Does BMW Connected Drive Count As A Tracker?


Does anyone have knowledge of ConnectedDrive Remote Services? A secondhand M235i was my recent purchase. Although I am aware that BMW ConnectedDrive is not a tracker, I still wanted to be able to locate my car, and this feature (Remote Services) allows me to do so without being constrained by a 1.5 mile radius.

Everything is OK, and it was incredibly helpful when my house was broken into and my baby was taken hostage. I was unable to follow the car while it was moving, but once it stopped, I was able to find it, and the police were able to recover it five miles distant. I was able to retrieve my automobile entirely because of Remote Services. Time travel 2.5 weeks. My Android phone’s BMW ConnectedDrive app has been upgraded. I tried to find my car while I was at work. “Vehicle was too far away to establish location,” it reported. I briefly panicked, believing my automobile had been taken. When I was more composed, I downloaded Fake GPS to make my phone think it was near my residence. And there you have it, my automobile was found by BMW Connected. My blood was boiling, so I wrote BMW a series of stern emails. Still waiting for them to respond.

Even though BMW has all the tools and technology to assist the owner in recovering a stolen vehicle, they choose not to do so. I requested assistance from Emergency Services after my automobile was taken. The operator informed me that she could only find my car if I was actually in it. It is understandable why auto thieves favor BMW so much. BMW supports the theft of these vehicles.


In contrast to a normal tracker system, you can only track the car if it is stopped and the engine is off. The BMW device was unable to be used as a tracker by my insurance brokers.

Yep, that’s what I initially believed as well. I tried to explain it to the man on the phone, but he had no idea whether it was true or not. Say it doesn’t have a tracker to be on the safe side rather than sorry.

How effective is the BMW ConnectedDrive app?

You may use your Apple or Android smartphone, smartwatch, or even an Amazon Echo to control the BMW ConnectedDrive software. You can use it to plan your schedule, remember appointments, or schedule destinations before getting in your car.

With the help of BMW Connected, your smartphone effectively functions as a digital key to unlock and lock your BMW. Similar to a remote control, you can use it to lock doors, activate the climate control, or flash your headlights.

The Life Of BMW In Your Pocket with the My BMW App (BMW Connected App)

Obviously, your attachment to your BMW is strong. It’s a B M W, after all, so who wouldn’t be?

But being emotionally attached to your car no longer requires you to worry nonstop about its safety or upkeep.

The My BMW Remote app (or BMW Connected App, as it was once known) totally connects you to your BMW. With just a few taps on your phone, you can obtain continuous updates on the condition and position of your car, manage all of its convenience features, and schedule future trips.

Does BMW Assist track the whereabouts of my car?

No, the BMW Assist system simply relays the position of your vehicle. When the “Concierge,” “Customer Relations,” or “Service Request” menu option is selected, or when the vehicle’s sensors detect the need for upcoming services and the system automatically transmits service information to your local BMW center on BMW Assist-equipped 2004 and later 5 and 6 Series, 2006 and later 7 Series and 3 Series Sedans and Sports Wagon, 2007 and late models, the vehicle will start the Automatic Collision Notification service after a serious impact occurs. 3. If you press the “SOS,” “Wrench,” “Emergency,” or “Roadside Assistance” button, 4. If you call (888) 333-6118 to request Stolen Vehicle Recovery service after filing your police report (on all 7 Series produced between September 2005 and later, as well as all other 2005 and later BMW Assist-equipped and activated models produced between October 2004 and later).

With BMW ConnectedDrive, is it possible to start your car?

You can activate Remote Engine Start by pointing your BMW key fob at your car and pressing the lock button (the BMW Roundel) three times in a row.

How did BMW ConnectedDrive fare?

Customers in the United States will be able to download the My BMW App on April 12, 2021, for use on iOS and Android-compatible mobile devices; the My BMW App will completely replace the BMW Connected app by the end of June 2021. Since 1975, BMW of North America, LLC has operated in the United States.

Do BMW keys have a tracker?

Nope. There is nothing you could do to make the fobs detectable even if there was a means to start reverse communication because they lack a speaker.

Is the price of BMW ConnectedDrive worth it?

What benefit does connectedDrive provide that I don’t already receive through Apple Car Play, which I use in my car for GPS, music, etc.?

I’m curious about your experience with it and whether you believe it’s worth renewing.

I paid $150 for the L package and am also from Australia. In my X3, I also have CarPlay. After using both for some time, I would advise against spending additional money on ConnectedDrive. You do have access to features like traffic updates, online tools, updated maps, remote supervision, and—most importantly—navigational guidance in HUD. You might wish to purchase that package if you consider any of those to be important. But I’ve found that Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze are all better at routing than the built-in maps now that I commute every day during rush hour, when better navigation routing can be useful. In terms of aesthetics, voice guidance, and HUD integration, I still prefer the built-in maps the best, but the routing is simply ineffective. I have recently stopped using BMW maps totally. CarPlay’s calling interface, which fills the full screen, is its only drawback. BMW has made many good interface choices, but sadly, a connection to navigation routing is not one of them. If only the routing was on pace with other major providers, I would love to use BMW maps and would gladly pay for them.

When does BMW ConnectedDrive end?

Select automobiles will no longer be able to offer ConnectedDrive services starting in February 2022 due to cellular providers’ phase-out of the 3G network. The choice to discontinue use of 3G network technology was made at the discretion of the individual cellular carriers and is outside of BMW’s control.

If my BMW is stolen, can I find it?

BMW: The Stolen Vehicle Recovery feature of the BMW Connected Drive system is a hallmark. Other unique capabilities of the system include the ability to examine images surrounding your car in 3D. Call the BMW Response Center at 888-333-6118 after filing a police report, and they will assist the police in finding your vehicle.

Why can’t my BMW app find my car?

After seeing that the vehicle finder in the My BMW app was not functioning even though it had on my prior vehicles and the 3D remote view, I contacted customer service for advice. They suggested the following steps, which I thought I would share in case anybody else was having a similar issue.

We have a provisioning issue on the back end for both cars, so please make sure the vehicle is out in the open and

We advise resetting the head unit inside the car. Please complete the following steps in order to do so:

* Press and hold the power button for precisely 70 seconds. The iDrive power button is located on the volume knob.

* Around 25 seconds into the 70 seconds, the iDrive screen in the middle of the car will shut down and reset, but keep holding the power button for the full 70 seconds.

* In the center console, next to the iDrive controller, click “Apps” on the iDrive, and then push the Option button.

* Select Update services and apps. After that, the car will receive a brief update.

* Reinstall the BMW Connected app after uninstalling it from your phone.

After the update is finished, we advise turning the car off and giving it some time to cool before turning it back on to confirm the connection.

Please make sure you are signed into both of the vehicle’s Driver Profiles. Send a screen image of the error message you received if the problem continues.

What distinguishes the BMW Connected app from the My BMW app?

Up until now, clients from other countries could only access certain services; today, US citizens can as well. The new My BMW App, which gives you access to a wide range of capabilities for your car and a new way to engage with it, is now available in the US. The outdated BMW Connected app will be replaced by the new My BMW App, which has additional functions, and will eventually be removed.

The new app offers a lot more details about the condition of the vehicle, and depending on the equipment, it can even let you access some features remotely. For instance, if your automobile is equipped with 360-degree cameras, you will be able to lock or unlock the car from your phone, locate it using GPS, and examine its surroundings using the Remote 3D view capability. Additionally, it is claimed that the user interface is much friendlier now, and you will be able to store accounts on your phone and link them to your vehicle.

Receiving notifications whenever a remote software upgrade for your car becomes available is one of the other important benefits. This way, whenever you choose, you may download the updates to your phone and have them loaded in your car. You may use your smartphone as a key fob thanks to the new Digital Key feature, which also integrates with the new My BMW App. Of course, the new app also has Amazon Alexa compatibility, just as on the previous one.

The My BMW App is a brand-new app, and thanks to its scalable universal architecture, it will be able to adapt easily to new features and consumer requests on both iOS and Android platforms. Customers in the United States will be able to download the My BMW App on April 12, 2021, for use on iOS and Android-compatible mobile devices; the My BMW App will completely replace the BMW Connected app by the end of June 2021.

Can I link BMW to two phones at once?

Yes, the same car can be logged into from multiple devices. The destinations displayed in BMW Connected will be the same on all devices when using the same ConnectedDrive account (i.e., login and password).

If your car has GPS, can you track it?

You can install a GPS tracker in your automobile, either on the outside or inside, to monitor both its current location and its previous routes.

Can my car be tracked without my knowledge?

Detectors of GPS Due to its usefulness in helping with theft recovery and vehicle tracking, GPS trackers are popular with fleet and taxi firms as well as individual car owners. The majority of trackers are installed by the owner, however anyone can install one without the owner’s knowledge or permission.