Can I Start My BMW With My Iphone?

With the BMW Digital Key and BMW Digital Key Plus, go keyless. The key fob for your car can be replaced with an iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy smartphone that is compatible. To lock and open the door, just hold it against the driver-side handle. To start the engine, simply place your device in the wireless charging tray.

Smart technology, but BMW’s iPhone Digital Key Isn’t Really a Fob Replacement

You can use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a key thanks to CR-tested technology created by BMW and Apple.

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Today’s new cars typically come with a keyless fob that you may use to start your vehicle and unlock the doors without ever taking the fob out of your pocket. However, they can be heavy, they add to your load, and you run the risk of losing them. BMW has joined a small but increasing group of businesses that are providing a digital key that enables a motorist to use a smartphone to unlock the doors and start the car in order to address those difficulties.

The Comfort Access option, which is standard on some models and available as part of a costly options package on others, is a requirement for the BMW digital key. As long as the fob is present, users can start the engine inside the car and unlock doors when approaching it with it and an iPhone or Apple Watch. Despite the fact that the key functions, it takes some getting accustomed to, and this innovative addition doesn’t completely replace the fob.

According to Alex Knizek, an engineer at CR’s Auto Test Center, “there is an advantage to just being able to hop in your car when all you have is your smartphone, but the app doesn’t accomplish everything the fob does.” It’s convenient to have the option of using a phone, but he notes that the fob was easier to set up and use.

The BMW Remote Engine Start option is now available for purchase.

A number of updates and new services for BMW automobiles have just been published. BMW owners may now choose from a variety of other options in the ConnectedDrive Store to add to their vehicles in addition to the “Uneven Road Surface alert” feature. One of them allows you to remotely preheat the temperature of your BMW vehicle, and it is called “Remote Engine Start.” While Remote Engine Start has been a feature of BMW vehicles from MY 2019, it is now also available as a new “Function on Demand” that can be added to eligible cars that weren’t initially equipped with it. This functionality can be purchased through the ConnectedDrive Store.

Through Remote Software Upgrade, the new functionality can be downloaded and installed wirelessly. This is a fantastic feature for the sweltering summer and icy winter months. You can preheat the interior by turning on the heat or the air conditioning while starting the engine from inside your house or place of employment.

Simply tap a button in the My BMW app to turn on Remote Engine Start, and your BMW’s engine will start, allowing the cabin to reach the ideal temperature. A triple-click of the lock button on the BMW key fob will also activate Remote Engine Start.

The most recent vehicles from BMW can be unlocked with an iPhone in your pocket.

The 2023 X1 and a whole new electric SUV called the iX1 are two new vehicles that BMW introduced this week that would utilize its Digital Key Plus technology.

Without a physical key, eligible BMW automobiles can now be locked, unlocked, or started using an iPhone or Apple Watch thanks to Digital Key Plus. However, Digital Key Plus makes use of Ultra Wideband technology to detect when you are near the vehicle, allowing you to keep your iPhone in your pocket. The regular NFC version of the function requires the iPhone or Apple Watch to be held near the driver-side door in order to open the vehicle.

Additionally, Digital Key Plus enhances security by preventing relay attacks, in which a third party jams or intercepts the radio signal between the iPhone and the vehicle, thanks to Ultra Wideband’s precise location awareness.

With the digital keys stored in Apple’s built-in Wallet app, Digital Key Plus requires an iPhone 11 or newer, or an Apple Watch Series 6 or newer. More BMW vehicles are gradually receiving the function, including the 2022 iX and the present 2023 X1 and iX1. A complete list of BMW vehicles that use the standard NFC-based Digital Key function is accessible on Apple’s website for models manufactured in 2021 and later.

The My BMW app can be used to set up Digital Key Plus, and up to five additional users may share digital keys. The functionality continues to function for up to five hours even if your iPhone’s battery goes out thanks to a Power Reserve mode.

Can I use my phone to remotely start my BMW?

Using a compatible smartphone and the BMW Connected App, you can turn on BMW Remote Start, choose your favorite temperature, and start your engine all at once, even if you are far away from the vehicle.

How do I use my iPhone to start my car?

Start, lock, and unlock your vehicle using proximity Hold your mobile close to the car’s door handle to lock or unlock the vehicle. You may start your car by inserting your iPhone into the key reader or by keeping your Apple Watch close to the reader. Press the car’s start button after that.

Which automobiles can an iPhone start?

Apple unveiled a new feature as part of the release of iOS 14, the most recent version of its mobile device operating system: the capacity to use your iPhone as your car’s keys. BMW will incorporate that compatibility as part of the next 5 Series, making it the first automaker to do so.

Can your automobile start with Apple CarPlay?

When it was introduced in 2014, CarPlay was a very specialized piece of software, but it has since become widely used in the automotive sector. Given this, it will be difficult to find a car manufacturer that doesn’t offer CarPlay in some capacity, and much harder to find a modern vehicle that doesn’t have it.

Almost all of the major automakers support CarPlay, which is currently available in more than 600 vehicles. Apple maintains a rather thorough list of Apple Car-compatible vehicles (opens in new tab) that identifies which OEMs and models are compatible with CarPlay. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm CarPlay functionality for any vehicle you’re considering purchasing.

Tesla stands out as a clear exception to this trend because it doesn’t allow Android Auto or CarPlay. Instead, the manufacturer of electric vehicles provides its own high-end connectivity package, which includes streaming, navigation, and remote control for some features. While CarPlay is free and uses your existing data plan, this does cost $10 a month.

As more vehicles run on the new Android Automotive OS, they are also turning to Google for their software requirements. Android Automotive is a built-in feature of the automobile, as opposed to Android Auto, which is an app similar to CarPlay. This eliminates the need for any custom software. But if you own an iPhone, what does this mean?

The good news is that even if your car uses the Android Automotive OS, CarPlay will still function. You can plug your iPhone in and use it as usual if the automaker supports it for that specific model, like Polestar does with the Polestar 2.

BMW may operate without a key.

Even if your E90 doesn’t have comfort access, there is a way to start the engine and start driving without a key. A BMW anti-hijack feature, that is. Simply put the key in the ignition and start the vehicle as usual. Once you’ve finished, turn off the engine and take the key out of the ignition. Pushing the start button now without a key will start the automobile in roughly 10 seconds, allowing you to take off. Although many of you may already be aware of this feature, I figured I should still share it with those who don’t realize that their BMW has it.

It’s more of a safety feature than anti-hijack. The automobile will still start if you have a key issue and stall out on the railroad lines, allowing you to get off the rails.

done this previously. After considering the potential consequences, I decided to stop using the “DIY comfort access” method. hehe. however, thank you for posting for others.

It works for both my 2007-1 series and 2008-3 series coupes, however if you open the driver-door or wait a little bit longer before restarting the engine, this option is disabled. I tested this about a month ago.

Since learning about it on this forum, I’ve been doing this for approximately a month. I haven’t had any problems with it, and yes, I also use it to warm up my car. No need to panic because the radio turns off after a few minutes, and in case you’re wondering, the car will still be running even if the key fob is distant from the vehicle. I put this to the test the other day when I visited Walgreens.

I do this to get my car warmed up. not necessarily to warm the engine up, but more to warm my seat and the cabin. It’s excellent if my car is parked on the street or somewhere else where you can’t leave the doors open while it warms up. (Or use the laser key to unlock the door)

I regularly engage in this. You don’t even need to hold the brake pedal down; just reapply it, press the start button, lock your doors, and dash into the store or back into your house. However, I suppose you have leftover heat if you are entering the store.

Yes, I’d rather to take a chance than have my valve train begin to tick because they aren’t getting lubricated during short trips when the car isn’t warmed up. I appreciate the guidance nonetheless.

SURPRISINGLY, not every recommendation made by businesses is in your best interests. They’re a business, so if they can convince you to ignore your automobile and end up having to pay for more extensive repairs later on, they win.

Not to bring up an old topic, but wouldn’t starting the car twice be necessary for those who use this method to warm it up? Since the initial cold start is the toughest on the engine, I believe it is best to let the car warm up at that time rather than turning it off and putting it through a second cold start. Any thoughts?

Does every BMW have a remote start?

Only a small number of nations and not all BMWs come equipped with remote start as standard.

If your BMW isn’t equipped with remote start, adding it requires an extra step, but if your vehicle is compatible, it can now be downloaded quickly through the ConnectedDrive Store.

If your automobile is a 2018 model or newer and doesn’t already have remote start, you probably can add it. The software, however, is incompatible with a few earlier models (such the 1 and 2 Series).

Most pre-2018 models were not factory equipped with remote start, and it is not feasible to retrofit it to incompatible vehicles.

When did BMWS with remote start debut?

When did BMW adopt remote starting? It wasn’t until 2019 that BMW started making the remote start a part of their standard features. Before 2019, it was possible to add a remote start feature to cars as long as they were automatic and had a matching remote that would link with the car.

How do I turn on the remote start for my BMW?

You can activate Remote Engine Start by pointing your BMW key fob at your car and pressing the lock button (the BMW Roundel) three times in a row.