How Much Is The New Audi Q5

With an MSRP of $44,100, the base 2022 Audi Q5 Premium is slightly more expensive than the class average. The Q5 Premium Plus starts at $49,100 with the standard powertrain, and the Q5 Prestige costs $54,800. With its base engine, the Q5 Sportback is available in three trim levels, with costs ranging from $48,400 to $57,100.

Is the Audi Q5 a wise purchase?

It offers quiet interior, compliant and regulated ride, and agile and secure handling.

A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is mated to the sleek 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine.

Even though it has a lot of power, in our tests this setup managed to get a respectable 24 mpg.

Drivers can alternate between a conventional gauge cluster and a bigger display that can concentrate on audio, phone, or navigational data with the help of the optional Audi Virtual Cockpit.

The 55 TFSI e plug-in hybrid variant claims to have a 20-mile electric-only range.

All Q5 trims include FCW, AEB with pedestrian detection, BSW, and RCTW as standard equipment.

The 2023 model comes standard with highway-speed AEB and adaptive cruise control with traffic congestion assist.

How much is the Audi Q5 Top Model?

The ex-showroom pricing of the Audi Q5 ranges from Rs. 59.9 Lakh to Rs. 65.55 Lakh. while the 45 TFSI Premium Plus’s On-Road Price is Rs. 76.16 Lakh. The most expensive Audi Q5 On-Road model costs Rs. 76.16 Lakh. Audi offers two Q5 models.

Experts claim that the second generation of the Q5 in the diesel form launched the year for Audi with a bang. When we inquired about the petrol version at the time, we were told that it would be available soon. And now the Q5’s gasoline version is finally here.

The Audi Q5 has a total of 2 variations. The most popular ones are 45 TFSI Premium Plus, 45 TFSI Technology, and 45 TFSI Premium Plus.

The starting price for the Q5 is Rs. 58.93 Lakh (ex-showroom), while the starting price for the GLC is Rs. 52.75 Lakh. Get an in-depth comparison of the Q5 and GLC based on features, mileage, cost, and other factors.

Check out the sincere opinions and ratings on the Audi Q5 left by professionals, industry insiders, and Q5 owners. Making the proper decisions requires expert advice.

An Audi Q5 will depreciate 39% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $32,323.

After five years, Audi Q5s retain their value quite well, but when compared to new, they are still only worth approximately 50 cents on the dollar. However, there are many high-quality secondhand ones available, so a savvy consumer ought to be able to get a deal somewhere.

The anticipated depreciation over the following ten years is shown in the figure below. These outcomes apply to cars that travel 12,000 miles annually on average and are in good condition. It also counts on a $53,110 initial selling price. Enter the purchase price, anticipated length of ownership, and yearly mileage estimate. We can estimate the Audi Q5’s anticipated resale value using our depreciation calculator.


Is Audi Q5 maintenance expensive?

During the first ten years of ownership, an Audi Q5 will require roughly $12,068 in maintenance and repairs.

This is $3,646 more expensive than the luxury SUV model industry average. Additionally, there is a 36.25 percent probability that a Q5 will need a significant repair at that time. Compared to comparable automobiles in its sector, this is 3.31 percent better. The following graph shows how these expenses and the likelihood of repairs will rise over time.

BMW versus Audi, which is superior?

BMW’s vehicles, which are made to provide the “ultimate driving experience,” frequently outperform Audi in terms of handling. Because of their overall stronger suspension systems that promote a smooth, pleasant ride, Audi vehicles are significantly less agile than BMW vehicles. BMW is routinely ranked higher for reliability.

What Audi model is the best?

Audi has a distinguished past that goes back further than most people are aware. To compete with bigger rivals like BMW and Mercedes, the company has been expanding more quickly. It is among the top companies in the automotive sector. There is no doubting that Audi has been producing high-quality, elegant, and technologically sophisticated vehicles.

Other outstanding qualities of Audi make them stand apart from the competition. It includes several models that are appropriate for the lifestyle as well as the cutting-edge designs that guarantee the Cars are amazing.

  • 1. Audi 20V Quattro
  • A second Audi Union Type D
  • Audi R8 Series 3.
  • DKW Monza 4.
  • 5. Audi A8
  • Audi RS6 Avant, 6.
  • Audi TT 7.
  • Audi R18 e-tron quattro, number 8.
  • 9. Prototype Audi R8 Le Mans (2000)
  • Audi RSQ8 10.

What is the best-in-class Audi?

The Audi Q7 is a vehicle that many drivers, whether or not they are Audi fanatics, adore, and our list wouldn’t be complete without it. The Audi Q7 now rules the luxury SUV market. The Q7 is unquestionably the best luxury SUV, thanks to Audi’s diligence. This premium SUV from Audi skillfully strikes a balance between elegance, luxury, cutting-edge technology, and driving fervor. It goes without saying that very few individuals have the financial means to purchase this vehicle.

Does the Audi Q5 have many issues?

Issues with Audi Q5 Reliability. 100 complaints from Q5 owners span 12 model years. It has genuine engine and gearbox issues, and our PainRankTM algorithm has placed it 17th out of 19 Audi models in terms of overall reliability.

How long is an Audi Q5 expected to last?

When properly maintained and used cautiously, the Audi Q5 can last anywhere between 150,000 and 200,000 miles on average. The Q5 will provide 10 to 13 years of service before breaking down or needing expensive repairs based on an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometers.

What midsize luxury SUV has the best reliability?

  • Porsche Macan, 2022. $54,900 | 82/100 for Reliability | N/A for USN Overall.
  • 2022 BMW X7: $74,900; 83/100 reliability rating; 8.1/10 overall USN score.
  • $55,625 | 83/100 | USN Overall Score for 2022 Lexus GX | N/A
  • Lexus LX 2022.
  • Buick Envision 2022.
  • Lexus RX Hybrid 2022.
  • Lexus RX 350 in 2022.
  • Lincoln Corsair 2022.