Does 2015 BMW 328I Have Backup Camera?

Our 2015 BMW 328i Sedan in Alpine White will reignite your love of driving! 240 horsepower is generated by a TurboCharged 2.0 Liter 4 Cylinder engine, which is coupled to a cutting-edge 8 Speed Automatic transmission. This sedan accelerates to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds with near 35 mpg thanks to the rear wheel drive team’s excellent execution. Our 328i has been meticulously designed for discerning drivers who value performance above all else. It is unmatched in its exceptional balance of handling, braking, mileage, and flair. Our 328i’s athletic curves ooze class and confidence. The exterior is accented by fog lights, alloy wheels, and automated headlights, while the interior features luxurious amenities throughout.

You will be pampered by features like an auto-dimming rearview mirror, power-adjustable front seats with leather upholstery, and a rear camera. You may safely connect and listen to whatever music matches your mood while enjoying the delight of driving thanks to an iDrive electronics interface with a central display, Bluetooth, and a superb sound system!


I recently bought a used 2013 328i. Although the car has an integrated navigation system, I had anticipated it would also include a backup camera capability, but I haven’t yet discovered it.

According to a buddy who has the same model and year of vehicle, she has a feature called “park assist.”

Is this feature exclusive to particular vehicles with a tech package? If my automobile didn’t come with this function when I bought it, could I install it later?

It is more difficult to notice this car when backing up since it has a larger butt, is wider, and sits lower than earlier 3 series versions.

By the way, do the newer 3 series cars drive lighter or is it just me? No longer does the steering feel as heavy as it did in earlier models (2012 and older)

You must never assume because of this. During a test drive, putting the car in reverse without a picture appearing on the screen should have raised a red light. A different alternative from navigation is a back-up camera. You won’t have a backup camera if the park distance control button isn’t located below the driving mode button to the left of your shifter.

When it becomes required for all vehicles in 2018 you can swap it in for a ’18.

OEM Integrated Backup Camera System for BMW 3-Series / M3

For your car with or without navigation, the INT-TGC systems package is a high definition rear view camera and video integration module. Above the license plate location, the OEM Integrated backup camera replaces and installs. When the vehicle is put in reverse and connected to the video interface module, the image automatically shows in high definition. The INT Interface Module features three additional video inputs for external sources like a DVD Player, Frontal Vision Camera, or iPod/iPhone in addition to a dedicated rear view camera input and an aftermarket RGB navigation input. This system is an easy OEM integration kit that keeps your vehicle’s factory configuration while upgrading it with a backup camera and complete Multimedia Audio/Video integration.

How to Pick the Best BMW Rear View Camera Retrofit

Since May 2018, backup cameras have been a requirement for all new vehicles sold in the US and Canada. And for good reason: park assist cameras may greatly speed up and simplify parking while safeguarding others nearby and avoiding damage to your car. Still unsure about whether or not you need a rear-view camera? Here are 5 justifications for purchasing a BMW backup camera.

However, many pre-2018 beamer cars didn’t include a rear view camera, thus their owners regrettably lose out on what is now a common feature.

If you find yourself in such situation, installing a BMW backup camera is easy. A high-end aftermarket rear view camera kit will even enable you to watch the camera’s image directly on the dashboard if your vehicle has an iDrive dashboard display. It resembles installing a camera in a manufacturing facility.

In need of a backup camera for the F30? Check out our comprehensive guide to BMW 3-Series retrofitting.

To learn more about BimmerTech Park Assist Retrofits, see our page on rear view cameras.

A backup camera on a 2013 BMW 328i is it available?

I’m just terrible at parking. It’s humiliating. Thank goodness, current technology has evolved to offer backup cams to those like me. My next car might be a 2013 BMW 3-Series, but will it include a backup camera inside?

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You are not alone, so don’t worry. Many folks struggle to find parking! Precision parking can really benefit from a backup camera.

Thankfully, a backup camera is present within the 2013 BMW 3-Series. To further assist you and boost your confidence in your parking skills, it even includes parking sensors.

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If so, does the 2012 BMW 328i have one?

Several important features that BMW previously only included in flagship models like the 6 and 7 Series automobiles are now available in the 3 Series. In the event that the automobile detects that you are drifting out of your lane, a lane departure warning system will vibrate the steering wheel. A flashing orange triangle positioned on the inside of the sideview mirrors and increased steering wheel vibration are both used by a blind spot monitoring system to keep an eye on your blind area during lane changes and warn you of potential cars in your path. Now, if you are approaching significantly slower traffic and need to brake hard, a distance warning system will let you know. Finally, a clever backup camera monitors the environment as you reverse the vehicle.

A backup camera on a 2014 BMW 320i is it available?

The 2014 BMW 320i distinguishes out for the usual features it does not have in this day and age of apps and always-on technology, of luxury defined by automation and computer controls. No leather seats with power or a backup camera. No parking sensors or navigational aids

328i Xdrive 2013 BMW 3-Series: Does it Have a Backup Camera?

The iPhone 3 has undergone a significant change yet hasn’t lost all of its appeal. The 328i is longer than the 5 Series, although not being any heavier, and the LED taillights and sharp side creases are quite similar to those of the 5 Series. The length has extended by about 93 mm overall with a 50 mm longer wheelbase, offering even more lounge area to the rear seats as well as extra trunk space. The new form has squinty, lengthened headlamps and standard Xenon headlamps (but no LED front signals). The trunk can also be opened by putting your foot under the bumper.

Once inside, it’s simple to see a nice variety of materials. Nothing has a cheap look or feel. The controls are simple to read and see. At this price, it was unexpected that a backup camera was not included as standard equipment, but BMW’s Park Distance Control does a fantastic job of displaying obstructions when backing up thanks to its graphic display and sensors. (Honestly, I’d prefer the ease of a simple camera.) Standard features include a basic Bluetooth setup, and although the 328i is prewired for Sirius satellite radio, the actual Sirius tuner costs $450. (yes, it should be all-inclusive or not). The sound system’s nine speakers are superb. Oddly, I never managed to maintain the dual zone climate control at the ideal temperature, and I didn’t think the eight-way power driver’s seat could be adjusted high enough to accommodate my average build. However, the iDrive system, which manages everything from audio to navigation, is amazingly sharp, clear, and user-friendly.

The 328i xDrive has a number of outstanding basic amenities, but the available upgrades can be extensive and expensive. The base price of a 528i is $54,500, and our tester cost $52,950 before a $2,095 destination fee. It is apparent that the 328i is still a driver’s car through and through, even though it sounds like a 335d, despite the fact that the 3 Series models have now been divided into three lines: Luxury, Sport, and Modern.

What about the 2014 BMW 428i’s backup camera?

John, a resident of Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, is a new client of ENORMIS Mobile Specialties. John contacted us in the hopes that we could upgrade his 2014 BMW 428i Convertible with a reverse backup camera. John then had a conversation with our Integration Specialist, Doug Reichert. Doug was actually taken aback that the BMW did not come equipped with a backup camera. But John wanted to give his wife a gift of the backup camera for her birthday! She spends the summer driving the 428i. Furthermore, it’s very difficult to see what’s behind the car whether the top is up or down!

What about a backup camera on a BMW 3-Series?

The good news is that BMW’s Parking Assistant system, which can find a suitable place and guide you into it, front and rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, and all of these features come standard.

Is there a backup camera on the 2014 BMW X3?

The 2014 X3 comes equipped with the BMW iDrive infotainment system, Bluetooth, a 12-speaker radio, HD Radio, and a USB port as standard. Back-up cameras, GPS, satellite radio, a 16-speaker audio system, head-up displays, front and rear parking sensors, and lane departure warning are all available extras.

When did BMW introduce backup cameras?

Nissan debuted their “Around Perspective Monitor” in 2007, which uses four cameras to provide a bird’s eye view of the vehicle, on the 2008 Infiniti EX35. In 2009, BMW debuted Surround View, a rival system, on the F10 5 Series. Since then, several automakers have provided comparable systems, and in 2012, Toyota introduced the Panoramic View Monitor in the facelifted Alphard and Vellfire.

Is there a back camera on my BMW?

The control display makes the space behind the car quite clear. Whether or whether the parking place in issue is large enough for the vehicle is indicated by interactive track lines. When the reverse gear is engaged, the rear-view camera automatically turns on (availability depends on other equipment fitted)

What is the price of installing a backup camera on a BMW?

The typical price to replace a park assist camera on a BMW 528i ranges from $1,307 to $1,338. While parts are priced at $1,186, labor expenses are predicted to range between $121 and $153.

Why won’t my BMW’s backup camera work?

Toggle your PDC/Parking Assistant on and off by pressing the button. then try driving in reverse to see if it helps. Additionally, check your settings menu to see if anything pertaining to the camera is there.