases, you’ll be instructed to bring your vehicle to the nearby dealer, and you shouldn’t be charged to have the problem rectified. If the work is anticipated to take a while, a courtesy car should be offered to you.

There’s no need to worry that your automobile will break down abruptly if you don’t take it in for repair right away because many recalls are simply preventative measures in anticipation of a problem that might emerge.

However, if you have gotten a recall letter in the mail, it’s still crucial to get the fix done as quickly as possible.

If so, are they free?

A courtesy car is an automobile that is offered without charge, typically by the repair shop or the dealership, and is probably what is offered at the moment.

The temporary replacement vehicle provided by AX has a cost, but we cover it up front (thus the name credit hire) and claim reimbursement from the at-fault party’s insurance. view the definition of credit hire.

For this reason, “rental vehicles” rather than “courtesy cars” or “vehicles” are used in all of our FAQs and documentation.

Will a courtesy car be covered by my insurance?

If you have named drivers, you should insure them as well because most insurance companies will automatically cover anyone who is covered by your insurance to drive a courtesy car. However, keep in mind that you could need to pay for the courtesy car individually if it isn’t covered by your insurance.