Are BMW More Expensive To Insure?

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A high-end import like a BMW would often cost more to cover than a Toyota, but that depends on the kind of auto insurance you have.

The cost of comprehensive coverage or collision insurance may be higher due to the cost of the vehicle and the anticipated cost of maintenance, even if you are simply purchasing the minimum required liability coverage.

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BMW insurance

BMW vehicles stand out from the competition because they are high-end, high-performance options without the exorbitant price tags of cars by manufacturers like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin. In other words, these are the kinds of vehicles that the majority of regular people can afford. Although they are not very inexpensive, they are also not outrageously expensive to insure. This is mostly due to the fact that their rather hefty price tags are offset by greater safety attributes, high safety ratings, and comparatively low theft rates. The average cost of insurance for one of these cars is $1,966.82 per year, and BMW cars are placed 30th out of 36 in terms of insurance prices, so if you’re considering buying one, be aware of that.

Auto coverage for a BMW 330i

As with all other automobiles, there are a number of variables that affect BMW insurance rates. The brand and model of the car, the ZIP code (in most states), the number of miles travelled annually, and your driving record are typically used by car insurance companies to determine prices. Due to the fact that the BMW 330i is a premium car and therefore has more expensive parts, it is usually more expensive to insure. If you have an accident, it will cost more to fix or replace the car than it would to have one made domestically.

But How Much Does Insurance For A BMW Really Cost?

Like anything else in life, protecting a costly item costs additional money. According to numerous surveys, a BMW car insurance policy can run as much as $1,900 year. Of course, the price of BMW insurance varies greatly depending on the model and its MSRP.

A top-of-the-line 2020 BMW 7 Series may cost up to $5,000 in insurance yearly, compared to as little as $1,900 for a 2020 BMW X1 or a BMW 2 Series.

The prices are undoubtedly lower if you’re looking for BMW auto insurance for a used vehicle. According to our study, older BMW models up to 10 years old can be insured for between $100 and $140 a month.

In our situation, we lease a 2019 BMW i3 Range Extender, and the annual price for BMW auto insurance totals $1,400 when combined with the homeowners insurance and another vehicle on the plan. Given the i3’s starting price and all the technology it uses, this is a wonderful deal.

Your results may vary, but for us, this was the best-case scenario: no moving infractions in the previous ten years, no significant claims, and 10,000 miles driven year on average.

We also examined a few BMW M vehicles. For instance, the annual cost for a 2021 BMW M4 Coupe with simply auto insurance and a spotless record was $1,500. However, this was the ideal circumstance.


The cheapest BMW to insure is the 328i, which has an annual insurance cost of $1,800 or $150 per month.

Maine offers the cheapest insurance rates for a BMW 328i, averaging less than $100 per month or just under $1200 per year.

On the other hand, with an average insurance cost of $3,400 a year, or $280 per month, Georgia is the most costly state to insure your BMW 328i.

The cost of insurance for a 2007 BMW 328i for a 30-year-old male driver with a spotless driving record, who served in the military, and who owns a home will be roughly $85 per month or $1,000 per year.

The average insurance cost for a 2011 BMW 328i is $125 per month or $1,500 annually.

The average monthly insurance cost for a 2013 BMW 328i is $130, or $1,550 annually.

What Does BMW Insurance Cost? Model Comparison Quotations

In comparison to other makes and brands, a BMW costs more to insure each year, at an average of $1,780. Nevertheless, the exact BMW model you own can still affect your vehicle insurance costs. MoneyGeek looked at all BMW vehicles by model year and driver age to find various pricing choices for individual drivers.

Depending on the model, the typical cost of insurance for a BMW can differ significantly. For instance, a BMW i8 is the most costly vehicle to insure, costing an average of $2,810 yearly, while a BMW 1 Series is the least expensive.

MoneyGeek dissected expenses for each of BMW’s significant models in order to assist you in locating the most affordable businesses and average rates for your BMW.

Auto Insurance Rate Comparison

Make sure your auto insurance is priced as affordably as possible. Compare the best quotations

It pays to shop around for the best auto insurance for your BMW 3 Series. Even for the identical car, each company will provide a different insurance price. You can find the best price by comparing BMW 3 Series insurance rates from different providers.

The annual average cost of insurance for a BMW 3 Series is $1,560; this is $133 more expensive than the annual average for all automobile models, which is $1,427.

The annual cost of BMW 3 Series insurance might vary by $698 depending on your insurance company.

Depending on the model, the annual rate for a BMW 3 Series might vary by $387. Older vehicles typically have lower insurance costs.

Is BMW or Audi more affordable to insure?

How much does insurance for a BMW cost? The price of a BMW goes beyond its higher-than-average MSRP. BMW car insurance runs $1,788 a year, or 25% more than insurance for a regular vehicle. You should exercise caution when looking for a policy because BMW insurance is more expensive than the average.

Why is insurance for a BMW so expensive?

Expect to spend more for insurance if you are covering a luxury vehicle than you would for a regular vehicle. Insurance prices are greater for luxury cars because they are often more expensive than basic vehicles.

How much does a BMW 3 Series insurance policy cost?

In summary, you can take your BMW to whichever mechanic you choose for maintenance and oil changes. There is a little more to it than that, but overall, you are under no obligation to return to the BMW dealer if you choose not to.

Why is insurance for Audi more expensive than BMW?

The BMW Sedan’s higher insurance costs make up for its slightly lower fuel economy and slightly higher repair expenses in terms of real cost of ownership. An Audi A4 sedan’s insurance will run roughly $2,138 each month for the first five years of ownership, for a total of $11,464.

Is a BMW’s insurance expensive?

In general, a high-end import like a BMW will likely cost more to insure than a Toyota, but that depends on what kind of car it is.

Is Mercedes insurance more expensive?

Are insurance rates for older automobiles lower? Because older vehicles frequently lack the security measures seen in more recent, more contemporary vehicles, auto insurance premiums for older vehicles may be higher. However, older vehicles are frequently less desirable and may be less expensive to maintain, which can help bring down premiums.

Are insurance costs for newer automobiles lower?

The brand, model, trim, year, and body style of your car all affect how much you have to spend for auto insurance. Insurance for an expensive model of automobile with extra features and a powerful engine will be more expensive than for a basic model with a high safety rating.

Are premiums for insurance higher for luxurious vehicles?

  • BMW i8. The most costly car to insure in the nation is the BMW i8.
  • Quattroporte from Maserati. One of the priciest vehicles to insure is the Maserati Quattroporte.
  • Nintendo GT-R.
  • GranTurismo by Maserati.
  • S-Class Mercedes-Benz.
  • GT Mercedes-AMG.
  • BMW X6.
  • Ford Model X

Is premium fuel required for a BMW?

The cost of car insurance for the BMW 3 Series is rather high. The annual average cost of insurance for a BMW 3 Series is $1,560. Other car models only have an annual insurance cost of $1,427. However, compared to the typical price for luxury models like Tesla, insurance for a BMW 3 Series is considerably more inexpensive.

Which automobile brands have the highest insurance costs?

However, compared to comparable high-end luxury automobiles from brands like Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW, Audis are significantly less expensive to insure. Depending on the model, the average cost of insurance for these vehicles is frequently $4,000 or more per year.

The BMW: a dependable vehicle?

As a producer of high-end automobiles, BMW models can be pricey to insure. This is due to the fact that costlier cars typically cost more to maintain and repair.

A money pit, BMW?

No matter what model you have, BMW advises only using premium unleaded fuel. That’s not to say that your BMW won’t run on inferior fuel, but premium unleaded fuel will keep its quality over time, allowing you to constantly drive at peak performance.

Does BMW require maintenance?

The greatest option for maintaining your new luxury car is to give the interior and outside of your car a protective ceramic coating. Details Matter advises having your vehicle serviced as soon as possible following purchase.

Which vehicle requires the most maintenance?

Fortunately, ratings of BMW dependability from several organizations support that excellent reputation: Consumer Reports — Every BMW in the lineup received a score above average in the 2020 rankings. The i3 electric car and the X6 midsize SUV are BMW’s most reliable models, and the brand as a whole is ranked seventh.

How durable is a BMW?

Numerous owners who are dissatisfied with the expense of repairs claim that parts are breaking and wearing out considerably more quickly than they used to as a result of the short cuts BMW takes. That makes them the ultimate money pit, as repairmen refer to them, because you have to patch one thing, and then something else breaks soon after.

Does the type of automobile affect auto insurance?

White. The color of the safest car on the road has been mentioned. White is that shade. Black cars are 12 percent more likely than white cars to be involved in a collision at any time of day and under any circumstances.

How much does a Maserati’s insurance cost?

Due to their higher value and repair costs, luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz are more expensive to insure than less expensive vehicles.

How can I safeguard my expensive car?

For basic vehicle insurance, a Maserati’s average annual insurance price is $1,687, while for full coverage, it is $3,800. The average insurance rate in the US is $2,302 for full coverage and $1,631 for minimal coverage when all automobile makes are taken into account.