How Much Does An Audi A5 Cost

Value of a 2019 Audi A5: $27,244 to $43,098 | Edmunds.

How much does a brand-new Audi A5 cost?

What Is the Price of the Audi A5? One of the more expensive starting costs in the class is the A5 Sportback’s starting price of $41,800. Models of the A5 coupe start at $44,000, while those of the cabriolet (convertible) variant start at $50,400.

Are Audi A5 vehicles reliable?

The Audi A5: Is It Reliable? The projected dependability rating for the 2022 Audi A5 is 73 out of 100. A predicted reliability score from J.D. Power of 91 to 100 is regarded as the best, 81 to 90 as great, 70 to 80 as medium, and 0-69 as fair and below average.

Is the Audi A5 pricey?

In its first ten years of operation, an Audi A5 will require maintenance and repairs costing roughly $8,687.

This is $2,668 more expensive than the luxury hatchback model industry average. Additionally, there is a 25.29 percent risk that an A5 will need a significant repair at that time. Compared to comparable automobiles in its sector, this is 14.27 percent better. The following graph shows how these expenses and the likelihood of repairs will rise over time.


What does a 2019 Audi A5 cost?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the 2019 Audi A5 Coupe and Sportback is $45,195. The Cabriolet is the most expensive model of the A5, starting at $52,195. The price only rises from here. A fully equipped A5 Coupe or Sportback can cost more than $55,000, while the A5 Convertible can cost up to $60,000.

The Audi A5 is larger than the A4, right?

Audi A4 vs. A5 in 2022: exterior and inside Wheelbase, breadth, and length are almost same between the 2022 A4 and 2022 A5. Due to the sloping roofline and more streamlined appearance of the 2022 A5 Sportback, the 2022 A4 actually stands a little taller.

Audi or BMW costs less to maintain?

Analyzing the data reveals that, when it comes to maintenance expenditures over the first 10 years of a car’s life, both BMWs and Audis are among the most expensive vehicles to keep on the road. The questionable honor of being at the very top of the list belongs to BMWs, nevertheless. This is unexpected considering that every new BMW includes free planned maintenance, including free oil and filter changes, for the first three years or 36,000 miles. The cost of an Audi vehicle does not include free maintenance. Nevertheless, the average BMW costs its owner $17,800 in maintenance in the first 10 years of ownership, more than any other brand. This is especially important for customers who are looking at used and certified pre-owned cars. Although better, Audi’s numbers are still quite dismal. The average Audi owner spends $12,400 on maintenance during the first ten years of ownership. Only Volvo, Cadillac, Mercedes, and BMW vehicles have higher maintenance costs. Not only do these costs cover the cost of the parts, but also the labor involved in providing the service. A substantial but constrained warranty is likewise standard equipment on every new BMW and Audi. A car warranty is provided for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, on every BMW and Audi. Some of the world’s best and most captivating automobiles and SUVs are produced by Audi and BMW. Cross-brand shopping between the two companies is advised. But avoid only online shopping. Take a test drive at the showroom. Take control of these incredible vehicles. Experience the engine’s pull. Play with the infotainment system, the leather, and other features. In the end, you’re buying a luxury car because you want one rather than because you have to. Forget the animosity between BMW and Audi. Purchase the vehicle that captures your attention and thrills your spirit. The greatest one for you and your family will be this one.

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Are Mercedes superior to Audis?

Audi is a clear choice when it comes to performance and dependability since Mercedes only offers all-wheel drive on a few of its models while Audi is all about it. Speaking of which, in a road test conducted by Consumer Reports, Audi defeated Mercedes as the most dependable brand.

Do Audi vehicles have a lot of issues?

Everyone is aware that effective marketing can enable someone to sell sand in the Sahara. In order to obtain useful insight into the attitudes and trends in the automotive sector, Warrantywise, the top-rated provider of vehicle warranties in the UK, conducts a thorough amount of research and polls.

Warrantywise polled 750 British drivers to find out which automakers they considered to be the most dependable, and Audi made it into the top 10. Audi actually placed 28th out of 36 brands on their “Dependability Rating” scale for reliability in 2019. Based on the quantity of reported problems and breakdowns, they determined the rating.

Website for auto repair estimates RepairPal determines each brand’s overall score by calculating the frequency and cost of all repairs, including parts and labor. Audi received an average rating of 3.0 out of 5.0 at the time of writing. However, out of 32 car brands, that places the firm in 28th place.

Is the Audi A5 a car for women?

Top of the list of vehicles for women is the Audi A5. Speaking of her Audi A5 Cabriolet, Glynnis Hazan said, “This is my third one. Audis are well-built, hefty German automobiles that lack the flashiness of some other German automobiles and are more affordable. Her newer model A5 does not have as much space for her golf clubs as her older A4, which had all-wheel drive and a trunk with a soft top. Nevertheless, she continues, “When that top is down at the end of the day, nothing else matters.

Why is the Audi A5 so inexpensive?

Despite having superb engineering, used Audis are quite affordable. They qualify as luxury vehicles, which is why this is the case. Luxury automobiles frequently depreciate over time. Due to the high cost of parts, repairs, and replacement of high-end features, fewer people buy used luxury cars.

Nevertheless, if you keep a few things in mind, purchasing a used Audi could be a smart alternative for you. The Audi is unique for its engineering, design, and longevity.