Are BMW Parts Hard To Get?

In a nutshell, yes. Compared to other brands, BMW parts are among the most expensive. Additionally, the cost of the parts increases with the age of the BMW.

BMWs require between $5,000 and $12,000 more in maintenance than the majority of automobiles. This is so because BMWs are German automobiles produced with specialized components, technology, and parts.

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OEM parts

Compared to Genuine Parts, OEM Parts are less expensive. A manufacturer that fulfills high quality criteria and creates at least one item for a vehicle manufacturer produces OEM parts. As one of the finest solutions for quality and cost, we suggest OEM replacement. Normally, all OEM manufacturers follow strict quality control procedures and are renowned for their high caliber products.

Watch out for used BMWs as well.

While purchasing a used BMW may be an excellent method to get a stylish and potent vehicle for a reasonable price, those old Beemers can end up costing you more in the long run. Old and used cars from other automakers aren’t all that different from old and used BMWs. The difference is that you’ll probably have to pay a lot more to solve them, even though it will still likely have a lot of problems.

Of all, buying a used automobile is a gamble, and there’s no way to predict if your old BMW will need expensive repairs. But if it does, you’ll undoubtedly have to pay a lot of money for it; in some situations, you might even have to pay as much as you did for the automobile.

The risk with purchasing a BMW is that you may end up paying much more for the vehicle than what the sticker price indicated. Research is essential when thinking about purchasing a BMW, whether it be new or secondhand.

Drivers must wait months for repairs due to a scarcity of car parts.

Anyone who might require auto maintenance soon should be aware that supply chain limitations could result in weeks or even months of waiting time for parts.

The entire neighborhood can hear what sounds like an ancient hot rod when George Weaver starts up his 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe.

It was loud when he turned it on on Monday morning, and he immediately realized what had happened.

It was his catalytic converter, which criminals target frequently these days due to the rich metals they contain. He noticed two clean cuts on the exhaust and the disappearance of his $1,000 converter when he peered underneath.

He limped the SUV to his dealer because he wanted it fixed quickly. It was not to be, though.

The dealer claimed that there were none in the country and that it was unknown when they would arrive, the customer added.

There are currently a lot of original equipment catalytic converters on back order. But because of supply chain limitations, that isn’t the only crucial auto component you can have trouble locating.

Overbeck Auto Services is owned by Matt Overbeck. “We are experiencing delays and shortages in some places for auto parts,” he said. Day, weeks, and occasionally months.

In addition to converters, he lists the following parts as being scarce:

  • ABS brake systems
  • motor sensors
  • transmission management systems
  • Windshields

Independent stores, according to Overbeck, have more freedom than dealers, who are required to utilize authorized replacement components. In a pinch, he can purchase secondhand or aftermarket converters, for instance.

You can check whether there are any other options, such as used or salvage yard parts, with your repair provider, said Overbeck.

He advises not to be alarmed by salvage components because they are typically in good condition and come with guarantees. Weaver, though, claims that “it is quite frustrating. I want the genuine Hyundai component because my SUV is virtually brand new. The aggravating thing is that despite paying for the car, you are unable to utilize it.

We got in touch with his dealer, who assured us that they would give his converter top priority and, in the worst case scenario, try to get him into another car.

Therefore, don’t be shocked if you need to wait for a part and save your money.

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In my experience, BMWs eventually start to break down. For those of you who purchase and sell cars whenever you get an increase in pay, I know “long run” implies three years, but to me, it means ten years or more.

The majority of BMWs trade hands within the time frames you select, thus the initial owners don’t really care about the state of the cars when they leave them, as I’ve emphasized in earlier replies in other threads. Then the second owner enters the picture, and many of those cars will have neglected maintenance. When the second owner couldn’t keep up with upkeep, they practically ran it into the ground and gave it to someone else.

Because of what’s been done to these cars, rather than because they’re bad, their resale values are terrible (or not). I can promise you that if you buy any of the aforementioned vehicles and take care of them properly, you’ll have a dependable vehicle and an AMAZING driving experience.

Additionally, as Toyotas and Hondas dominate the road, their accessories and aftermarket components become less expensive, giving the impression that their upkeep is less expensive. Genuine OEM parts are what you receive when you purchase BMW parts. Unless you purchase OEM components, which are expensive, all Toyota and Honda parts are manufactured in China. Isn’t perception a pain in the neck?

Which BMW model do you own?

The true surprise lies here. The cost of maintenance will be pretty minimal if you own an ancient BMW that was popular back in the day, like an E30 3 Series, for instance. It’s not a sophisticated automobile, so there aren’t many electronics or speciality parts, and since it was a widely sold model, replacement parts are easy to get and labor costs aren’t too high.

However, if you have a brand-new BMW 7 Series, it will cost much more because its parts are more expensive and high-tech. It is also much more complex, which means there are more potential problems and you must rely on more expensive specialists to work on it.

Therefore, when commentators and YouTubers make generalizations about how expensive it is to sustain any business, they are merely selling you clickbait.

Of course, certain BMWs cost a lot to maintain because they are difficult to repair and unreliable, like the E65 BMW 7 Series, which is a complete nightmare. However, some vehicles, like an E46 BMW 3 Series or an E39 BMW 5 Series, are manageably simple and affordable to maintain when done correctly.

Find BMW components easy or difficult?

High-end German engineering, superb quality, and opulent elegance are all attributes of BMW. If you don’t know where to look, it could be challenging to find inexpensive parts online because BMW is such a premium brand. Buy Auto Parts eliminates all of the uncertainty in your search. We rank among the most reliable sources of BMW parts available. Just a few of the reasons include our variety, affordability, and quality.

To quickly and simply discover the parts you need, use our helpful part finder above. If you need help placing an order, call one of our advisers at (888) 907-7225. Additionally, a chat feature is available on our contact page to provide prompt answers to all of your queries.

Are BMWs challenging to fix?

How challenging it is to repair a BMW depends on its age, model, engine, and level of luxury amenities. Older vehicles with simpler parts may be simpler to fix than more recent BMWs with all the frills.

BMWs are regarded as luxury vehicles, thus they are more likely to be equipped with cutting-edge technology than a regular family hatchback.

The likelihood that a piece of advanced technology would malfunction increases along with the difficulty of diagnosing and repairing the vehicle.

The main reason why earlier BMWs are simpler to fix is that they don’t have as many bells and whistles as newer models, making it simpler to identify issues and get to the broken parts.

Is it currently challenging to find auto parts?

Since the COVID-19 epidemic started in 2020, it has become difficult to find car parts, including electronics and windshields. Material acquisition for production is difficult. Materials, pieces, and parts are stranded on cargo ships. When supplies are readily available, production is unable to keep up because of the high demand and labor shortage. Covid infections add even another layer of delays because any section of the supply chain, including manufacturers, shippers, and distributors, can stop operating at any time.

Is repairing a BMW affordable?

BMW owners spend, on average, $968 annually on maintenance and repairs, according to RepairPal. BMWs are costly to maintain compared to the $652 industry standard. The maintenance costs of BMW are comparable to those of other German luxury models like Mercedes-Benz ($908) and Audi ($987).

The cost of owning a BMW varies based on the car. Compared to its normal commuter line, BMW’s high-performance M line and SUVs are more expensive to maintain. One of the reasons the BMW 3 Series is so well-liked is that it’s one of the most cost-effective versions to maintain.

Using information from RepairPal, the following table compares the cost of maintenance for a select BMW models:

You’ll be glad to learn that a few BMWs include a free maintenance term. Under BMW Ultimate Service, maintenance is included for four years or 50,000 miles on vehicles from the 2015 and 2016 model years. BMW Ultimate Care offers three years or 36,000 miles of maintenance on models made in 2017 and after. If you’re wondering how the two plans differ, BMW Ultimate Service covers more wear and tear and maintenance-related items than BMW Ultimate Care.

Free maintenance programs can initially reduce the cost of ownership, but you’ll need to be ready to pay maintenance and repair fees once the program has ended.

How long does it take for parts for BMWs to arrive?

With guaranteed 3rd day, 2nd day, and overnight options available, the standard shipping time for BMW components is 3-5 business days.

Who manufactures BMW parts?

Although genuine BMW parts bear the BMW logo, this does not imply that they were made by BMW. Rarely is a genuine BMW part ever actually created by BMW because the company outsources the majority of the part manufacturing.

What are some typical BMW issues?

  • Engine Cooling Unit. Overheating is a problem that many BMW owners frequently experience.
  • Oil Spills.
  • Under Braking, the steering wheel vibrates.
  • Tail Lamp Unit

Is a pre-owned BMW worth it?

BMW is renowned for producing some of the best driving machines the world has ever seen, yet the majority of mechanics will advise you to steer clear of pre-owned models.

Once upon a time, BMW was a renowned automaker, a premium German brand with a lengthy history and an amazing collection of vehicles crisscrossing the globe. Sadly, though, circumstances are now different for the employees at the Bavarian Motor Works. The brand has been permanently damaged with prior owners and do-it-yourselfers due to an emphasis on producing mass-market automobiles that don’t age well.

August 2021 revision: You’ll be delighted to know that we’ve updated this post and go into more detail about the many issues a Bavarian automobile owner may run into if they decide to purchase a used BMW. This should assist you in making the greatest choice for your upcoming automobile purchase.

The majority of knowledgeable owners and mechanics will advise you to avoid used BMWs, especially those manufactured within the previous 20 years or so. Simply put, they are not worth the money you will undoubtedly have to invest in them. They are expensive to repair, have expensive replacement parts, and require a lot of labor.

They certainly have a cool appearance and a certain charm. But when you force personal checks to pour in at the neighborhood Euro repair shop, that beautiful siren tune will finally hit a string of unfavorable notes. Here are 15 compelling arguments against buying a used BMW.