Do BMW Have Blinkers?

Ask anyone online which automaker is most frequently linked with drivers who fail to use their turn signals, and the response will almost always be BMW.

Do you believe a single, male motorist with disposable wealth will drive more defensively or more aggressively, using the rules of the road more as suggestions?

The BMW 4 and 7-series drivers once again made the top 10 list of the rudest drivers in 2021, as determined by traffic infractions (failure to yield, failure to stop, passing where forbidden, tailgating, street racing, or hit-and-run).

As a side note, it’s a potential red signal to keep in mind if your date drives a BMW.

Despite this, there is still a different explanation that only BMW drivers can provide.

BMW made changes to their signal stalks in the middle of the 2000s so that they would automatically return to the neutral position when pressed up or down to signal left or right.

“For many years, turn signals have operated in the same manner and have been flawless. Why fix something that is obviously, positively not broken? Perhaps more significantly, why attempt a paradoxical solution to the problem?”

Is it any wonder that BMW drivers don’t use their turn signals when we’ve established that they operate “the Ultimate Driving Machine,” are likely single guys, frequently speed, are among the rudest drivers, and have the most difficult turn signal stalk ever created?

The majority of BMW drivers do signal, however compared to other manufacturers, a disproportionately high number of BMW drivers don’t.

Furthermore, because they drive BMWs, others notice them, which feeds into the myth and makes it true.

BMW Lightheartedly Advises Drivers To Use Blinkers

If you’ve been a vehicle fan for some time, you’re undoubtedly already aware of some of the myths that circulate online. Audi owners have established the annoying practice of tailgating, Mustang drivers frequently crash into bystanders as they leave car shows, and owners of expensive cars tend to be unpleasant. Another running joke is about how little turn signals BMW owners utilize.

Here’s where the tweet from BMW USA is relevant. The social media staff abruptly posted the joking instruction, “use your blinkers.” This three-word tweet went viral in a matter of hours and brought forth some hilarious comments about the turn signals being an optional feature and the blinker fluid being too pricey.

The humorous social media message led one follower to wonder if BMW USA’s Twitter account had been hacked, and another follower referred to blinkers as indications or turn signals.

In actuality, automobiles didn’t have blinkers in the early years of the automobile. Instead, Percy Douglas-Hamilton invented a straightforward set of hands that were fastened to the vehicle in 1909. Florence Lawrence created a device with two arms to indicate a change in direction about 11 years later. Edgar Walz Jr. didn’t create a light with two arrows and a brake light until 1925, and Joseph Bell came up with the first flashing device in the late 1930s. Buick was the first automaker to standardize turn signals in 1939.

Returning to BMW USA, we will be watching its Twitter account to see if any other unforeseen requests that support stereotypes will be made. More than 200 individuals have shared the tweet as of this writing, and it has received close to 700 likes. We find it interesting that the current pinned tweet states, “We’re still going to tweet about BMWs, if that’s alright,” which is also a little odd.

It’s important to note that BMW USA made the effort to provide an instructional film about using turn signals in October 2012. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

BMW reminds its drivers to use their turn signals on Twitter

Due to the size of the automotive industry, some stereotypes have developed. Today, BMW USA made the decision to participate in one while also making a significant PSA.

The manufacturer decided to advise drivers to “use your blinkers,” as it has a history of humor. Although by no means a contentious claim, some of the participants in the comments would imply that widespread misconceptions about BMW drivers not using their turn signals are true.

Indeed, BMW’s supporters were amused by the situation. As of the time of writing, the post has 731 likes, 77 quote tweets, and 172 retweets. And it’s entertaining folks.

This isn’t the first time BMW has enjoyed itself in front of the public. The company is well-known for its lighthearted banter with rival Audi, with whom it has previously traded insulting comments on billboards and on social media.

However, it makes us wonder what kind of tweets other companies might post if they had BMW’s sense of humor. Nissan would advise Altima drivers to slow down, right? Would Tesla ask? Actually, forget it; I’ve read enough on Twitter about them already.

For any BMW owners who may have been puzzled by this tweet, the blinker is controlled by the stalk on the left side of the steering wheel. The video below explains everything in detail.

Marc Radinovic developed a tool to assist BMW drivers by reinforcing the use of turn signals.

Your choice of vehicle reveals a lot about you as a person. There’s a high probability you reside in Colorado and have a golden retriever if you drive a Subaru Outback. You probably don’t care about vehicles at all and have never changed your oil if you drive a Toyota Corolla. If you drive a BMW, you never touch your turn signals and treat the interstate like a racetrack. Marc Radinovic developed a tool to assist BMW drivers by reinforcing the use of turn signals.

Although it may be difficult to imagine, turn signals are a standard feature on every BMW when it leaves the factory. The owner’s manual for a BMW even describes in detail how to use the turn signals. However, if we are to follow the urban legend spread among auto enthusiasts, BMW drivers are unable to operate the turn signal stalk. That issue is resolved by this gadget. The system will shout at the driver if they move the wheel without first using a turn signal. They need to gently nudge the turn signal stalk in order to silence the yelling. The gadget will also offer positive feedback for turn signal usage to counteract the negative reinforcement.

Three separate boards make up this device: two Arduino Nano 33 BLE boards, one Arduino Uno WiFi, and three in total. Additionally, there is a Raspberry Pi single-board computer that utilizes the car’s radio to play the sound effects. An integrated 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) on every Arduino Nano 33 BLE can detect movement. The steering wheel has one, and the turn signal stalk has the other. With the Arduino Uno WiFi, both may communicate. The Raspberry Pi is instructed to play one of several distinct irate sound effects by the Arduino Uno WiFi if steering wheel movement is detected without turn signal stalk movement.

Radinovic could have used much less hardware if he had used the CAN bus, but his BMW is new and he didn’t want to go hacking up the car just for this ridiculous film. The boards are all taped in place.

Have BMW vehicles got blinkers?

The stalk, however, is already in the neutral position on a BMW. When you lift the stalk upward to switch off the left signal when it is on, guess what happens? — the right turn signal is now on. In reality, to disable the signal, simply press the signal stalk in the opposite direction of the initial push.

BMW employs indicators?

We all adore BMWs, but over the years, drivers of the Munich-built automobiles have developed a reputation for their, shall we say, “irregular” usage of turn signals. Though not all BMW owners fit the stereotype, we’ve all definitely witnessed at least one BMW driver who improperly uses their car’s turn signals. BMW appears to have finally acknowledged the problem in a lighthearted tweet sent from its official North American account.

Simply put, the tweet says to “Use your blinkers.” Sending a clear message to the 650000 followers of the account. However, Twitter being Twitter, the message drew a variety of replies, with users seizing the chance to weigh in on the BMW indicator discussion.

We don’t need that; we drive BMWs, one user called Nicholas Cope retorted. When Dave Banks said, “Wow BMW has blinkers fitted, is it a factory option?” he also accepted the stereotype. Billy, a BMW owner, responded with a video displaying the problematic indicator stalk in his vehicle. Billy, that’s not an acceptable justification for not using your indications.

In a subsequent tweet, BMW USA continued, “Although we all agree that BMW drivers are the greatest on the road, we also know that the road can be unpredictable. Because of this, we are developing some of the world’s most cutting-edge driver aid and safety technologies, such as: fatigue alert, city collision mitigation, and more “.

It’s not the first time that BMW has sparked a Twitter debate. In November 2020, BMW’s PR department issued an apology for a tweet that read: “Fine, Boomer. And why don’t you make a change?” It came after the controversial BMW iX’s debut, during which some people urged the company to “Go back to building BMWs.” The tweet was a mistake because the iX’s starting price of PS85,000 ($103,138.58) meant that only “Boomers” would likely be able to purchase it. Whoops.

It goes without saying that no matter how much cutting-edge technology and glitzy equipment you have installed in your BMW, it is useless if you don’t use your turn signals. Are there any BMW drivers you know who ought to see this tweet?

What does BMW welcome lighting entail?

So, this is true for BMW: Welcome Lights: Lighting that comes on when you use the key fob to unlock the vehicle Lighting that comes on as you lock your car and remains on briefly as you exit is known as pathway lighting.

Are turn signals on a BMW optional?

Turn signals will no longer be used in any BMW vehicles starting in 2022, according to the BMW 3-Series and 4-Series Forum (F30 / F32) | F30POST. Prepare for a future that is more sustainable. View the most recent BMW Today episode to learn about the most recent

Who is a BMW driver?

BMW motorists are According to YouGov, East Anglian men between the ages of 40 and 59 make up the majority of BMW drivers. They are probably conservative political partisans who work in the business, finance, or consulting fields.

What myths surround the BMW?

Here comes the BMW cliché, a haven for jerks of all stripes. BMW owners prefer to believe that they are superior to everyone else on the road because of their leather seats and German heritage.

Why do people fail to signal their turns?

The most frequent excuse given by motorists for failing to use their turn signal is simple forgetfulness. This frequently happens when a vehicle is on a familiar road or must make a quick turn. The simplest approach to establish your turn signal again is to use it every time you change lanes, whether or not there are other vehicles nearby. You’re less likely to forget to use it in the future if you develop the habit of utilizing it constantly.