Can I Jump Start Another Car With My BMW?

Hi. Since the battery is in the back of my 2008 328xi, I assume there are + & – connectors close to the engine. Can someone quickly walk me through the process of using my bmw to jump start a different car that isn’t a BMW? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

starting up Two jumper cables can be attached to the battery of another vehicle to start your BMW’s engine if the car’s own battery is dead. The similar approach can be used to assist with starting a different car. Use only jumper cables with clamp grips that are completely insulated. When the engine is running, do not touch any electrically live parts as this could result in a deadly accident. Follow the steps below carefully to avoid damaging either vehicle or raising any safety concerns.

vehicle has a voltage of 12 volts and a capacitance that is almost equal, measured in Ah. On the battery, you can find this information.

There should be no physical touch between the two cars’ bodies to prevent shorting.

Reference Communications Mobility 231 Recreational Navigation Tips for driving Controls A quick glimpse assembling the jumper cables Jumper cables should be connected in the proper order to prevent any potentially harmful sparks.

The positive terminal of the battery serves as a jump-starting connection on your BMW; see also the Engine compartment overview on page

15; the top; 215.

jumper cable to the battery’s positive terminal or to a terminal on the helping vehicle that aids in starting.

connect a plus/plus jumper cable to the battery’s positive terminal or a starting-assist terminal of the vehicle you want to start.

jumper cable to the battery’s negative terminal, or to the helping vehicle’s engine or body ground. A unique nut serves as the body ground or negative pole on your BMW.

Connect a minus/jumper wire to the battery’s negative terminal, the engine ground, or the body ground of the car you want to start.

regular manner. Wait a few minutes before trying again if the first start attempt is unsuccessful so the drained battery can recharge.

the linking order mentioned above. Check and recharge the battery if necessary. Never start an engine with spray fluids.


I’ve successfully jumped another car with the BMW jumper studs.

Very effective. Be warned that the jumper cables you buy will likely be of insufficient gauge unless you spend at least $40. Jumper cables often come in 10 gauge. If you’re very patient, 10 gauge will function. After you hook them up, you have to wait around five minutes before using the second automobile. Attempt that again after waiting ten minutes.

Good jumper cables, on the other hand, are 20′ length and 4 gauge. You can jump a car from behind with 20′, which is important if the dead car is parked and you can’t park head-on. Since there is no real lag in waiting for the dead car to build up a charge, you can hook them up and try the dead car right away with 4 gauge.


Couldn’t you just purchase one of those jump starters and plug it into the trunk’s 12 volt socket? then use that to jump start another vehicle?

Why wouldn’t you use your portable jump pack on the automobile that needs it right away if you have one?

Simply said, you shouldn’t do this. The i4’s 12V system never needs to provide a hundred cold-cranking amps. In order to keep the electronics awake while diagnosing high-voltage problems, it must supply them with enough power to wake up the stepdown from the high-voltage battery. It’s not something I’d affix to something that draws enormously abruptly.

Has anyone tried using their G01 X3 to jump-start another vehicle’s battery? I’m not referring to the X3 itself.

I attempted to jump start another automobile using the battery terminal under the hood, but I was unable to supply enough power. As I always do, before attempting to start the second car, I connect the jumper and crank the engine for a while to partially charge the dead battery.

However, I was unable to start the other car with the X3 because nothing I tried seemed to be able to get the X3 to charge the other car’s battery or supply enough power. even after leaving the cords connected for 10 or 15 minutes. I had to jump start the car using my older 335I.

I am aware that the X3 only charges its battery when necessary and while you are coasting or braking.

When I read the instructions, all that it mentions is how to jump-start the X3. I want to know whether it is feasible to jump start another vehicle with the X3 and, if so, how to get the charging system to work while doing so.

I’m aware that this isn’t a direct response to your query, but I’m done using a different automobile to jumpstart either mine or someone else’s. About a year ago, I invested in this travel charger, and it has been completely worthwhile. Many different cars, even those with fully dead batteries, have been jumpstarted by me. I simply store it in the trunk’s floor compartment.

With my ’20 M40i, I had to jump start my wife’s car a few times. had no issues utilizing terminals inside. The other car’s battery might have been shorted or had some severe flaw that prevented your effort from succeeding.

Nothing I tried seemed to be able to get the X3 to charge the other car’s battery or provide enough power to start the other car, thus I was unable to jump start it.

Just to be sure, did you choose a negative jump terminal of your “own” choosing, presuming that it was a real ground, or did you use both dedicated neg/pos terminals in the engine bay? Some owners will attempt a jump or charge utilizing some of the strut tower bolts or other “metal” elements in the engine compartment in the mistaken belief that they are a true ground, but they aren’t.

Can a BMW be jump-started?

Following the positioning of both vehicles, here is how to jumpstart a BMW: Determine the positive and negative terminals on each battery by removing the covers. Connect the first red clamp to the red (positive/+) connector on your BMW car. Connect the second red clamp to the functional battery’s positive terminal.

How can a BMW jump start another vehicle?

Connect one of the red clamps to the positive (red) terminal on your own BMW vehicle. Connect the other red clamp to the helping vehicle’s positive (red) terminal. Connect the negative (black) terminal of the assistance vehicle to the black clamp. The other black clip should be fastened to any bare metal surface on your car.

On a BMW, where do you connect the jumper cables?

It’s crucial to connect the jumper cables in the proper sequence: Connect one of the red clamps to the deceased vehicle’s positive (POS / +) terminal. The positive terminal on the operating vehicle should receive the other red clamp. Connect one of the black clamps to the working vehicle’s negative (NEG / -) connector.

Does BMW require a unique battery?

Finding a great BMW battery is one of the most crucial factors to take into account if you want the best for your luxury vehicle. For the best performance on the road, you must purchase a BMW car battery that satisfies the strict criteria of the vehicle.

The 5, 6, and 7 Series BMW vehicles typically have very high features. These automobiles need a lot more energy than your typical car does, thus we strongly advise obtaining them strong batteries.

You must be aware of your vehicle’s needs before purchasing a BMW battery. An Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) battery is strongly advised for modern BMW vehicles with start-stop technology since it can handle the increased energy demand. However, you can also utilize an Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) if you want to buy something for less money.

Just keep in mind that you should only replace the original AGM battery in your BMW vehicle with another AGM. Because these vehicles weren’t intended to be utilized with EFBs, downgrading will cause battery and engine problems with your BMW. On the other hand, if your BMW came with an EFB at the factory, switching to an AGM battery won’t cause any issues.

EFBs outlive ordinary batteries in terms of longevity. They were created specifically for entry-level start-stop vehicles, so they can easily handle the rigorous needs of the majority of modern automobiles.

However, you should always choose an AGM battery if you want to spend more money on a more potent BMW battery. Although these batteries are made for start-stop vehicles, they are also compatible with other energy-consuming vehicles.

In comparison to conventional batteries, they offer a three times longer cycle life and may be utilized in all kinds of weather. Additionally, an AGM battery is necessary if you frequently use the car’s accessories.

BMWs with typical power requirements can be powered by standard automobile batteries. Therefore, if your car doesn’t have high-end gadgets or a start-stop system, you don’t require a special BMW car battery.

Do BMW batteries require programming?

Modern, late-model BMW batteries must be “registered” or matched to the onboard ECU for optimum operation and battery longevity, which is a frequently overlooked and underappreciated requirement. You might be asking why this is essential, and some online armchair experts could even argue that it isn’t really necessary and is just a way for the service provider to make more money by replacing the batteries. Some people turn to buying a new battery from an auto parts store, installing it themselves, and quickly learning that their battery needs to be replaced, again, in order to avoid the additional cost of registering their BMW battery.

When jumping an automobile, why don’t you connect the negative?

Shortcuts for Jumpstarting a Battery Never attach the black line to the dead battery’s negative (-) terminal. This could cause an explosion, making it extremely dangerous.