How To Change Language On Audi A3

The Audi A3’s dashboard is typically set up with the engine running to preserve the battery. To ensure that you maintain your attention on the road, it is best to carry out this kind of activity while you are not driving.

Set the language of the dashboard on Audi A3:

It can be challenging to carry out the various setups on an Audi A3 if the language set is not your native tongue. The proper language should therefore be displayed on the dashboard as a first step. To accomplish this, it helps to understand how to relate to icons and other buttons, which in most cases prove to be rather intuitive. Alternatively, you can look through the appropriate language version of your Audi A3’s service handbook.

Then, generally speaking, the languages are situated near the time setting at the level of the parameter section. Usually, doing things in this manner shouldn’t take more than a minute. You must travel through the menu to discover the parameter tab, which is typically represented by a toothed wheel, followed by the language icon. You can choose the language that best suits you from the suggested list once you’re on the language configuration screen.

It is occasionally possible to carry out the technique at the level of valance, although doing so will be less natural.

Choose the language for voice control on Audi A3:

Recognize that the dashboard language chosen in the configurations matches the language of the voice command. As a result, if your console is in English, the voice command will likewise be in English in this instance. On the dashboard, you won’t be able to select two different languages.

You should be aware that not all of the languages that you choose for the on-board computer will always be voice control equivalent. This means that when you select a language that isn’t meant for voice control, it will be turned off immediately. The voice command will be blocked, for instance, if you select Russian on the on-board computer but there is no voice command icon present.

Set the language of the GPS navigation system on Audi A3:

If your Audi A3 has a navigation system, it will be helpful if it is set to your language because it may otherwise be challenging to understand the steering instructions. Be mindful that the GPS system’s language matches the language set on the dashboard when using voice control, though. Therefore, once you have changed the language in the settings, your Audi A3’s built-in GPS should generally be affected.

On the other hand, if your automobile didn’t come with a GPS system built in, you’ll need to adjust the GPS specifications. Given that it is not connected to the vehicle’s dashboard, you can then have two different languages.

In regards to the language setting, if you are still unable to alter it, you can visit your dealer, but it will undoubtedly cost money.

On my Audi Q3, how do I change the language?

Decide between the MENU and control buttons. Install MMI. The language of the voice guiding * and speech dialogue system *, as well as the texts displayed on the MMI display and the driver information system, can all be changed. The market determines how many languages are offered.

On my Audi A1, how do I change the language?

The language of the navigation guidance and speech dialogue systems, as well as the language of the texts displayed on the MMI display and the driver information system, can all be changed.

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Russian, and Polish are the available languages.

There is no Czech or Polish Link voice entry or command functionality in the spoken conversation system.

Audi Q3: Is it a Quattro?

The Q3 has a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces either 184 or 228 horsepower; in either case, an eight-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive are included as standard equipment. We spent some time driving a Q3 equipped with the more powerful of the two engines, and while we found the engine to have adequate power, our test car wasn’t as quick as some competitors, and we experienced a delay between the movement of our right foot and the engine’s response (read: turbo lag). However, even in regular operation, its transmission changed smoothly, and in S mode, it offered sportier responses. Thankfully, the suspension softened all but the roughest blemishes in the road. The Q3 has direct steering that feels light to the touch, which gives it a feeling of quickness. When thrown down a winding road, the small SUV moves with the same grace as its larger siblings.

Is the initial Audi service free?

Porsche and Audi Audi covered the initial maintenance visit for previous model years in the 201721 time frame, which is recommended to occur after 10,000 miles or one year. But the program is no longer available. Beginning with the 2018 model year, Porsche, a sister brand of the Volkswagen Group, adds a year of free maintenance.

On my Audi Q5, how do I change the language?

Language of the Audi Q5’s MMI menu. Function selector button, choose Control button in SETUP Menu language settings. The language of the navigation guidance and speech dialogue systems, as well as the language of the texts displayed on the MMI display and the driver information system, can all be changed.


The letters of the alphabet are pronounced as follows and can be phonetically spelled as follows: A = ah. B = bay. C = tsay. D = day.

How can the language be changed on my 2012 Audi A6?

To change the menu language on the phone, select a language. To configure the language to match that of the MMI system, select Same as MMI. The Input language changes to the same setting as the Menu language when you do.

Change the language used to enter text messages and for templates by choosing an input language. You can also choose the input language when you open a new text message by tapping the Options control button.

For Audi, what does MMI stand?

You will have fewer control buttons to press thanks to the Audi MMI (Multi Media Interface) system, which streamlines audio, vehicle settings, and navigation controls into a single interface. Additionally Bluetooth-enabled for audio and mobile devices, Audi models provide you hands-free access to many features.

The material in Audi owner’s manuals must be used in conjunction with the information from tutorials. For complete details, consult your owner’s handbook. By using this website for information, you acknowledge that your owner’s manual is the primary source for details on your Audi as well as safety precautions.

What MMI model do I have?

The simplest method is to see what software version is currently loaded on the PC. To do this, hit the CAR button to access the vehicle’s menu, then press SETUP or MENU, choose “Version from the submenu, and then read the value from the line with the letters “SW.”

  • BNav XX XXXXX, MMI 3G Low/Basic
  • Highest MMI 3G: HNav XX XXXXX
  • HN+ XX XXXXX or HN+R for MMI 3G+
  • Mib1 for MMI: MHIG XX XXXX
  • Mib2 for MMI: MHI2 XX XXXX

This ought to assist you in selecting the correct firmware version for your vehicle. Any inquiries? Just inquire in the comments or get in touch with me through my contact page.

How do I activate myAudi MMI?

Before turning on the MMI system, you must turn on the ignition. The last primary function you selected will now appear in the menu. The most recent audio source will start to play.

Turn off the ignition to turn off the MMI system. Your preferences will be saved.

Press the ON/OFF button (Fig. 1) or one of the function selector buttons (Fig. 2) for a brief period of time to turn on the MMI system.

Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the MMI is turned off to turn off the MMI system.

If the MMI system was manually shut off the previous time it was used, it will not turn on when the ignition is turned on.

After the ignition is turned off, the MMI system continues to function for about 10 minutes. The MMI system will turn off automatically if no function selector, control, or rotary pushbutton on the MMI control console is pressed within this time frame.

  • The MMI system will turn off automatically if the engine is off and the battery charge level is low.
  • To enable or disable the MUTE function for the selected audio/video source Link, briefly push the ON/OFF button.

MyAudi MMI Update: How Do I?

Put the SD card in slot 1 and access the Engineering Menu in your MMI by selecting the “Update” option. Select SD1 as the source, then choose the firmware and “Standard” on the following page. Depending on the file size, the MMI update should take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.