How Long Does It Take To Order A New Audi

The appeal of special ordering as a method of purchasing or leasing a new Audi has grown. You can save money and get your new Audi personalized to your exact specifications by delaying just a few short months.

Many automobile purchasers may experience frustration while trying to locate their ideal vehicle because a new Audi can be customized in what seems like an infinite number of ways. The first option for any Audi dealer is to sell you one of the few cars they have available on their lot. Great if they have the one you desire. If not, you have three options: choose a car that is “near enough” on the lot, go to a different dealership and hope they have something that fits better, or order the car exactly how you want it. (Cartelligent can assist you in searching inventory across California (and beyond, if necessary) to discover the closest match, or you can place a special order for the vehicle of your dreams.)

What is a special order?

When a customer orders a particular car in the color and options they choose, it is known as a special order, or factory order. Typically, the buyer will select the vehicle’s characteristics online before placing an order with a salesperson at the dealership or through a car-buying service like Cartelligent, which assists customers with the procedure. Direct special orders for vehicles from Audi or the majority of other significant automakers are not accepted.

What are the benefits of a special order?

  • Avoid paying for features you won’t utilize.
  • You want the car set up a certain way.
  • You’re looking for a car with little to no inventory currently available.

On each of these, we’ll elaborate:

If there isn’t enough of your desired car in stock, it could be tempting to choose an available model with comparable attributes. For instance, even though the only Moonlight Blue Metallic S8 you’ve discovered has the $3,000 rear DVD player you don’t really want, it can still be incredibly alluring. While ordering the car takes a little longer, you avoid paying for pricey options that you won’t use.

A new Audi can be customized in hundreds of different ways, unlike many other vehicles that can only be purchased in a limited number of packages.

Consider the Audi Q5 and Toyota Highlander as examples:

The likelihood that you’ll be able to find the Highlander XLE in Silver Sky Metallic in stock is very good considering that there are only seven trims and nine standard colors available. It will be considerably more challenging to find the Q5 Prestige SUV in Cuvee Silver Metallic with the Black Optic Package, though.

In this situation, purchasing the Audi specifically can be a great alternative that enables you to get the color and features you like.

Sometimes it might be very challenging to get a newer model at any dealership, such as the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron, or a rare car, such as the R8. Your best options in this situation are to acquire the car on special or locate an other model that you like just as much.

How much can special ordering an Audi save?

Ordering a vehicle at the very least spares dealers the insurance, lot fees, and other expenses related to having a car sit in inventory. They may be more willing to bargain because the vehicle is less expensive than an in-stock model. Ordering also saves money by avoiding unnecessary fees for things that aren’t needed, as was mentioned above.

How long does a special order usually take?

Special ordering requires more time than purchasing a car off the lot. The bulk of Audi SUVs (made in the US) take between 6 to 10 weeks to complete, whereas German-produced cars take 8 to 12 weeks. For individuals who would want to enjoy driving their new car on Audi’s home ground, the company also offers pick-up of special orders in Germany (see European Delivery: Want a European holiday with your new car?).

How do I decide what I want?

The ordering process is made simple on the Audi website. They provide interactive elements so you can imagine the vehicle and choose exactly what you want. These capabilities let you compare and contrast options and colors. Your Cartelligent representative can also guide you through your choices so you can choose the ones that are most essential to you.

Can I still negotiate on the price of the vehicle?

Yes, however this ought to be done in advance of placing the order. It will be far more challenging to convince the Audi dealership to be flexible on price once you have placed your order for the car. However, the dealership might not be willing to haggle much on price if the vehicle has a low inventory and a strong demand because they can only order a certain number of vehicles.

Can I take advantage of current lease and finance incentives?

When you order a vehicle from Audi, you won’t be able to lock in the lease and financing rates, but you will be able to take advantage of any promotions that are running when the car is delivered.

How much money does it cost to place the order?

When placing an order, the majority of Audi dealers may ask for a deposit (Cartelligent clients very rarely pay this). If the customer ultimately decides not to buy the car when it is delivered, the deposit is normally refunded.

What happens if I change my mind?

Nothing Up until the moment you pick up the vehicle and sign the contract, you can change your mind at any time. If you made a fully refundable deposit, you ought to get your money back.

What if I need my new Audi immediately?

Special ordering is generally not the greatest choice if you require a new car right away. If the automobile you desire isn’t available, you’ll have to look at vehicles with comparable attributes that will suit your needs or make compromises on color and choices.

Can I lease an Audi that is special ordered?

Yes. Since our clients who are currently on leases know exactly when they will need a new car and can take advantage of that time frame to order the car exactly how they want it, we frequently advise special orders to them.

How do I place a special order?

To place your order and haggle over the price of your particular order, you must visit a dealer unless you use a car buying service like Cartelligent. Don’t let the automobile on the lot that is the wrong color and with the incorrect choices convince you to change your mind; be ready to stand your position. Instead of having to wait a few weeks for the commission on an ordered automobile, they would prefer to sell you a car that is currently in stock. Inform them that you are there to place an order and that you will need their assistance.

Special ordering might be a great option to get your new Audi set up precisely how you want it if you have flexibility with timing or can start the process ahead of when you need your new car. Whether you’re looking at a vehicle that is specially ordered or one that is already in stock, Cartelligent can help you find a great bargain on what you need. To get started, contact our team of car-buying professionals at 888-427-4270.

How long does it take to get an Audi delivered?

We contacted a few nearby dealers right once in response to Terry’s surprising upturn in luck to see if car customers and the media could be slightly exaggerating the issue of delivery delays. The bad news is that they aren’t, for the most part. The good news is that, like Terry, you might occasionally come across a new automobile that hasn’t been sold and is searching for a home.

We found some valuable unsold motors in only one medium-sized town, as well as some brand-new ones that might arrive in the following month or two. Our trade sources confirm this notion by reporting that dealer stocks do exist but vary greatly in quantity across the nation and do not cover all criteria. Unsurprisingly, large dealer groups provide the best selection for the majority of brands. Otherwise, dealers made it clear that even if you choose the entry-level model in dread blue, you will still need to wait in line if it is not in stock.

Naturally, the situation is equally mixed at the manufacturer level. For instance, trade sources claim that Jaguar Land Rover is quickly reaching its production capacity and that Defender orders for 2022 builds are no longer being accepted. It’s rumored that Mercedes-Benz is also halting factory orders for a few models. Audi builds no vehicles for stock and typically takes six to nine months to produce a vehicle. Volkswagen is claiming delivery dates for some models that go all the way to October 2022that’s 12 months away. The Golf GTI and R, Touareg and ID 4, as well as particular Golfs from the R-Line, Tiguans, and Tourans, are among them.

However, according to our sources, Volvo can construct and deliver a car in about three months, while BMW can deliver slightly more quickly (depending on the model and specification). According to our sources, the corporation is eager to expand its EV and hybrid registrations in order to avoid emissions-based fines, therefore hybrids are more likely to be supplied during this time range.

Regarding the volume brands, it appears that factory order lead times are less for Citroen, Fiat, Nissan, Renault, and Vauxhall (three to four months at most). For Hyundai and Kia, the situation is even better because their build periods have decreased to weeks as opposed to months, which has enabled them to register their best-ever September for new car sales.

Customers might also have to accept reduced equipment levels after waiting for their automobiles, according to Jay Nagley of automotive consultancy Redspy. “According to him, automakers are not just reducing production but also equipment levels. ” But this is essentially swimming against the current. The switch to EVs necessitates the use of more semiconductors. According to research company ID Tech Ex, an EV has 2.3 times as many chips as a car with a gasoline engine.

Long wait times are bad news for car enthusiasts and those who simply want a new vehicle, but picture yourself as a company fleet manager having to explain to irate employees why they can’t have the EVs they’ve been promised and which would lower their benefit-in-kind tax liability to one pence “According to Paul Hollick, chairman of the Association of Fleet Professionals, “people get really cranky. “Many fleets that ordered electric vehicles are unable to receive them, forcing them to extend their current vehicle leases, which results in higher tax payments for the employees.

“Fleet managers would prefer to assist by sourcing whatever is offered, but they are unable to sacrifice residual values or safety. Additionally, it is not allowed for one person in the same pay grade to receive something better or different from their coworker; this compromises equity and causes HR issues. The industry requires automobiles with the proper brand names, features, and color schemes.

Customers who rent cars are also affected. One man we spoke to had recently reserved a Fiat Panda rental vehicle for his yearly Christmas week-long trip to Italy. Instead of the customary charge of 400, he was quoted at 1200. “He said to the reservationist, “I want to rent it, not buy it.” Rates are high because rental companies de-fleted after discovering they had too much inventory at the height of the pandemic. Now that demand has increased again, they are at the back of the line since suppliers to the retail and business sectors enjoy better profit margins. Speaking of margins, one main dealer informed us that due to the charity Motability’s poor profit margin, he is no longer able to provide new automobiles to those who are eligible for the mobility allowance. “I only have a few new cars, so instead of accepting Motability bargains, on which I generally make 400, he added, I’m choosing retail offers, on which I can make 2000.

IHS Markit, a research firm, has decreased its forecast for vehicle production for 2021 by 6.2 percent, or 5.02 million cars and trucks, and by 9.3 percent, or 8.45 million vehicles, for the following year.

So, no, consumers and the media are not exaggerating the problem with new car deliveries. There is a problem, and it won’t get better any time soon.

Naturally, the discounts offered on in-stock vehicles are smaller than they were prior to the delivery problem, but they’re still not insurmountably difficult to obtain, especially when discussed in person at the dealership unless the vehicle in question is a highly desired model.

The extent of the savings being offered differs amongst dealers, according to our trade source. While some are eager merely to close agreements, others are running a tight sales process that will put buyers’ willingness to haggle to the test. Generally speaking, Hyundai and Kia maintain superior stock levels, and new supplies arrive in weeks as opposed to months. Discounts on their models therefore continue to be above average.

Hold out for the same discount whether the car is a factory order or one that is already in stock, according to our source: “Many dealers have very short-term perspectives, so unless the stock is extremely desirable, they are more likely to try to get as much as they can for it and hope that something else comes along that they can sell.

We let some nearby dealers know that we may be flexible with color and equipment choices and that we would prefer a new car by December. This is what they said to us.

Audi: “Being flexible with specifications and color won’t affect the turnaround times for fresh A3 prints. The earliest delivery will happen in 2022, but I’m not sure exactly when. Nothing is readily available off-hand. The A5, A6, and A7 are more widely accessible from stock, according to our trade source.

BMW: “Only the 1 Series is on factory order for delivery in March, however that date is only an estimate. We used to switch between different dealers to receive the cars we needed, but we are no longer able to do so due to our restricted supply. The 3 Series and 4 Series are more widely accessible from stock, according to our trade source.

Dacia: “The Sandero has a six-month wait time, and everything is on factory order. There is no use in trying another network because the entire network is the same.

Fiat: “We currently have an excellent selection of 500s in stock. One significant dealer group is pre-registering petrol-powered 500s with regs of 70 and 71, according to our trade source.

Ford: “A new Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost ST-Line Edition built to your specifications won’t arrive until March. We are unable to make a trade with another dealer because there is no unsold Fiesta stock anywhere in the UK. One significant Ford dealer group only has 80 vehicles in group stock, as opposed to 450 typically, according to our trade source.

Jaguar: “I-Pace and XE have a 12-month delivery period. You must put down a deposit and wait in line in order to purchase a new vehicle.

Mazda: “It’s difficult to tell when the MX-5 will arrivepossibly early in the following year. There is nothing available. If buyers don’t place their orders for the CX-5 right away, they won’t be around in March when the upgraded model debuts.

Mercedes-Benz: “Although the A-Class is on an eight to ten month factory order, we can still provide a small number of pre-order cars for late November delivery.

Mini: “From mid-January, you may order a Mini hatchback in any specification or color of your choosing. We currently have no inventory to supply from. Our trade source verifies that there is very little Mini stock in the entire nation.

Renault: “We still have unsold Clios, and 1,000 more will be delivered to the UK in November. They are available for general purchase and have not been custom manufactured.

Suzuki: “We can provide if you can be flexible with the specification and color because I have ten different new automobiles in stock. If not, you’ll have to wait until the following year.

Toyota: “We are unable to assist because there are no new Corollas in stock. I can order you a new one instead for arrival in January. If you’d like used, we can give it to you immediately away.

Vauxhall: “We can send you a new Corsa 1.2 SRi right away if you’re willing to compromise on the color. As an alternative, starting in October, you can choose any Corsa. Limited quantities of the Corsa-e SRi are also on hand right now, and more colors will be available starting in November.

Volkswagen: “A new ID 3 for March delivery is an option, as is a Golf 1.5 TSI Life DSG right now. Some employees from the Volkswagen [UK] head office’s workforce allocation have been freed and sent to retail.