Does BMW Drive Recorder Work When Car Is Off?

Drive Recorder does it function in parking mode? Any experiences?

I had assumed that it just worked while driving, but I discovered this:…drive-recorder

A common misunderstanding is whether the BMW Drive Recorder functions while in parking mode. It can do that, yes. The Parking View will be recorded and kept in case of vehicle damage once you put your car in reverse.

I had assumed that it only functioned while driving, but I discovered that:…drive-recorder

Many individuals enquire as to whether the BMW Drive Recorder functions while in parking mode. It can do that, yes. The Parking View will be recorded and kept as soon as you shift into reverse in case of vehicle damage.

The definition of “parking mode” is extremely distinct. They are referring to the process of parking your car as you are reversing it into a parking spot in the context of the link you gave.

It is intended to apply to times when you are not even in your car and the car is parked in the case of the majority of third party mounted dash cams. In this instance, the attached dash cam starts recording based on a motion sensor or an event that triggers it. That is not what the bmw driving recorder does. Only while the car is in motion, not when the ignition is off, will it record.

Despite the fact that having this feature is a fantastic bonus. BMW driving recorder is useless in cases where your car is bumped or vandalized while it is parked.

Many customers also query whether the parking mode of the BMW Drive Recorder is functional. It can do that, yes. The Parking View will be recorded and kept as soon as you shift into reverse in case of vehicle damage.

Because of the modest pace in most parking scenarios, keep in mind that you must be careful to manually activate the drive recorder after impact if you want to capture any kind of evidence. There are a few posts about when it actually triggers, and it appears that airbag deployment is the most common scenario.

My X7 was in two small collisions. A 15 mph side swipe at first had a small enough impact to “buff out” 95% of it. The second incident involved a 140 degree spin while hydroplaning at 60 mph (it hydroplaned about 4 ft left, then hit the curb at the edge of the passing lane, which sent the car into the spin – damn standing water was due to runoff from the woods at the CREST of a hill at an inside corner banked away from that spot – still angry at NJDOT for allowing that to happen – sorry for the rant). A following vehicle almost t Fortunately, the second event occurred shortly after the first, before it was taken to the body shop for repairs, although given the gymnastics involved, I was amazed that it didn’t set off the drive recorder.

automatically capture

The BMW Drive Recorder starts recording footage as soon as you turn on the camera. However, the footage is only saved once an accident is identified by the crash sensors. The maximum duration of recordings is only 40 seconds, 20 seconds before and 20 seconds after the accident, which are the key developments of the incident. Using such video in court later on may aid in accident reconstruction, determining the cause, or identifying the responsible party.

A common misunderstanding is whether the BMW Drive Recorder functions while in parking mode. It can do that, yes. The Parking View will be recorded and kept in case of vehicle damage once you put your car in reverse.

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Since it features 360-degree cameras and the self-parking feature, the Drive Recorder was, as far as I can recall, a part of the Park Assistance Package.

If you don’t need the 360-degree cameras or self-parking, I recommend getting a dash camera instead of the drive recorder, which is still preferable.

Only when the car is moving does the drive recorder come on. It automatically records up to 10 30-second recordings if the airbags activate in the event of a collision with the vehicle. The vehicle can be configured to keep a memory for up to 20 seconds before and after the collision, but you must configure it on the idrive. Then it can be copied to a USB.

It does not record when the car is parked or still, and it will not record if the car is sideswiped without the airbags deploying.

Additionally, you have the option to manually record it if you suspect an accident may occur by tapping down the “camera” button, which will start recording.

It’s a nice feature, and the BMW cameras are of excellent quality, but I prefer not to use the 360-degree cameras or the self-parking, and I’d rather spend the money on a dash camera with a little bit more functionality than the drive recorder.


I’m debating whether or not to upgrade my eDrive40 order to include the expanded bundle. The cost of the update is $3,600 CAD. A few of the included elements, such as the ambient lighting, galvanic controls, and parking assistant, are somewhat ineffective. The head-up display and surround sound from Hong Kong are cool, but not worth the extra money. The BMW Drive Recorder is the additional component. The BMW Drive Recorder appears to be very useless (only records 40s if you click a button?! ), and is nothing near as effective as the Tesla Sentry mode, according to a YouTube search. The i4 would feature a new recorder, or would it be the same one as always?

The BMW Drive Recorder can be used manually or automatically and records your surroundings for up to 40 seconds. This enables you to record risky driving circumstances in busy traffic. You may instantly capture fantastic memories of stunning journeys using the BMW Drive Recorder. It is simple to record videos because there are four integrated cameras.

  • Video of your surroundings for up to 40 seconds.
  • When an accident occurs, automatic activation begins.
  • Additionally, videos can be manually saved by pressing a button.

It’s possible that not all marketplaces will completely implement the features detailed here. Possibly only available if further optional equipment is purchased. The availability of BMW ConnectedDrive Services depends on the vehicle’s specs, available features, and manufacturing date. If you need any additional information, kindly contact your neighborhood BMW retailer.

Inquiring about how to use a dashcam to continue recording after the X3 has been parked.

I recognize that some cameras offer “park mode,” in which the camera is off and only begins recording when an impact is detected. I have no idea if this is sensitive enough to activate, say, if someone keys the car.

I am aware that this might entail using extra batteries or making a concession to stop once the car battery reaches a particular voltage.

I’ve got the Blackvue DR900X and a Cellink battery on order. I don’t yet own it, but I intend to install it right away. In addition to the drive recorder, I required something else.

If something is detected, it can switch from continuous time lapse recording to conventional video while in park mode. By adding a battery, you may record for about 20+/- hours without drawing power from your car’s battery.

My Blackvue DR900s-2ch and DR-750s-2ch can both start recording as soon as they detect movement or an impact. The absence of information regarding the front and rear setups on the vehicle’s sides is my sole criticism. If they are keying the hood or fender, they might catch a glimpse of the individual as they pass the automobile.

Oh my God! Are BMWs such a target that you require round-the-clock watch? Or do you have to park in sketchy places? Is driving a BMW like making your car a target? In 50 years, I’ve only been followed by two cars. One had a kid hurling a rock, while the other involved a stolen aftermarket tape player. I mean, is wrecking BMWs some sort of modern cultural pastime? I might want to purchase a Ford! merely attempting to comprehend why security is necessary.

Never had any problems with vandals damaging my cars. I had two hit-and-runs in parking lots before purchasing a dash camera with parking mode.

I wasn’t aware of the ability of recording while you’re not driving, but I imagine there should be something similar. Try asking Vivint if they have anything similar. I’m not certain if they provide automotive cameras, but they have a variety of security cameras, so perhaps they can make a suggestion. Try parking your car in locations with a security guard and security cameras if you can’t discover the camera you need.

When you set up front and rear dash cameras, they will only record if anything or someone crosses the motion sensor in front of or behind the X3. Regarding your worry that someone might be keying your X3, normally, they would approach and depart from the side and would go unnoticed. To drive them, you would need a four camera setup and a sizable external battery.

If you’re really set on doing this, you might want to think about using standalone battery-operated motion alarm sensors (like those used in home security systems) to activate a Go Pro.

How to utilize the BMW Drive Recorder, in video

I recall when Tesla’s “Sentry Mode” for the majority of its models garnered international attention. Even today, stories about persons being recognized using footage from a Tesla model that is automatically captured when anything goes wrong are still being published. The on-board cameras of the automobile can now be used by other companies besides Tesla to record bad incidents. BMW Drive Recorder is one such feature offered by BMW. However, the applications are rather different.

Every time a collision occurs, the BMW Drive Recorder records video using the vehicle’s cameras. With the optional equipment BMW Drive Recorder and the Surround View cameras from the optional equipment Parking Assistant Plus, it is available in vehicles with BMW Operating System 7 built starting in July 2019. In essence, it can provide recordings that last up to 40 seconds. The equipment continuously records, but it only saves footage from the 20 seconds immediately preceding and following an accident.

You must carry out the following in order to configure the system:

  • Click “APPS,” “Installed apps,” and then “Drive Recorder.”
  • You must accept the legal disclaimer before you may use the BMW Drive Recorder for the first time.
  • You can always access the setup assistance by choosing “Settings” from the menu.
  • To make the Drive Recorder active, please check the “Recording allowed” option.
  • Choose the recording duration up to 20 seconds before the trigger, then do the same for “After trigger.”
  • You can choose the recording cameras you prefer under “Camera choices.”
  • Choose the “Recording Type” that you desire. Manually refers to starting the recording in the app, via the Widget on your home screen, or by holding down the Panorama View button for an extended period of time. Automatically indicates that the recording will begin when the car’s sensors identify an accident.
  • To retrieve your recordings with extra date and time information and a preview of the situation you captured, go to the “Saved recordings” section of the BMW Drive Recorder app.

It is possible to export, play, and erase saved videos. Export videos may also include extra information about your recording, such as position and velocity, depending on your country. The recording is only displayed on the Central Information Display when the car is going less than 5 km/h for your safety.

The function of the BMW drive recorder.

The cameras on the front, back, and sides of your BMW will immediately record a video clip if it detects an accident is occurring.