Where Is The Aux In Audi A1

The interior of your car will include an aux input port for the AudiA1. Go to the driver or passenger front side of your car and take a seat inside before you start looking for it. Next, open the center console, which is tucked away behind the radio and entertainment system and is situated between the two front seats. The aux input port should be located inside.

In my Audi A3, how can I activate the auxiliary?

Depending on your Audi, you might want to turn on the AUX pin on the head unit when upgrading our CarPlay and Android Auto systems (Normally the cars equipped with the Audi AMI media interface).

Reminder: If you have an Audi AMI interface, you can utilize an AMI-AUX adaptor in place of turning on AUX. This will function well, however you will need to run a cable from our IMI-1000 wiring harness to the AMI input. This is not ideal, even if it will work “clients prefer an installation that is fully hidden.

This is because the AUX pin on the MMI head unit is immediately connected to our retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kits via our plug-and-play wiring loom, making the activation of the pin an elegant and entirely concealed solution.

This article will demonstrate the procedures needed to turn on the AUX pin on the head unit’s back “Once the activation procedure is complete, you will see AUX as a choice in the media menu on the main display.

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The first thing to do is save the current settings before making any coding modifications. The “current code” highlighted in the conversation below must be saved in order to accomplish this. Keep this in a text file (.txt) so you can recode to it in case something goes wrong.

Apply coding to 5F module

Then click “Do it!” after pasting the updated coding string into the dialogue box below.

You can begin coding the 5F module once the new coding string has been put into the dialogue box above.

You may now pick AUX-IN from the Media menu to pass audio signals from the IMI-1000 and the MMI sound system when utilizing our retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kits.

Are all Audi A1s Bluetooth-equipped?

The issue with Audi is that their standard equipment isn’t all that fantastic, so you have to select a lot of pricey options to outfit your vehicle. If you don’t select one of the Sport or S line models, even a convenient armrest costs an additional $125, and Bluetooth phone connectivity isn’t included as well. However, SE specification comes with 15-inch alloy wheels and a DAB digital radio. With the Sport or S models, you get larger alloy wheels, but don’t anticipate heated seats or air conditioning. However, the S series does come with powerful xenon headlights and daytime LED running lights. Climate control, special wheels, and an improved radio are all included in the Black Edition option, which also adds gloss-black external trim to components like the grille and even the tailpipes.


When it comes to additional features and color options for your Sportback, Audi’s options catalog is comparable to MINI’s. Similar to MINI, it organizes options into packs, giving you the choice to select between Technology (for things like sat nav and Audi Connect), Comfort (for cruise control, light and rain sensors, and auto-dipping headlights), and Design (for privacy glass, a panoramic sunroof and LED interior lights).

How do I make a phone call from my Audi?

Android Auto Setup for Audi

  • Make sure your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Turn on your Audi, then put it in PARK.
  • Press Phone > Connect Mobile Device on your Audi’s touchscreen.
  • On the Audi touchscreen, choose the device you want, and make sure the PINs on both of them match.

Do all automobiles have AUX?

Are you interested in learning which vehicles have auxiliary inputs? We’ve looked into this subject and have answers for you. Knowing which vehicles offer auxiliary inputs can be useful for determining which vehicle best suits your needs.

Auxiliary inputs are a common feature in contemporary cars. Here are few well-known automobiles with auxiliary inputs.

Bringing even more convenience and simplicity to your Audi’s interior

The Audi Phone Box is now able to work with the Apple iPhone 6 and 6s thanks to the Audi iPhone Case. The Audi Phone Box is already compatible with a wide range of Qi-enabled mobile phones without the need for a separate case (such as the Samsung Galaxy and the Nokia Lumia series). The newest iPhone models with the Qi-enabled cover may begin charging by simply being put in the center console of your Audi, eliminating the need to plug in a separate wire via the USB port. This ground-breaking function operates on any base station that supports Qi even when you are not in your automobile.

The Audi wireless charging case boasts a light, slim design that permits unrestricted use of the iPhone’s camera lens and flash, headphone port, speakers, and sensors. It is branded with the four Audi rings on the front and back. To fully access the lightning connector for mobile charging, it is very simple to remove the little Qi receiver clip on the bottom of the case. The case offers protection from minor bumps and scrapes and has a lacquered polycarbonate surface that is strong and long-lasting. It has earned Apple MFi certification after meeting the necessary performance criteria, and you may buy it right now from any of our Audi Centers.

The optional Audi Phone Box connection and charging system can be added to a variety of new models, including the A3, A4, A6, A7, Q2, Q7, TT, and R8, as a separate option starting at $325. In addition to enabling wireless charging, it also improves phone signal quality by establishing a wireless connection to the vehicle’s aerial, depending on reception. The additional Bluetooth interface, which enables two mobile phones to be connected to the automobile at once, is another feature of the option.

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Where is the Audi A1’s OBD port?

The position of the Audi A1 (8X) OBD connector (2010 – 2018)

  • Under the steering wheel, on the left, is the connector.
  • The connector is visible above the pedals; there is no cover to remove.
  • the OBD connector.