How To Reset Service Light On 2009 Audi A4

Step 1: Start the engine and press the “Trip Reset” button.

  • Pull the lever that is situated on the instrument cluster’s right side (trip reset button).
  • Turn the knob back.
  • Turn the left-hand knob all the way around.
  • Look for the following message on the display: “Service In Miles Days or Service!”
  • Reverse the knob one more time.

Why does my Audi A4 indicate that service is due?

The Audi “Service Due” indicator light indicates when a service is necessary, which is every 10,000 miles or after a year has passed since your previous maintenance. When it’s time for your next service, a wrench-shaped indicator light on your dashboard will turn on.

  • Launch the engine.
  • To access the service menu, press the CAR button.
  • Use the MMI Controller’s bottom left button to navigate to CAR SYSTEMS from there.
  • From the CAR SYSTEMS menu, scroll to the SERVICE & CHECKS option.
  • and then click RESET OIL CHANGE INTERVAL.
  • To ensure the reset is complete, turn off the ignition and restart.

  • Turn the ignition to the ON position without starting the engine while holding down the SERVICE button (the button with the wrench icon).
  • when it says on the LCD “? SERVICE IN Release the SERVICE button and hold down the ODOMETER reset button (0.0) until “SERVICE INMILES DAYS or “service!” appears “SERVICE! is shown
  • The reset is finished when you switch the ignition to the OFF position.
  • Press and hold the right button on the instrument cluster while the ignition is off.
  • Turn the ignition to the ON position while holding the button.
  • then click the left instrument cluster button.
  • The reset process has finished.

  • Press and hold the TRIP reset button while the ignition is in the OFF position. Then, without starting the car, turn the ignition to the ON position.
  • When the TRIP button is released, “SERVICE IN??? Service or MI?
  • When the display resets, press and hold the clock SET button on the instrument panel until you may release it.
  • Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position when “SERVICE IN 10000 MI” shows in the display.

On a 2009 Audi Q7, how do you reset the service light?

Audi Q7 Service Due Light Reset for Model Years 2007 through 2015:

  • Start the car.
  • To access the service menu, press the CAR button.
  • Use the MMI Controller’s bottom left button to navigate to CAR SYSTEMS from there.
  • The CAR SYSTEMS menu will scroll to, and you can choose SERVICE & CHECKS there.
  • Choose the SERVICE INTERSTS.

The definition of service due

Service The day that the service will be made available to the customer, as specified in the firm order confirmation or any other written notice from KFN to the customer, is referred to as the due date.

An Audi inspection service is what?

It’s a task that is on the service schedule; I didn’t ask them to perform anything. Since it was only at roughly 15k when the oil service was completed, the inspection was postponed until 19k.

A backup oil service and inspection service would typically be available. A standard inspection service includes an oil change along with part or all of the air, fuel, and spark plug filters.…

The reason for the low cost is that I believe you only received the inspection service and an oil change. Your invoice’s failure to list parts, etc. astounds me. Why not get further information from the dealer?