What Oil Does An Audi A6 Take

For normal driving situations, you can use oil with a viscosity of SAE 5W-40 for gasoline engines in all temperature ranges. If the viscosity grade is not readily accessible, you can use 5W-30 or another grade as long as it satisfies the appropriate Audi oil-quality requirement. Use SAE 5W-30 for diesel engines.

Low-Shear-Rate Viscosity for 5w30 and 5w40

At 100g, the viscosity of 40 ranges from 12.5 to 16.3 mm2/s. At 100g, the operating viscosity of 30 ranges from 9.3 to 12.5 mm2/s. Both oils are 5 grade while they are cold, however at operating temperatures, 5w30 becomes 30 grade and 5w40 becomes 40 grade. With greater temperatures in the summer, 5w40 has a higher viscosity than 5w30, which aids in the motor’s continual operation.

High-Shear Rate Viscosity

This value is a minimum of 3.5 at 150g for a working viscosity of 40. The value of this parameter at 150g must be at least 2.9 for a working viscosity of 30. This indicator largely reveals how much the oil can withstand under extreme loads.


Although it may be utilized by various types of cars and in a variety of temperatures, 5w30 is best in colder climates. Higher mileage engines frequently employ 5w40, which operates better in warmer climates.

An Audi A6 uses how much oil?

The oil fill volume of the Audi A6 3.0L 24V from 2009 to 2016 is 6.9 quarts, or 6.5 liters. 3.0L 24V Audi A6 20172018 The oil fill volume for supercharged engines is 7.2 quarts or 6.8 liters. Oil fill volume for the 3.0L 24V turbocharged engine in the 2019-2020 Audi A6 is 8 quarts (7.6 liters).