What Is The Difference Between Audi A7 Premium And Prestige

The Audi A7 has always ranked highly among luxury big sedans. For 2019, it has also undergone a thorough overhaul. The inside of the new A7 is more contemporary and straightforward. Audi loaded the A7 with cutting-edge hardware and opulent interior accents. The exterior has a sportback roof line and a more athletic appearance. With a lot of storage space, it is also among the greatest cargo hauling vehicles in the class.

In the luxury large car segment, the Audi A7 faces some stiff competition, but it provides buyers with a long list of standard and optional features to keep the attention on what the A7 has to offer. A second touch screen was added to the Audi A7 facelift for more usefulness. Additionally, it has modern LED head and taillamps that precisely illuminate the road. These are only a few of the numerous further technical advancements that are available.

Three trim levels are available for the A7. The Premium trim is the base model, but for the best A7 experience, purchasers can upgrade to the Premium Plus or Prestige trim levels. Along with the S line appearance bundle, there are other add-on packages. To get the most of their shopping experience, buyers should read the rest of this page to discover all of the various combinations of options available for the A7.

Compare the 2019 Audi A7 Premium vs Premium Plus Trim Levels. What is the difference?

Customers can get the Audi A7’s standard features with the Audi A7 Premium. Although the base trim has the lowest price, it also has some very cutting-edge technology. A driver-focused touch screen is available on the A7 Premium to operate the climate controls, seat features, and other fundamental car controls. The interior now feels more minimal because to the secondary touchscreen’s elimination of the necessity for buttons and knobs.

For convenience, a touch screen is located directly to the right of the steering wheel where it can be used to manage the navigation, Bluetooth, and audio. A seven-inch color driver information center is also included in the Premium trim for the instrument cluster.

Tri-zone climate control, shifter paddles placed on the steering wheel for manual transmission control, and power-adjustable heated mirrors are all standard on the A7. The steering wheel and mirrors include memory functions as part of the Premium package. Eight-way power adjustment and four-way lumbar adjustment are available on the heated front seats. A memory feature is also present on the driver’s seat.

Interior features of the A7 Premium include a panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery, ambient lighting, and Fine Grain Ash wood inlays. The interior also offers contrast stitching on the seats and dash in Black, Pearl Gray, or Okapi Brown color options.

Additionally, the A7 Premium has cutting-edge driver aid technology. Rear view cameras, front and rear parking assistance, and Audi Presense are all included as standard features. A group of driving assistance technologies known as Audi Presense comprises front collision warning, automated emergency braking, and pedestrian awareness. Additionally, the A7 Premium has automatic rain-sensing wipers.

Customers who purchase the A7 Premium also receive a fantastic entertainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There is also a conventional navigation system. Audi connect services and other cutting-edge mobile device features are included with the A7. The Audi connect system, a paid membership service, enables owners of the A7 to link their mobile device to the vehicle for cutting-edge features including remote locking and starting as well as vehicle locator services.

The audio system has a 180 watt output, 10 speakers, with support for HD and satellite radio. The A7 also has a built-in audio interface and Bluetooth capabilities. Additionally, the A7 has four USB charging connections.

While the A7’s sleek, contemporary interior will undoubtedly draw purchasers searching for a more modern setting, the car’s superb drivetrain and driving features have also been improved. The A7 offers only one available powerplant. It is a moderate hybrid V6 with turbocharging. With a 335 horsepower output, the engine can reach 60 mph in around five seconds. Additionally, it offers fuel efficiency that is above average, getting 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the interstate.

Additionally, the A7’s recently revised quattro all-wheel drive system boasts improved AWD capabilities. To adapt to changing road conditions, the AWD actively switches power between the front and rear axles. Additionally, torque vectoring is a feature. To improve handling and cornering ability, the A7 will automatically apply brake force to any wheels that are not in use. It has a tuned transmission as well. The seven-speed dual clutch transmission in the A7 provides exceptional performance and shifting.

Three additional add-on packages are available for the A7 Premium. Audi side assist and rear sense capabilities are included in the Convenience package. The rear cross traffic alarm is also included. A phone signal booster and wireless charging capabilities for mobile devices are also included in the Convenience package. This improvement also gives the mirrors the ability to power fold.

The heated steering wheel and heated back seats are part of the Cold Weather package. Additionally, 20 more cameras can be added to the A7 Premium “double-V shaped spoke wheels. A black fabric headliner, additional rear airbags, and a CD/DVD player are further unique add-ons. Customers can also purchase embellishments with Dark Brown Walnut Wood Grain for the interior.

Customers can purchase a base-model Audi luxury sedan equipped with a number of high-end upgrades and features with the A7 Premium. Customers must upgrade to the A7 Premium Plus if they want access to the A7’s most interesting and cutting-edge features.

Exterior improvements include a headlight washer system and improved headlights and taillights are included with the Premium Plus. It has top-notch lighting technology installed. The LED headlights and taillights have a vertical beam matrix. Over 20 tiny LED bulbs make up the lights, which produce a more dynamic lighting experience. The dynamic taillights illuminate sequentially to show the driver’s desire to turn. When the driver gets in or out of the vehicle, the lights also flash sequentially. The headlights include more than twenty LED vertical lights and are as precise as lasers. Additionally, the headlights include automatic high beams.

An overhead view camera is also a feature of the Premium Plus, which provides information about the area around the car. The driver may conveniently zoom in on the image from the overhead camera. The 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit digital instrument cluster is another feature of the Premium Plus. It can be adjusted to the desires of the driver.

An additional feature of the Premium Plus is a Band & Olufsen 3D audio system. More than 700 watts of power and 15 speakers are present.

All of the convenience package features for the Premium trim level are also included in the Premium Plus trim level.

Customers can choose from four additional bundles for the A7 with the Premium Plus. Four-zone climate control, rear window sunshades, ventilated front seats, and lumbar adjustments for the passenger seat are all included in the Warm Weather package.

The A7’s interior is upgraded with Valcona leather seats thanks to the Contour Seating package. Additionally, the front seats have an 18-way motorized reclining mechanism with memory for the passenger seat. Additional leather trim and Achat Gray fine grain birch wood inlays further improve the interior. Valcona leather in perforated Black, pearl beige, or sarder brown are the available colors for this seating modification.

The Premium Plus trim level of the A7 offers the S Line package, which has a sport tuned suspension and a lower, more athletic stance. Additionally, it sports exterior badging and a grill that is more aggressive. Also available is illuminated access on the S Line. For the S Line, Tango Red Metallic and Daytona Gray Pearl are available as exterior colors.

An innovative sign recognition system that scans the road for alerts in the form of traffic signs and sends that information to the driver is part of the Driver Assistance package for the A7 Premium Plus trim level. In addition, this package comes with advanced adaptive cruise control, junction assistance, and lane keep assist.

The stand-alone options that are available with the Premium trim are also available with this trim level. Additionally, purchasers get access to the 20-piece Cold Weather package “wheel bundle.

Compare the 2019 A7 Premium Plus vs Prestige Trims. What is the difference?

Numerous standard and optional equipment are offered with the Premium Plus trim package on the 2019 Audi A7. Many purchasers will find the optional features and enhanced head and taillights to be a wonderful value, but those looking for the best Audi A7 possible should check out the Prestige trim level.

The Premium Plus trim level has all the features of the Prestige trim level plus the optional cold weather package features as standard equipment. It also has power-closing doors and a head-up display for the driver. Multicolor features are part of the Prestige’s ambient lighting package. Additionally, it has dual pane acoustic glass.

The Prestige trim level also comes with a ton of standalone choices and add-on packages. The Adaptive Chassis Package is one of the most cutting-edge products. The driver can alter the shock absorber response to suit their preferred handling and ride. A steering system for the rear wheels is also part of the adaptive chassis package, which enhances handling.

The S Line package, the Cold Weather package, and the 20-inch wheel package are still available to buyers. Additionally, they have the option of adding the Driver Assistance Package and Individual Contour Seating package, both of which are offered on the Preferred Plus.

A 21-inch wheel option that gives the Prestige a five-spoke star design and summer performance tires is also available.

All of the formerly available options for the Preferred Plus are now stand-alone add-on features for the Prestige trim level. A night vision capability that can detect large animals and pedestrians in the dark is also an upgrade available to buyers. Another option is the Band & Olufsen sophisticated 3D sound system, which has 1800 watts of power and even more acoustic capabilities.

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Which Trim Level to Choose?

It’s challenging to choose between these three trim options. It will come down to whatever characteristics the majority of consumers really must have. Only the Preferred Plus trim level has some of the more sophisticated amenities, like as sign recognition and adaptive cruise control, which adds around $2,750 to the $72,000 price tag.

With so many options available at the higher trim levels for buyers wishing to mix and match packages, it makes sense to do so in order to take advantage of the best possibilities. The cost of acquiring all the best features might not be justified given that the night vision, adaptive suspension with all-wheel steering, and top-tier audio system are all in different packages.

The greatest powerplant is available in the base Preferred trim level, which also has quattro all-wheel drive capabilities. Additionally, it is the most affordable way to purchase a brand-new A7. The Preferred trim level costs roughly $68,000, but buyers will find it to be a desirable option due to its recent redesign and extensive list of opulent standard amenities.

What distinguishes an Audi prestige from a premium model?

The price is the key distinction between the Premium Plus and Prestige trims. The starting MSRP for a new 2018 Audi Q7 Premium Plus is $53,900, while the starting MSRP for a new 2018 Q7 Prestige is $65,400. The Prestige’s improved comfort features and cutting-edge technology are reflected in the price differential.

The Audi A7 Prestige Package is what.

A7 Prestige Audi A head-up display, traffic sign recognition, junction aid, heated and ventilated front seats, quad-zone automatic climate control, and these features are added to the Prestige level. For an additional $2,900, you can get a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

What variations of the Audi A7 are there?

The Audi lineup for this year is nothing short of spectacular, and purchasers will be delighted by the wide range of reliable options. One of the alternatives is the Audi A7 from 2021. Audi enthusiasts will find that this luxurious hatchback offers plenty of thrills thanks to its imposing appearance and superb driving performance.

But there is a high price to pay. The A7 is significantly more expensive than some of its rivals, particularly as you climb the trim level ladder. The starting price for the lowest trim is just about $70,000 MSRP, which is already astronomical. Not to mention, some of the more affordable competitors function and offer more standard features more effectively overall. Given that the A7’s base engine is a genuine gas guzzler, gas prices for the A7 increase even further.

The 2021 Audi A7 comes in three trim levels: Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige, just like it did the previous year. However, there is a S7 model that bypasses the Premium trim and costs more than the Premium Plus and Prestige. Both of these cars share a similar sloping roofline and athletic body angles.

The A7 is not an exception to Audi’s interior upgrades happening this year. A7 features two touchscreen displays (an 8.8-inch top infotainment display and a bottom 8.6-inch vehicle information display). However, you can upgrade to a 12.3-inch bottom car info screen and a 10.1-inch top infotainment screen.

The 3.0-L turbocharged V6 that powers the A7 as standard produces 335 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. With this much power, driving is fun, especially when you consider how rapidly the A7 can accelerate. Naturally, the S7 far outperforms this with a robust 444 horsepower output from its engine.

We will go over the available trim levels for 2021 so you can determine whether the A7 would be a suitable fit for you. Please continue reading until the conclusion, where we will state which trim level we believe is the greatest option.

Compare the 2021 Audi A7 Premium vs Premium Plus Trims. What is the difference?

The Premium trim level is at the top of the list. The Premium Plus is the mid-level trim that will sit above it. The 3.0-L turbo V6 is a mechanical feature that is shared by both trim levels and most of its technical specifications. Additionally, both of them are available as an e-Plug-in Hybrid Quattro. This model’s 2.0-L 4-cylinder gas engine with an electric motor offers a maximum output of 362 horsepower, standard all-wheel drive (thus the name Quattro), and all-wheel drive as standard. While the gas engine has a 24-valve setup, it has a 16-valve valvetrain. The plug-in accelerates more slowly, taking 5.7 seconds to reach 60 mph as opposed to the gas engine’s 5.2 seconds.

Its engine block is also made of cast iron rather than aluminum alloy. However, the gas engine does come with a 48-volt mild hybrid system in addition to the 14.1 kWh battery. The gas and hybrid engines with all-wheel drive and ultra technology come with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. For either the gas-powered or hybrid powertrains, the Premium Plus offers a sport suspension as an option. A standard 5-link front independent steel spring suspension and another are included with both the Premium and Premium Plus models.

Let’s now look at the list of amenities that are included as standard in the Premium trim. In case you need to make a rapid repair, it contains a floor jack, a vehicle tool kit, a tire pressure monitoring system, and a LATCH system for the back seats. Additionally, it boasts body-colored side mirrors, an LED interior lighting system, full LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED taillights with dynamic turn signals, and aluminum trim around the exterior of the windows.

Beautiful Fine Grain Ash Natural Brown Wood inlays are another feature of the Premium. There are carpeted floor mats, an armrest in the center of the front seat, and leather upholstery. Aluminum door sill inlays, a 3-spoke multi-function steering wheel with paddle shifters, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror with an integrated Toll Module and digital compass, extendable sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors, 3-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats, and a 40/20/40-split folding rear seat are all standard. A power panoramic sunroof is also included. A rear-view camera is standard equipment, and the driver’s seat has 4-way lumbar support.

Along with those, other standard features include heat-insulating glass for the back and side windows, high beam assist, Audi drive select, a camera distance sensor, and silver 20-inch Audi Sport 5-double-arm wheels. Other optional features include Audi pre sense basic, cruise control, SiriusXM satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, the HomeLink garage door opener, Audi connect with the MMI Navigation plus system, and Audi pre sense front. Audi’s lowest trim really does include a ton of standard amenities.

The Premium Plus adds some noticeable improvements to all of that. With this model level, you have dynamic daytime running lights and LED taillights with a rear indication. Additionally, it adds a full leather package and a headlight washer system to the vehicle (meaning you get leatherette on the upper instrument panel, door shoulders, door armrests, and the center console). The rear-view camera is replaced with a top-view 360-degree surround-view camera (with parking assistance), and Audi adaptive cruise control includes turn assist and traffic congestion assist.

The Premium Plus receives the addition of the Audi Virtual Cockpit, providing you with a digital instrument cluster up front with a variety of additional capabilities. Additionally, the size of the conventional twin screens has increased, as we already said. The Audi Phone Box includes wireless charging as standard. Additionally, a Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium Sound System, HD Matrix LED headlights with animation and dynamic turn signals, Audi side assist, and Audi pre sense rear and basic are all included.

Compare the 2021 Audi A7 Premium Plus vs Prestige Trim Level. What is the difference?


The A7 has a powertrain that serves up plenty of power, and the plug-in hybrid variant will save you a little bit at the pump. Unfortunately, the gas-powered engine is thirsty as can be, with 24 mpg combined (from 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway) as estimated by the EPA. These numbers are far below industry average for this segment and only serve to enhance the overall cost of owning the 2021 Audi A7. Not to mention, this vehicle is rated for premium gas. The S7 is too, and the cost for its enhanced performance is even greater, coming in at 22 mpg combined (18 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway) – yikes.

If you are settled on purchasing the 2021 Audi A7, there is one trim level that we recommend, and that is the base Premium trim level. If we are being honest here, the Premium comes with everything you could possibly need and a lot of what you might want in terms of infotainment and safety features. The smaller infotainment and vehicle data screens will not overtake as much of the dash as the larger screens on the Premium Plus and Prestige. There are also enough driver aids to keep you feeling secure without overwhelming you with false notifications. Navigation comes standard, but you can always switch to the app you have on your Android or iPhone via the smartphone app integration features from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

We also think that the Premium trim level gives a decent choice of options that help you customize the vehicle without racking up a hefty price tag. We do, however, advocate staying with the basic suspension for a nice ride quality – something that Audi does very well in the A7.

Overall, the 2021 Audi A7 offers a decent assortment of trim level choices that cater to the luxury buyer. The fastback style might not be for everyone, but those who enjoy this look will undoubtedly take notice of the A7 this year.