Is Audi Connect Worth It 2018

Does Audi Connect merit the cost? The answer, in our opinion, is a resounding yes!

What is the cost of Audi Connect services?

beginning at $85 per month Google EarthTM, Advanced 3D City View, Predictive Route Guidance, Natural Voice Recognition, Audi Traffic Light Information, and more are included.

Audi Connect’s duration is how long?

Scroll down to Functions on Demand in the myAudi app and select Go To Shop. The licenses that are available will be displayed along with the functions that they will enable for your car. You may be able to acquire numerous licences allowing you access to various functions, depending on the type and age of your Audi. There are one-month and one-year license options.

Audi Internet is it free?

Tired of things going wrong while you’re driving? You can get all the information you need while driving from the Audi Connect infotainment system, including weather, traffic, and directions. You will also have Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality, Internet search functionality, and social media integration in addition to the industry’s best navigation software.

You must register for a free myAudi account and buy an Audi Connect Subscription in order to utilize Audi Connect. If you’re buying or leasing a brand-new Audi, this shouldn’t be a problem because each one comes with a standard 36-month membership.

A Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with a remote SIM Access Profile (SAP) or a separate SIM card with a telephone and data option are also required. You must download the myAudi app from the Google Play or Apple App Store in order to utilize Audi Connect Services to their full potential.

What is the monthly cost of Audi Connect?

Here is everything you need to know about Audi’s linked automobile and infotainment systems, such as Audi Connect and the business’s “MMI” system, without further ado.

Even though it could be tempting to connect a smartphone and only use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, we’ll put them aside for the time being and concentrate on Audi’s own system, named Audi Connect.

Audi Connect, which has three primary components dubbed Connect Care, Connect Prime, and Connect Plus, is primarily a system for gaining access to the navigation system of the vehicle as well as your phone’s contacts and calendar events.

The first is intended for use in an emergency, enabling you to contact roadside help or make an SOS call from within your car in the event of an accident. This SOS system is accessible for free throughout the duration of the car, in contrast to some SOS systems from other manufacturers.

Through the free myAudi app for iPhone and Android, Connect Care also enables remote locking and unlocking of the vehicle. If you can’t remember where you parked your car, you can use the app’s car-finder tool to find it, and Care also aids law enforcement in finding stolen cars.

Additional Connect Care services are available to Audi E-Tron owners, including route planning that takes charge stops into account, phone-based interior temperature management, and control over the battery charging process.

All new Audis come with a free six-month trial of Connect Prime or Connect Plus, after which you can choose to cease using them or pay a subscription fee.

These are not exactly inexpensive. Priced at $199 for six months or $499 for 18 months, Connect Prime is available. If you use the data connection on your smartphone, Connect Plus is a more affordable $10 per month; if you use the car’s own unlimited data service, it is $25 per month.

A voice assistant that uses natural language to control things like the cabin temperature is one of the top features, and Amazon Alexa integration allows you to ask questions, play music, and manage your smart home devices. Other standout features include Google Earth mapping imagery in the car’s navigation system.

The last option is Connect Plus, which establishes a Wi-Fi network inside your vehicle to which you may connect electronics like smartphones and tablets. Internet radio streaming and access to Amazon Music are also included with Connect Plus.

The car’s own SIM card, which is either embedded and out of sight or found in a slot in the glove box, is used to receive data for the complete Connect system.

MMI, which stands for man and machine interface, is the name of Audi’s infotainment system’s user interface. This is distributed among three digital displays: an instrument panel behind the steering wheel, a screen for maps and entertainment in the center of the dashboard, and a screen below it for climate control, heated seats, and other important functions. Above is a photo of the latter.

You can write with your finger on this lower screen to enter information, such as a destination for the navigation system. In other variants, this display is swapped out for a more conventional scroll wheel that may be used to move about the interface by rotating, pressing, tapping, and swiping. Below is a picture of this.

Traditional speedometers and rev counters, along with gasoline and temperature indicators on either side, can be seen on the instrument panel behind the steering wheel. Alternately, these might be shrunk to make room for a huge map display that takes up the most of the screen.

All Audi vehicles come standard with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay starting with the 2020 model year. Some versions come with wireless CarPlay as well, but like with most manufacturers, the selection is currently relatively constrained.

As we already explained, you may remotely lock and unlock the vehicle using the free myAudi app for iOS and Android. Additionally, make sure the lights are off and that the windows, hood, tailgate, and sunroof are all closed. The app displays the amount of fuel or battery charge left, the predicted range, the current mileage of your car, and any cautions that are now being displayed by its computer (such as low oil or incorrect tire pressure).

The app helps you find the closest dealer and provides information on how many miles or days it will be before your next service and oil change. Alerts can be set up to notify you if your car exceeds a specific speed or exits a geofenced region (letting you know if your kids have driven off-road).

Finally, valet mode can be activated via the app to limit the performance and functionality of the car when it is being driven by someone else, such as the hotel valet.

An Apple Watch app is also available to provide information about your car’s location, mileage, whether any windows are open, and remaining range.

Do you have remote start with Audi Connect?

Concerning the availability of Audi remote start, many drivers ask. In fact, it’s one of the car features that Audi drivers most frequently ask for.

Although they can be added later through a dealership or aftermarket installation business, Audi automobiles do not unfortunately come equipped with full remote start features. Audi vehicles instead come with the Audi Advanced Key, which provides many equivalent advantages.

Consider the details in this brief review if you’re trying to decide between the Audi Remote Start and the Audi Advanced Key.

What is Remote Start?

A highly advanced feature called remote start was first generally made available by GM in 2003. By using a unique key FOB or smartphone app, these systems enable a motorist to start their vehicle from anywhere within a specific range. Once turned on, the vehicle will operate on its own for a certain period of time, typically 10 or 15 minutes.

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Audi Remote Start Availability

Audi remote starters have only been an aftermarket option for many years, but owners have found them to be a popular addition. While remote start has gained popularity in the United States, many international automakers have been sluggish to include this function because of laws in other countries.

Historically, remote start has not been an option for Audi automobiles. The use of a remote start is prohibited in Germany, where Audi is headquartered. Due to this, despite the fact that their key fobs can support the technology, remote start will probably never arrive as standard on any Audi vehicles.

Older Audi models can be modified with the same technology in addition to having Audi remote start installed on new ones. Some Audi retailers are now offering the option to configure your OEM key with remote start functionality in response to consumer demand. As an added bonus, the myAudi app can be installed to let you operate your remote start system from your phone.

Other vehicle accessory vendors also offer aftermarket installation.

Audi Advanced Key Capabilities

Instead of remote start, Audi offers the Audi Advanced Key, a remote start variant with keyless entry and push-button start/stop functionality. The vehicle’s doors and trunk contain proximity sensors that turn on when you and your important approach are about 5 feet away from the car. This system uses these sensors to work.

With Audi Advanced Key, you can start your car and open the doors without having to search through your pockets or handbag for the keys.

Audi Advanced Key users can start the car using a push start system without inserting a key, albeit this is not a true remote start. For many drivers, this can be a practical substitute for remote starting.

Additionally, the Audi Advanced Key enables saved driver profiles that reset the seat and mirror configurations in the car to the preferred memory settings.

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It’s important to note that the myAudi app allows remote car access to be managed from any location. Drivers can now directly unlock the car from the smartphone thanks to this.

Despite not being a fully functional remote start, the Audi Advanced Key offers many of the same advantages and perks, such as not having to fiddle with a key.

Pros & Cons of Remote Start

Using remote start is optional and depends on personal preference. There are numerous justifications for and against using remote starting. Among the advantages and disadvantages are:


  • Weather Adjustment Depending on the weather where you live, being able to warm (or cool down) your car before you get in using a remote start might be a significant benefit or even a requirement. Prior to even leaving your door, it gives your engine time to warm up for the best driving conditions.
  • Convenience
  • The last thing you want to do is having to fiddle with your key while holding a kid who is wriggling or a bunch of shopping bags in your hands. With remote start, you can access your car without getting in it, saving you time and freeing up your hands. Because remote start allows users to regulate the temperature inside the vehicle, many people prefer it to all other technologies. Advanced remote start features available today include access to mobile apps and specific climate control settings.

reduces time Being able to start your car before you leave your house might save you time, especially during the winter. The ice and snow on your windshield will automatically melt in a heated car, saving you time in the morning and offering you a better alternative to getting out the ice scraper.

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  • Pollution Running your car when you aren’t in it will always burn more petrol and cause extra pollution. (Many remote start systems have an automatic shut-off mechanism that kicks in after 10 or 15 minutes to help combat this.)
  • CostIf you frequently use the feature, utilizing all that extra fuel at the pump can add up to more money spent overall than the cost of installing remote start as an option or aftermarket modification to your car.
  • Legal Requirements
  • It’s against the law in several regions of the world to leave a car engine running when no one is inside. Although privacy worries about facilitating auto theft are also an issue, pollution and environmental concerns are the primary drivers of these rules.

Does Audi Have an Official Remote Start feature?

Audi doesn’t officially offer a Remote Start option. Since the majority of Audis are produced in Germany, where it is prohibited to operate a vehicle without a driver in the driver’s seat, the automaker is unable to legally add Remote Start to its models.

A remote start key fob-like device known as the Audi advanced key is an additional option.

Is it illegal to idle your car?

As was already established, leaving your automobile on the driveway might have both legal and environmental repercussions. Depending on the state you reside in, such as Arizona, California, New York, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and many others, leaving your automobile running for an extended period of time may be prohibited.

For your reference, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a list of states having anti-idling statutes.

Will an aftermarket Remote Start void my warranty?

No. It’s a common misconception among dealerships that anything that wasn’t installed by them will nullify your warranty. According to the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act, if you utilize an aftermarket device properly and without causing any damage to the vehicle, the automaker cannot revoke your new car warranty.

Final Thoughts

Although remote start is not a standard function on any Audi vehicle, it can be installed through an aftermarket update if the advantages are significant enough to you. However, since the Audi Advanced Key provides many of the same benefits without the added security risks associated with a remote start, you might decide that leaving your car in its current condition is a preferable choice.

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