How To Reset Audi Service Due

Step 1: Start the engine and press the “Trip Reset” button.

  • Pull the lever that is situated on the instrument cluster’s right side (trip reset button).
  • Turn the knob back.
  • Turn the left-hand knob all the way around.
  • Look for the following message on the display: “Service In Miles Days or Service!”
  • Reverse the knob one more time.

Why does the service due message on my Audi A4?

The Audi “Service Due” indicator light indicates when a service is necessary, which is every 10,000 miles or after a year has passed since your previous maintenance. When it’s time for your next service, a wrench-shaped indicator light on your dashboard will turn on.

The definition of service due

Service The day that the service will be made available to the customer, as specified in the firm order confirmation or any other written notice from KFN to the customer, is referred to as the due date.

When is My Audi Due for Service?

There are usually two options depending on the service regime you choose. Regardless of the Audi service plan you select, your Multi-Media Interface and myAudi account will notify you when it’s due for a service.

Flexible Audi Service Regime

  • Based on oil degradation, oil service. Maximum of two years or 18,600 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Every 18,600 miles or two years, whichever comes first, requires an inspection service.

Fixed Audi Service Regime

  • 9300 miles or one year, whichever comes first, for oil changes.
  • Every 18,600 miles or two years, whichever comes first, an inspection is required.

There is no mileage cap on the fixed-inpsection service that some electric Audi vehicles receive every two years.

On a 2016 Audi A4, how do you reset the service light?

Reset of the 2016 Audi A4/S4 service interval

  • Start the car. To access the SERVICE INTERVAL DISPLAY, press the CAR button. You should choose RESET OIL CHANGE INTERVAL.
  • To access the CAR SYSTEMS, press the CAR button. Make the choice SERVICING & CHECKS. You should choose RESET OIL CHANGE INTERVAL. OFFSET the ignition.