Who Is The Singer In The New Audi Commercial

American singer, producer, and actress Janelle Mone plays the role of the black actress in the Audi ad. Janelle Mone became well-known for succeeding Julia Roberts as the show’s executive producer. The German corporation chooses up-and-coming celebrities to front its advertising campaigns.

The automotive industry’s changing paradigm necessitates new communication channels. Who better to star in simple, modern communication than the newest rising stars? Janelle Mone plays the lead role in the Audi RS e-Tron advertisement. The three albums that the Kansas-born actress has to her name”The ArchAndroid,” “The Electric Lady,” and “Dirty Computer”have a sound that is reminiscent of R&B and soul. Her career in movies began when she provided the voices for several animated characters in “The Lady and the Tramp” and “Rio 2.”

But by removing Julia Roberts from the leadership of the show “Homecoming,” which is entering its second season, his popularity among the general public is elevated.

Does the Audi commercial feature Reg-Jean Page?

Reg-Jean Page appears in the ad for the Audi Q4, the company’s electric SUV, which boasts outstanding art direction. Simple, beautiful apparel and minimalist Nordic furnishings are associated with the idea of selling the future. The firm claims that Reg-Jean Page, the star of the Audi commercial, “believes in a new direction. To strengthen our connections with the world community, we share stories. To affect the future, we listen with humility and acknowledge how much we don’t know.

The man in the Audi commercial is who?

Since virtually every brand has introduced an electric vehicle, the future is already here. The alternatives to purchase an electric version of the most popular models are gradually expanding. Despite their high cost, they represent a step toward sustainability and future 100% electric transportation.

Audi is one of the brands that promotes its electric vehicles. And it is that it has recently introduced the Audi Q4 e-tron, the German brand’s electric SUV, and does it with a thoughtful advertising campaign and one of the swankiest actors. But who plays the actor in the latest ad for Audi?

Users who have seen the new Audi Q4 Advert have essentially only inquired about the actor in the new Audi commercial for 2021.

The person in the Audi commercial is Reg-Jean Page. It is best recognized for its role in The Bridgertons, one of Netflix’s most well-liked programs. The actor in the 2021 Audi commercial has also appeared in supporting roles in movies like Roots, Fight for Justice, and The Gray Man.

The art direction in Audi’s new electric vehicle advertisement is stunning. Simple, beautiful apparel and minimalist Nordic furnishings are associated with the idea of selling the future. In addition to appearing in the Audi commercial titled “Celebrating Process,” the well-known actor also did an interview titled “A Story of Progress.”

The British-Zimbabwean actor is used as the campaign’s worldwide communicator in the Audi Q4 e-tron commercial. Actor Reg-Jean Page believes in a new course, claims the brand. By changing the way we tell tales, we can improve our communication with the rest of the world. The future is being changed by listening with humility and realizing how much we don’t know. Make compelling stories that connect with audiences all over the world. Reg-Jean Page’s appearance in the newest Audi commercial was a success.


The actress Janelle Mone Robinson, an American singer and rapper with a well-known characteristic styleher tuxedo wardrobefeatures in the Audi RS e-tron GT commercial “Progress isn’t either.”

The e-tron GT is a standalone Gran Turismo that has been futuristically reimagined. Its appearance is evidence of high-end vehicle design. This is the most emotive kind of electro-mobility, with exceptional driving performance.

Stella McCartney appears in an Audi commercial?

A 76-minute livestream world debut of the Audi e-tron GT earlier today featured celebrities like designer Stella McCartney, musician Janelle Monae, and actor and director Tom Hardy. Monae also gave a special musical performance.

Who is the woman in the Super Bowl ad for Audi?

Although Arya Stark from Game of Thrones may be Maisie Williams’ most well-known character, in her most recent project, Maisie Williams channels Elsa from Frozen.

The actress appears in the Audi Super Bowl LIV commercial, which both promotes the Audi e-tron Sportback electric vehicle and challenges problematic societal conventions. The minute-long commercial opens with a traffic bottleneck during a heat wave but immediately changes course when Williams starts singing “Let It Go,” which, how could it not, inspires a citywide sing-along?

“Leave the old behind, the future is electric! Regarding the advertisement, which was filmed in Los Angeles, Williams stated in a blog post. That’s exactly what Audi aims to convey with its Super Bowl ad, “letting go of the past and embracing a more sustainable future,” according to a press release.

How do you say the name Audi?

Since the name Audi is so near to the word “audio,” we frequently hear it pronounced “Aw-dee,” but just to be clear, the correct pronunciation is “Ow-dee,” which sounds like “howdy” or “outie,” like the belly button!”

Has Audi released a Super Bowl ad?

  • The advertisement heralds the beginning of a new worldwide brand campaign for Audi with the slogan “Lead by Technology” as its centerpiece.
  • By 2025, the company wants to roll out roughly 30 electric vehicles, and by 2050, it wants to be entirely CO2-neutral.

With the 60-second “Let It Go” ad, which is musically themed and stars actor Maisie Williams, Audi makes a Super Bowl comeback.

For a Super Bowl commercial showcasing the German automaker’s first all-electric vehicle, Audi really mixed things up.

Maisie Williams, an actress best known for playing Arya in HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” may be seen driving an Audi e-tron and singing “Let It Go” from the 2013 smash hit “Frozen” in the 60-second commercial.

As Williams decides to take the zero-emission crossover away from a busy crossroads of carbon-emitting automobiles with internal combustion engines, she starts singing the Grammy- and Oscar-winning song. Her tone changes as she sings, going from shy to confident and joyful.

Williams, a supporter of taking action against climate change, crescendos to the song’s conclusion as the screen states, “Let’s drive to a more sustainable future.” “The Audi e-tron vehicles that are all electric.”

At the polluted crossroads, Williams had the choice to “turn course and leave it all behind,” which Audi says is a “metaphor for how the decision to create more sustainable choices needs all of us doing our part.”

According to Sven Schuwirth, head of Audi’s digital business and customer experience, “Maisie Williams is the perfect symbol of how customers are increasingly choosing and campaigning for mobility solutions that are more sustainable.”

The advertisement heralds the beginning of a new global advertising campaign for Audi with the slogan “Lead by Technology,” in light of the automaker’s aspirations to roll out roughly 30 electrified vehicles by 2025 and achieve CO2-neutral operations by the year 2050.

“The world’s greatest problem is building a sustainable, living future for future generations. In this global brand campaign, I’m honored to share Audi’s mission for sustainable mobility “Williams stated in a press release.

At London’s Abbey Road Studios, Williams recorded her rendition of “Let It Go” for the commercial.

Prior to its national airing during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, Audi unveiled the one-minute ad on Wednesday. With the exception of 2018, the carmaker has purchased Super Bowl telecasts for 10 of the previous 11 years.

Stella McCartney and Paul McCartney are they related?

Stella McCartney is a British fashion designer who was born in London on September 13, 1971. She is well-known for her fur- and leather-free clothing as well as for having a clientele full of famous people.

The former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and renowned photographer and animal rights advocate Linda McCartney were the parents of Stella McCartney. Before enrolling in Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, she worked for a period at the French fashion house Christian Lacroix and as an intern there. She created a big-budget production with supermodel Naomi Campbell for her 1995 graduation. The Vendme Luxury Group engaged McCartney in 1997 to revive its 45-year-old design business, Chlo, after she quickly soared to the top of the global fashion scene.

Chlo’s sales significantly increased as a result of McCartney’s success in making the brand popular once again. Her 2001 Parisromantic offeringssilk pants paired with midriff-baring tops, body-hugging jeans paired with tunic tops or jackets, faux-fur coats, and jeweled vestscemented her professional reputation. Her first collection, which featured lacy petticoat skirts and dainty camisoles, silenced critics. Additionally, McCartney gave the company a famous cult following. This was partly a result of her high-profile clients and friends, including Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, for whom she created a wedding gown, and Kate Moss, who she dressed for the 2001 Academy Awards.

The Italian luxury goods company Gucci, which is owned by PPR (later renamed Kering), stated in 2001 that it will take part in a joint venture to launch a new design label created under McCartney’s name. This came after protracted discussions with McCartney. McCartney, a longtime vegetarian, insisted that neither leather nor furtwo essential components of Gucci’s designbe utilized in the products. Stella, McCartney’s debut fragrance, was introduced in 2003. She debuted her first collection of children’s clothing (for retailer Gap Inc.) in 2009, along with a range of organic skin care items, in 2007. Later, McCartney created the sports apparel worn by Great Britain athletes at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. Meghan Markle’s reception dress from her marriage to Prince Harry was made by her in 2018.

Additionally in 2018, McCartney acquired Kering’s 50% ownership interest in the company, becoming the sole owner of her label. But in 2019, she partnered with the biggest manufacturer of luxury goods in the world, LVMH Mot HennessyLouis Vuitton. She kept control of the majority of her brand as part of the agreement.

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