Did Sewell Buy Classic BMW?

/PRNewswire/ – PLANO, Texas, October 11, 2021 — On October 4, 2021, Sewell Automotive Companies purchased Classic BMW and MINI of Plano. On October 5, 2021, Sewell BMW MINI of Plano began for business.

The purchase was touted as the “merging of two great family companies” by Sewell, which now owns 18 Texas dealerships.

With the addition of Classic BMW and MINI of Plano from the Dallas Maas family, Sewell Automotive Companies has increased the number of automobile dealerships it operates in North Texas.

In Richardson, Lee Maas established the Classic BMW dealership, the first BMW store in the Dallas area, in 1971. According to the Maas family, the dealership has expanded into one of the largest BMW dealerships in the nation and is now co-located on a 24-acre complex in Plano with MINI of Plano.

The BMW and MINI dealerships will now be owned and run by the Sewell family, another illustrious family in the Dallas automobile industry, fifty years after its original inception.

Carl Sewell III, president of Sewell and the grandson of the company’s founder Carl Sewell Sr., stated in a statement that “in many respects, this is the marriage of two great family brands.”

Although Fast Track Racing LLC, a racing team owned by the Maas family, is not a part of the agreement, neither party has divulged its financial details.

According to Eric Maas, president of Classic BMW, Sewell contacted the Maas family about buying the dealership through the auto retail investment banking firm Presidio Group LLC.

According to Maas, “My family wouldn’t consider selling unless we were confident that our tradition of taking good care of our clients and staff would be perpetuated at the same high standard.”

Nearly all of North Texas’ largest dealership sales in recent years have been conducted by Presidio Group. Presidio assisted Park Place Dealerships in its $735 million sale to Asbury Automotive Group of eight Texas dealerships. In a deal that is anticipated to increase Lithia Motors’ annual income by $1.1 billion, it also provided advice to John Eagle Dealerships on the sale of six dealerships to Lithia.

The Texas dealership market was “very hot” at the time Presidio Group announced the John Eagle transaction. According to Kerrigan Advisors’ The Blue Sky Report, dealerships were generally more profitable last year despite inventory shortages and revenue losses.

The report predicts that this year’s deal activity will increase as a result of Texas’s high demand for autos and its “tremendous availability to financing.”

Sewell now has 18 dealerships around Texas that sell brands including Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, INFINITI, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, and more thanks to the most recent acquisition.

Welcome to Plano’s Sewell BMW.

Everyone benefits when the Ultimate Driving Machine collaborates with the Ultimate Vehicle Ownership Experience. Particularly for you. BMW has traditionally been obsessed with providing vehicles with unmatched engineering and performance, capturing the excitement of driving. With equally fanatical customer service, Sewell is happy to bring that experience to Plano, Texas. Instead, are you thinking about a used model? You are also carefully taken care of by Sewell BMW of Plano. We are aware that premium quality and dependability are important selling aspects for any car purchase, whether it be new or secondhand. In light of this, we put forth great effort to ensure that all of our used automobiles meet our high criteria before they are placed on our lot.

Our first emphasis has been developing relationships rather than peddling cars and trucks for more than a century. Our goal is to create “Customers for Life.” Our dealerships have sold cars to generations of clients. How we treat one another and other people is the key. Sewell remains the same privately held company that it has always been. It’s never “simply business,” and there’s always a strong emphasis on building enduring ties and a sense of family.

Benefits for Sewell customers Enjoy numerous advantages as a Sewell customer in addition to the best vehicle sales and servicing available. Visit Sewell BMW of Plano now to discover what it means to be a Sewell “Customer for Life.”


This 130,000 square foot building is situated on more than 24 acres near the intersection of the Dallas North Tollway and Spring Creek Parkway. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’s first BMW dealership, Classic BMW, opened its doors in 1971. Sewell is honored to uphold Classic BMW’s legacy of superior client care. In a 20-car showroom, explore new and certified pre-owned BMW and MINI vehicles. Our world-class consultants and technicians will provide superb vehicle service, and you’ll be amazed by our first-rate customer service.

Why did classic BMW happen?

/PRNewswire/ – PLANO, Texas, October 11, 2021 — On October 4, 2021, Classic BMW and MINI of Plano was purchased by Sewell Automotive Companies. On October 5, 2021, Sewell BMW MINI of Plano opened for business.

Sewell owns how many dealerships?

Our first emphasis has been developing relationships rather than peddling cars and trucks for more than a century. Our goal is to create “Customers for Life.” Our dealerships have sold cars to generations of clients. How we treat one another and other people is the key. Sewell remains the same privately held company that it has always been. It’s never “simply business,” and there’s always a strong emphasis on building enduring ties and a sense of family. 18 dealerships in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio offer our services.

Who is the Sewell dealerships’ owner?

The fourth generation of the Sewell family, comprised of Jacquelin Sewell and Carl Sewell III, is currently in charge of the 108-year-old business that Carl Sewell Sr. founded in 1911. When Carl Sr. was 14 years old, he began giving driving lessons to farmers who bought Model T Ford kits from the hardware store in Arlington, Texas, where he was working for his father. And so the renowned Sewell service philosophy was born.

BMW Arlington’s owner?

Group 1 Automotive, located in Houston, announced on Tuesday that it had purchased Moritz BMW/Mini and Moritz Cadillac in Arlington and would start marketing the shops under new identities right away.

How did Sewell begin?

Serving Texas for almost a century Since 1911, the Sewell Family has been selling automobiles and trucks. During the Great Depression, Frank Sewell relocated his family and business from Arlington, Texas, where he had been selling Ford Model Ts out of a hardware store, to Crane, Texas.

BMW of Grapevine’s owner?

Carl Sewell is certain that he is knowledgeable about the Dallas-Fort Worth auto market. The 74-year-old just constructed a 280,000 square foot BMW store in Grapevine, its largest in the state. He also has plans to open an Audi dealership in McKinney this coming November.

Where are the Sewells from originally?

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Sewell elected to forego his junior year in 2020. The Lions then selected Sewell with the seventh overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He is an American Samoan native, and in 2012, he immigrated to the US with his family, residing in Utah.

What race is represented by the surname Sewell?

The Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain are the origin of the name Sewell. It is a result of their time spent living in any of the English towns with the names Sewell, Showell, Seawell, and Sywell. The hereditary surnames category includes the local surname Sewell. There are many different kinds of regional surnames, some of which include topographic surnames, which may have been given to a person who lived close to a hill, stream, church, or particular kind of tree. The second major group of surnames that were derived from place names includes names for particular dwellings. They were taken from names of towns, villages, parishes, or farmsteads that already existed. Other place names are derived from the names of buildings, estates, manors, counties, regions, and so on. The patronymic surname Sewell, which stems from the Old English given name Siwal, may also exist. The words sige, sae, and weard, which respectively indicate victory, sea, and rule, make up this surname.

What does Sewell’s name mean?

The meaning of the name Sewell is “sea victory/power,” which is derived from the Anglo-Saxon forename “Soeweald” or “Sigeweald.”

a name given to a person who was born or raised in Sewell, England, or a location with a similar name. A name for a sailor or someone who worked at sea may have also been used.

Find out how your Sewell ancestors provided for their families and how they migrated across the nation. By using the Free Search box, you can learn more about your family’s history.

Collin Sewell: Who is he?

Son, husband, father, leader, and businessman all describe Collin Sewell. His duties include taking care of his family as well as managing a group of more than 500 people. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Collin can trace his ancestry to two families that had hardware stores. On his mother’s side, the Meacham family relocated from their Fort Worth, Texas hardware store to the recently annexed state of Oklahoma. During the Oklahoma Land Run, they staked out their own property in western Oklahoma. On his father’s side, in 1911, Edward Franklin Sewell opened a hardware store and began selling Ford Model Ts.

In 1929, when the effects of the Great Depression began to show, E.F. packed up his family and sailed for the West in search of a fresh start. They ended up in Crane, Texas, which is near Odessa thanks to their fresh start. In Odessa, Texas, The Sewell family started the next phase of their involvement in the auto industry in 1935. In 1935, Woody and Carl Sewell, brothers, acquired Sewell Ford.

After more than a century and four generations, Collin Sewell is the current owner of The Sewell Family of Companies, which includes:

Collin continuously champions leading a life of service to others through his work as a leader at his family’s auto dealerships and his people-centered initiatives. Currently, Collin is a member of:

  • The Permian Basin Education Partnership
  • Possibility Odessa
  • Global Leadership EQUIP
  • The John Maxwell Foundation for Leadership

His prior work includes:

  • Ford Motor Company’s National Dealer Council’s two-term president
  • President of The Education Foundation of Odessa for two terms
  • member of the Dr. Tim’s Growing Leaders organization
  • Member of The National Dealer Council for Lincoln

Penei Sewell’s talent level?

Penei Sewell has certainly left his imprint in an age of Detroit football the Lions are unlikely to make a top list of anything.

The PFF Top 101, which showcases the top 101 individual performances across all positions, includes the offensive tackle who was selected with the seventh overall pick.

In the course of the season, Sewell was asked to play both left and right tackle. He had an 84.5 run-blocking rating and allowed a total of 35 pressures, according to Sam Monson of PFF. He had some bad performances, but they were balanced out by strong performances in a position that requires some getting used to in the NFL.

Sewell has received accolades for his efforts throughout the season, despite a few blips here and there. He received an 85.1 PFF run blocking grade in 2021, the highest of any rookie offensive lineman over the previous 12 years. He was the king of all-rookie teams, including those chosen by Sports Info Solutions, the Pro Football Writers of America, and PFF.

  • “He spent a lot of time climbing. He deserves to succeed.” There are conflicting opinions regarding Stafford, but if you share them, you should read Mitch Albom’s most recent essay for the Detroit Free Press. ($)
  • Another article from Dave Birkett for Freep to help you process your emotions around everything. “It’s acceptable to be enraged at the Lions because they failed to demonstrate the passion necessary to win the Super Bowl despite, as we now know, having a quarterback capable of doing it on their team. It’s acceptable to be curious about what it all implies going forward.” ($)
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Who are the parents of Harris Sewell?

For Odessa (Texas) Permian, one of the most illustrious high school programs in the Lone Star State and the nation, Harris Sewell has been chosen as an all-district selection twice. Quentin Nelson of the Indianapolis Colts and Zack Martin of the Dallas Cowboys are two players Sewell loves to compare his play to. Sewell claimed that when he’s not playing baseball or football, he enjoys hunting and fishing. His parents, Collin and Meghan Sewell, also graduated from TCU. Meacham and Nolan are two of his siblings.